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Author: zzzFF Anna Elissa  Story: The Trouble of the Twins  Chapter: Default
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The Troubles of the Twins

The Troubles of the Twins



“Ha! I see that everything’s set,’ Fred announced happily.

“Look at these!” said George proudly. Harry, Ron, Hermione, and the other Gryffindors looked down curiously. “Incredible stuffs we’ve got here! These three are Bugger-Bark Lotion, Anti-Axe Cream, and Fruit Bomb Chalks – they are from Lee – and over there are…”

“I never thought there are chalks in magic world,” said Harry.

“Of course, little bro’,” said Fred. “Lee just copied them from Muggle chalks, but he had jinxed them too.”

“Yeah!” George sniggered. “You’ve got to see how they’d work! Draw a big cross on the bodies of the trees, and the trees will create their own fruits. Loveable, big, hard fruits, which will fall right towards those people’s fat heads! But don’t worry, the chalks are non-toxic and will disappear within an hour, just like the other products we have here.”

“Sounds pretty cool,” Hermione giggled. “It’s tonight, isn’t it?”

“Yep,” Fred nodded. “We’re still wondering why Dumbledore chose us to do it, aren’t we, George? But then, I think we agree that Dumbledore loves our jokes.”

“I don’t think so,” Ron mumbled. “I think he just wanted you two to do some nice, praiseworthy jobs.”

“Ooooh…and why our little Ronnie protests?” smirked Fred. “We thought you’d like to watch those unreliable people suffering to death for killing the trees.”

“Suffering to death?” repeated Neville in horror. “You said you wouldn’t…”

“It’s just an idiom, stupid,” George cut him impatiently. He sighed. “I can’t believe these people we are going to torture are from the Ministry. They should think better, unless they really want to taste The Troubles of the Twins.”

“The Trouble of the Twins?” squeaked Ginny, avoiding herself from breaking into laugh. “Really convincing.”


That night, the Weasley twins were ready to do their plan. Hermione was still asking them the same question along the last fifteen minutes.

“You have had the teachers’ permission, haven’t you?” she said anxiously.

George closed his eyes in disbelief. “We’ve told you ten times, Hermione, that the teachers were very pleased when they heard our suggestion!”

Fred nodded. “Indeed, yes. Filch was the happiest person beside Hagrid, you know. He needs the Forest for our detentions.”

“And Hagrid needs the Forest to keep his beloved creatures,” sighed Ron. Harry, Hermione, and Ginny laughed.

“Yes, imagine how mad Aragog would be if he knew what they’d do to the Forbidden Forest,” broached Harry between his laugh.

When the time approached, the twins ran breezily into the dark Forbidden Forest. Firenze the centaur had told them plenty about the Forest and they thought it was more than enough. Without wasting any more time, the twins busied themselves rubbing magical balms, creams, and lotions, drawing enchanted crosses, and jinxed the trees.

“Wait here,” Fred whispered to George after they finished. The two of them walked behind a large wood trunk. “This’ll be the most beautiful moment we’ve ever had.”

They waited and waited there. The Forbidden Forest was as tranquil as usual, but somehow creepy and mystical. They could barely hear the scratching sounds of the leaves far above them and hooting noises from passing-by owls. They couldn’t imagine if the Forest was being destroyed. So far it was a natural home for many of magical creatures (and most of them were Hagrid’s friends). Dumbledore was very wise for ordering Fred and George to do this; he knew the twins very well and he wanted to give them one more chance to show their moral fibres, and this was exactly the right time.

Then the twins saw twelve men walking into the Forest. Two of them were plumpy, one looked particularly idiot, three had ponytails, and the rest were all tall. Five of them carrying axes, but the others brought nothing in their hands. Fred reckoned they must be cutting off the trees with their wands. He exchanged a look with George and they sneered.

What happened next was a pandemonium. The Forbidden Forest knew those people were going to harm them, so it attacked immediately. The first two men began to swing their axes onto the trunks, only to see them sprang back to the opposite directions. They hit another tree and, instead of stabbing it, they crashed into approximately two dozens pieces.

“Whoops, Fred,” whispered George. “It seems your Strengthen Charm worked properly.”

“Good, and hail to Angelina Johnson,” replied Fred. “She taught me that.”

“And to Lee for his Anti-Axe Cream,” added George.

They went on watching. The people were starting to cut the trees again when suddenly a pumpkin-like fruit bumped onto one’s head, followed by the other similar fruits. They were bumping onto the screaming and shouting men, while the missing fruits fell to the ground with loud booms (the twins were pretty sure students and teachers could hear the noise from the castle).

It continued on. The Bugger-Bark Lotion made tree-barks peeled off and started slapping hard the men’s feet. The Levitating Lotion made the approaching men levitated ten metres above the ground. George’s Giggling Jinx caused the cutting spells backfired with giggling effects (the men rolled over the ground, drowning in endless laugh).

The chaos ended when the men was already covered with wounds, very exhausted, and too angry to move. They never thought the Forest would fight back like that. Their axes had been destroyed and they had lost of spells to conjure. They swore that they’d never return to this freaky place again. With some last grumbling and yelling, they rounded up in a circle and Disapparated.

The twins jumped off their hiding place, very excited. They shrilled and laughed with happiness.

“Whoa, George! They worked, they worked!!!” spluttered Fred.

“I know they would! YEAH!!!” roared George. “Come on, we have to tell this to our friends!”

“They’ve learnt to respect ancient trees, those men,” said Fred. “We must celebrate!”

And they ran quickly towards the castle, leaving the quiet and already-saved Forbidden Forest behind them.



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