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Author: zzzFF Allie Lupin  Story: The Return of MacBoon  Chapter: Default
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The Return of MacBoon

It was a cold day, but somehow as she glanced out the common room window something was reeling her in like a fisherman who had just about to bring in a prize catch. Standing up off the large green velvet chair she looked around the room to her fellow Hufflepuff's. Hannah Abbott was sitting with her friend Susan Bones at the large oak table which was placed close to the fire. A large group of first years where surrounding a small boy who was holding up a lizard which flashed with different colours.

As hard a she tried to fight it the Forbidden Forest was pulling her in. She knew she would have to go. She also knew she wasn't allowed in there, but it was calling her desperate for her to enter. Soon the struggle was too much she had left the common room and was heading at a fast place to the forest. The wind wiped through her clothes and it too appeared to be calling her name as it howled out among the trees. The sky over the lake was a dark grey and as it covered the forest it had turned into a dark sinister black.

Shivering uncontrollably, because of her small size she tried to keep her long black hair out of her face as she moved rapidly towards the forest. As she reached the edge of the forest she started to pick up pace. It was strange, somehow she had become unaware of what she was doing, almost as though she was a puppet being controlled by invisible strings.

Inside the forest it was dark that she could barley see what was ahead of her, twigs snapped loudly under her feet. Whoever was drawing her to them knew exactly where they were taking her. Hours seemed to past as she was drawn deeper into the forest.

Finally, she had reached her destination. Before her in the clearing of a ditch like area lit an opening in the trees above, stood five legged creature covered what appeared to be a brown coloured mass of fur. She broke the silence in the forest was broken by a deafening scream with and echo that would have raised any other creatures in the forest.

The girl had finally come to her senses, an in a whimpering voice she started to talk to the beast. 'Whoo ar-are you? a-nnn wha-what do y-oo-ou want from me?' she let the last few words out faster than the first. There was a long silence before the beast answered, she had started to think that this beast was not one that understood English.

In a harsh tone it answered her. Its eye focused on hers as it talked, 'I am Andrew MacBoon, I was brought here by a foolish student.' All of a sudden it started to approach the girl, who appeared be unable to move or function continued to look into the creatures eyes. 'However, I was feeling a little hunger you see Quintaped's are not vegetation eaters, oooh no we prefer something of a more solid nature.'


Not far way from the point where the girl and the beast where, a young wizard was running through the forest towards them. Justin Finch-Fletchley had watched Mandy leave the Hufflepuff common room. At first he had thought she must have had left for some air, but when he saw her disappear he was sure something wasn't too right. By the time he had reached the forest Mandy was no where insight, he had followed the path of broken twigs she had left along her way.

His wand was out at the ready as he knew that there was many dangerest animals in the forest. As he reached the clearing he saw the Quintaped and Mandy who had now been covered in what appeared to be a tangled web.

'Well, well' said the Quintaped in his rasp of a voice looking at Justin. 'Not only do I have dinner for tonight, but desert as well an on... ...' Before could finish however Justin had pulled Mandy successfully out of the tangled web. Her body was sent flying to a patch of trees, Justin who's head had been lowered so that the Quintaped was unable to see what he was up to, now raised his head and approached the Quintaped. 'You know, they say that you where wizards before you took this form. I however don't think this is true, a real wizard would not hide itself in such a way.' Justin said to the beast.

'Arr, so you are familiar with the story of my grandfathers. It is true we do come from a line of wizard. I myself have never been one and would not know how to become a wizard.' He stopped and raised one of his five legs into the air an scratched itself before continuing. 'To talk about my family history is not what we are here for, an if I can't have the girl. I will have to settle for you.'

Every class Justin had ever had was running through his head, there must be something he could use. The Quintaped was getting closer, he was no more than three to four steps away. Justin started to shout the first spells that came to his mind. 'Stupefy! Impedimenta! Stupefy! Expelliarmus!' Justin yelled quickly. The combination of spells sent a red light towards the Quintaped and it fell backwards onto the ground.

Puffing Justin ran to where Mandy lay, her eyes where shut but she was still breathing. He shook her, slowly her eyes began to open and she stared up at him. 'Justin a Quintaped, it brought me here, said he was Andrew MacBoon, he had control of me.' She said terrifyingly at him. 'Its ok, he's gone now lets go back to the castle' he said to her as she pulled her to her feet. Holding her tightly Justin lead Mandy to the castle leaving the tangled body of the Quintaped behind.

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