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Author: Jack Ichijouji (Professors' Bookshelf)  Story: The Direct Result of a Bludger in the Head  Chapter: Default
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The Direct Result of a Bludger in the Head

Disclaimer: I would like to say to all of my readers out there in Computer Land, that despite rumours to the contrary, I am most certainly NOT a mass hypnotist, nor do I insert subliminal messages in my stories to entice you. The following rumours you may have been told are also false:

1) Jack Ichijouji = JK Rowling.

2) Jack can even afford a lawsuit.

3) Jack purposefully flirts with his readers.

Thank you for your time. And please, if you hear anyone spreading these vile lies, set them on the straight path.

When I opened my eyes, I instantly wished I hadn't. The hospital wing was dimly lit, but it seemed that every photon of light was created entirely to damage my retinas.

Wait, hospital wing?

“Oh, good, you're awake.” I couldn't see who was talking, except for a flash of red hair in the corner. I assume it was hair. I wasn't wearing my glasses. “Got a nasty Bludger to the head just when you wrapped your fingers around the Snitch.” I instinctively raised my hand to my head, and winced when I touched the bandage. I should have asked who'd hit it. I should have asked how long I was going to be in there.

“Did we win?”

She moved closer, rolling her brown eyes and grinning. “Yes, we won. You almost got yourself killed though, doesn't that matter?”

I shrugged, then tried to hide the fact that shrugging had caused a blinding amount of pain. “I've had worse. Where're my glasses?”

“What's wrong with your neck?” Ah, perceptive one she was. She handed me my glasses and the room came into focus


She moved around so she was just behind me, leaning against the wall. “Look me in the eye and say that then.”

Bugger. I tried to turn my torso without moving my neck, but for a moment forgot myself and twisted my neck around. I made it, but it was getting back that would be the trick. “Perhaps there is something wrong with my neck after all,” I admitted.

She shook her head and sighed. “Scoot forward, then,” she ordered, in a voice not to be disobeyed. I did so, my legs dangling off the bed, and she sat behind me and rested her hands on my shoulders, kneading the muscle softly. I winced involuntarily. “Baby,” she chided jokingly.


“I yelled out for you to look out, but of course, you didn't hear me. Probably better that you didn't, or you might have been injured more seriously.” She moved up my neck, and I kept my flinching to a minimum. “You could have been killed, as it was. I don't know what those Slytherins where thinking, aiming for your head like that.”

“Thanks for the neck rub. It really helps a lot,” I interrupted, but I don't think she heard me, or simply chose not to acknowledge me.

“Of course, I know what they were thinking, they could get rid of the best Seeker Hogwarts has seen—” I blushed at that— “in years, if only for a few weeks.” Her hands were a bit less gentle now, and her fingers pinched a little.

“Er, I think that's enough,” I tried to say, but she contined her rant.

“They're only lucky the referee couldn't tell whether they'd hit before or after you'd had the Snitch, but I know it was after, it's just the kind of thing they do...

“You're not helping as much now.”

“...and of course no one wants to say anything, we're all supposed to 'get along,' but if they're the type I'm expected to get along with...

“Okay, not helping at all, really.”

“...then maybe I'll just go off to Beauxbatons, far away from those bloody serpents...

“What you're doing is the opposite of help!”

“...and they can all just kiss my—”

“Pain! Pain! Pain that is painful!”

My anguished cries seemed to snap her from her ranting. “I'm so sorry!” she exclaimed. “Let me just—”

No,” I replied a bit harsher than I intended. “I mean, no, thank you. I'll be fine. We have the best nurse in the world here at Hogwarts.

As if I'd said, “Accio the best nurse in the world,” the nurse walked in and my friend jumped off the bed and into a chair next to my bed. “How're you holding up then?” she asked, taking off my glasses, and checking my bandages and my neck.

“Oh, I think I'm—”

“That's good, dear,” she replied, obviously not paying attention. “All right, you should be able to leave here tomorrow. Unless you have something I'm not aware of?”

My neck was just womanhandled by an irate redhead. “Nothing at all.” Coward. “In fact, I'm feeling much better. Maybe I can leave a bit early?”

“We'll see, dear,” she said kindly, then turned to the girl at my side. “You can stay for a while, dear, but my patient needs his rest.” She then tottered off to deal with another occupant of the room.

“She's in a good mood,” I observed. “She never lets anyone stay in here.”

“I really am sorry about your neck.”

“Don't worry about it,” I replied. “Like I said. I've had worse. You know Seekers are always the ones fouled. This is nothing compared to third year.”

“You're sure you're all right, then?”

“Couldn't be better. Well, that's a lie. But I'm fine.”

She smiled, a wide one, and I found myself smiling right along with her. “I'd better go tell the rest of the team you're up. So they can bring your chocolate, hail the conquering hero, and all that.”

“You do that.” She walked to the door, then at the last moment ran back to me and kissed me on the cheek. “What was that for?” I asked, blushing.

“Health. Get well soon, Arthur.”

“Thanks, Molly.”

Yes. I've definitely been worse.

Just for the record, this wasn't supposed to be a very twisty story when I started out. But few things do end up the way I intend for them when they're started.

And my thanks to my beta, because I really don't thank her enough and I do appreciate her.

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