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Author: Azyne  Story: Another Day  Chapter: Default
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“Well, I still don’t see why I have to go, I mean, I’ve never even seen it---”

Disclaimer: Pur-lease.  Don’t I wish it.


Disclaimer II: This whole “strictly dialogue” form of writing was first seen on the Sugar Quill by Katinka!  So thanks a million to her for letting me borrow her brain.  But the plot’s mine.  Honest.




“Well, I still don’t see why I have to go, I mean, I’ve never even seen it---”


“He’s not an it, and he has a name.”


Snort.   “If you can call it a name.  Grawp?  What is that?  Some sort of affectionate giant name?  And why do we have to go see him anyway?  Why can’t Hagrid?  He’ll probably understand it, we won’t even be able to get a word it’s saying.”


“Hagrid’s busy.  I think he’s joined the Order, and besides, we agreed to this last year, remember?”


“No, you and Harry agreed to it.  I had nothing to do with it.”


“Oh, jeez, can you really be that selfish?!  Harry has just been through so much, his godfather’s dead, he’s barely escaped death for the sixth time in six consecutive years, he’s just seen his parents’ murderer flee before Dumbledore could kill him, and for goodness’ sake, he’s almost dead himself---”


“Alright, alright, you’ve made me feel bad now, are you happy?” 


Silence.  “A bit.”




Another silence, with the occasional snap of a twig.


“Okay, we’re almost there…Oh, cheer up, I just wanted to spend some time with you.”


“Well, I can think of plenty of other things I’d want to be doing if I were spending my time with you.”  Nudge.


Rolling of eyes.  “Yes, here he is now.  Hello, Grawp!”


An enormous snore.


“Grawp?  Grawpy, are you awake?”


Snort, mumble, snore.


“He’s asleep.”


Obviously.  Grawp?  It’s us, we’re here to keep you company like Hagr---Hagger wanted us to!”




“Great.  Thanks for dragging me here, I’m leaving.”


“No, just---hey, wait for me!”


“Hurry up.”


“Well, I can’t run that fast, your legs are really long, you know!”


“Yes, I was quite aware of that.”


Pause.  “What?  No, I meant---”


“I know what you meant.”


“Oh, come off it!  You can’t possibly---”


“So now you’re telling me what I can and can’t do?  Figures.”


Crackling of dead leaves and faint panting. “ I can’t believe you’re doing this.”


“’Course, it’s always my fault, isn’t it?”


Oh, my God!  Look, hey---stop.”


A soft bumping sound.  “I’m sorry.”


“You’ve got nothing to be sorry about.  You never did anything.  It’s always me---”


“Cut it out.  I’m sorry if I offended you, you’ve got wonderful legs.”


Slight pause.  “Thanks.”


“We’ve got to stop arguing like this.  Remember last year, remember how Harry blew up at us?”


Sigh.  “Yeah.”


“Well, he was right.  These stupid rows over nothing are absurd.  We’re getting older, we’ve got to start maturing!  …Of course…some of us…are already maturing, aren’t we?”  Sly grin.


Long quiet.  “I guess that’s where the long legs come in.”


“I love your long legs.”


Second, breathy silence.


Snicker.  “And I love you when you blush.”


Sharp intake of breath and hesitation.  “I…I love you, too.”


Small gasp.  “Oh…I lo---”




Muffled words; long “silence”.


“I know, Hermione, I know.”

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