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Author: zzzFF Ashika  Story: Mooning About The Forbidden Forest  Chapter: Default
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            Luna Lovegood was in the Forbidden Forest.  


            With a boy. 


            Of course, she wasn’t really there for romance. It was more of a…journalistic endeavor. She wanted to be just like her father, so in order to do that, she was going to have to catch her father’s attention with something magnificent. Something huge, something that would require breaking certain unbreakable school rules, something that was quite possibly the most daring thing she'd ever done in her life.


            She was going into the Forbidden Forest.


Luna was going to find Fluffy, the huge and famous wonder dog that had guarded the Philosopher’s Stone. The fact that he had three heads didn't deter her, nor did the fact that he was probably twenty times as big as she was.  Maybe more -- but no pain, no gain, right?


Professionally speaking, she needed evidence strong enough to withstand any case the toughest wizarding courts could gather. Now all she needed was a picture. Or two…maybe three? Ok, ten would be great. 


 And who better to take a picture of Fluffy than Colin Creevey, photographer extraordinaire? Why, he had even taken pictures of the Famous Harry Potter! 


 She padded silently through the Forest, while Colin seemed to be trudging as loudly as he could. She was sure that every creature in the Forest could hear his thunderously loud steps. So, being the wise girl she was, she turned and hushed him.


 “But Luna,” he whispered furiously. “I’m being as quiet as I can.” She favored him with an airy smile, and continued her journey. She held her wand in front of her as a light, occasionally holding it flat in her palm and muttering Point me in order to figure out where she was. And although she didn’t really know where she was going, she was ready. Fluffy would be hers. 


Colin wasn't completely sure how he had ended up in the Forbidden Forest. The last thing he could remember before agreeing to come with her was talking to her about a job or career as a photojournalist. How it had come to this, he would never know. He sighed dejectedly.


 A twig snapped under his feet – he jumped! – And Luna turned her head to glare at him with a vengeance. He blushed, grateful for the darkness of the Forest, and wondered why Luna had to be so much like Professor Trelawney.


 Colin wanted nothing more than to turn tail and run screaming out of the Forest, and damn the consequences! Well, he couldn’t really do that without getting expelled – damn! – So he turned to Luna. Clearing his throat, he whispered: “Do --” His voice was breaking like an adolescent’s! He tried again. “Do you know where you’re going?” 


She turned and glared. She seemed to be glaring a lot lately, but she deigned to whisper back, “Of course I don’t!”  WHAT?! She doesn’t know the bloody hell where she’s going?


 Luna kept her steady pace and finally came to a stop in front of a cave. The light of her wand wouldn’t penetrate into the darkness of the cave; she took a step in anyway. Her breath sounded very loud in her ears, and she gulped. Colin didn’t seem to be faring any better than she was, since he sounded like he was hyperventilating.  Which he probably was.



Luna almost immediately tripped over a stick. Except that it wasn’t a stick! It was a tail. She gasped and stumbled back, yelling “Lumos!” excitedly. “Colin, I found him, Fluffy! I FOOOOOOUUUUNNNDDD him!” 


 Colin, behind her, tripped over his feet, or her feet -- he wasn’t really sure whose feet -- and was sent sprawling backwards. He looked straight up and into three pairs of great big eyes. He screeched and tried to scamper backwards but hit the cave wall.  


Fluffy was definitely looking menacing, and he also looked pretty hungry. Colin gulped and yelled, “Luna, sing! SING!” 


 Luna jumped around excitedly, wondering why Colin was in such a panic. It was just FLUFFY! “NO! Shut up and take some pictures while I take some notes.”


 Colin struggled for breath and hummed a tune, trying to take a few quick shots while he could. His efforts were rewarded as Fluffy’s eyes slowly closed. Luna was definitely being unreasonable. This huge DOG was going to kill them! Colin spared a breath to shout “We’ve got to get out of here!” He hurriedly resumed his humming.


            Luna had realized the danger, thankfully. Leave it to a boy to state the obvious. She started running towards the exit, only stopping to holler to Colin, “Hurry up. And take some more pictures!” Colin groaned inwardly and wondered how she could think of pictures when the only thing he could think about was whether he was going to die now or when his voice ran out. He finally shouted to Luna, “You sing! I can’t.” He flew past her as she stood looking incredulously at him.  


He actually expects me to -- She shrieked as Fluffy began to wake up, started running to the exit, and launched into a made-up song about Nice and Cuddly, three-headed dogs. She was soon in line with Colin and gasping out gibberish in order to keep Fluffy asleep.  


As they streaked out of the cave, sure that Fluffy was right behind them, they noticed a blue Ford Anglia stood to the side. Its lights flashed in their eyes and they both stumbled. They stopped to look at each other, and looked back at where the car was. Except, that the car wasn’t there… 


 They stared at each other for a few seconds and sprinted out of the Forest. When they came to the edge they both stood with their hands on their knees, wheezing for air.  


 Colin’s neck felt strangely buoyant, and he pressed his hands to his chest. His camera was gone! He gulped, “Luna, I er…lost the camera. We don’t have to go back, do we?”




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