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Harry’s Resolution




                                                 The sky was black except for the moon, spreading its rays of light across the Hogwarts’ grounds, and upon the tops of trees that made up the forbidden forest. The lake lay motionless through the night; the reflection of the castle could be seen perfectly like a painting, tainted by the ripple in the water.

        Harry Potter sat on a log by the lake, admiring the beauty of it all. Though he had seen it so many times before, it some how looked different then before. Maybe he had taken all the joys of life for granted, all the little things such as being able to feel the cool breeze of the night sweep across your face, like a broom sweeping away all your troubles. Or to swim in the cold murky water of the lake, as it washed away all your fears and problems. All of this, life and nature, Harry had taken for granted. The reason for this being that he had never given any thought to what it would be like if all this was gone: The trees, the water, even the grass beneath his feet. All of this was what life really was. If it were all to disappear one day, nothing would be left but man and his creations. Sure there would be cars and TV’s, and cities, but nothing natural. And now that Voldemort was back, it was all in great danger of being lost. Now that he was back, it was only a matter of time before he unleashed his hatred upon the world, destroying everything that did not have a purpose but to serve him. But there was still hope, and his name was Harry Potter. That’s right Harry thought. I am the world’s last chance.

           With these thoughts in his head, Harry put on his cloak, and disappeared, leaving all his worries behind. Footprints appeared in the grass, heading towards the Forbidden Forest. The carefree Harry made his way past Hagrids hut, and entered a realm that had been untouched by man, not muggle nor wizard. It was a place where giant spiders lurked menacingly in their webs, and magic cars ran amuck. A place where it was common to see a centaur in the night, gazing upon the stars, foretelling its future, or even heir the hooves of a unicorn pounding upon the leaves, always just beyond eye sight. It was these creatures, and all the other mysterious things that lurked in the shadows, that made the Forbidden Forest so dangerous, so mysterious, so magical.

           Harry stepped into the magical realm known as the Forbidden forest, walking neither carefully nor carelessly, but with a kind of elegance, as if in his own palace. Through the thick brush he walked, until he reached what appeared to be a trail at some point, judging by how much lower the density of the brush was here compared to its surroundings. Harry made down the path for another half hour, every step he took bringing him closer and closer to the heart of the forest.

       As he went farther, the trees and brush began to lessen until there were none at all. In front of Harry stood the remains of what was once a small stone fortress, to small to be castle. Some parts of the walls had collapsed, and a thick layer of vines covered the walls that still stood.

            Harry walked through one of the holes in the walls, and entered the fortress. The fortress was square, about 20x20, and the ground inside was pure dirt, not a trace of green could be found. Harry walked to the middle of the fortress, took out his wand, and whispered Protectium. A large fire like beam emitted from his wand, forming a dome like shape around the fort, lowering until it touched the ground, and then dissolving. Harry finally took off his cloak then pulled a rock out of his pocket, throwing it at a hole in the wall. The stone bounced right back, landing at Harry’s feet, smelling of fire, and having the appearance of a piece of coal.

         Satisfied, Harry pulled off his backpack he had been wearing and opened it, pulling out two books. The first one was a thick green hardback its title read DEFENSE AGAINST THE DARK ARTS: AN EXPERTS GUIDE. He was about to open it when he heard a leaf crunch just behind him. Harry spun around, grabbing his wand as doing so. Standing about ten feet away was a man wearing blue cloak. His ice blue eyes could be seen even in the night, and his long blond hair seemed to glow revealing the mans pale face. Even with the poor lighting, Harry could tell it was not a man.

“A Vampire?” he muttered under his breath, thinking back to the picture he had seen in Defense Against The Dark Arts class

“That I am, young wizard.” The vampire said in a strong but smooth voice.

“How did you get in here?” Harry asked still keeping his wand aimed towards the vampire’s chest.

“You can keep wandering creatures out but you cannot deny a vampire his freedom to walk where he wishes. We vampires have our own kind of magic.”

“You better stay back.” Harry said nervously.

“You are just like any other human. You fear us for we are different. But it is typical for man to categorize creatures in which they do not understand. And I see you are worried what will happen to your race.”

“Ya well…hold on. How did you know what I was thinking?”

“You cannot keep a vampire from wondering where he wishes, not in the physical world, or the mental world. Now, if you don’t mind lowering you wand. I’m not one keen to threats. And do not worry, I mean you no harm. Thank you. I see that you are in some distress. That you are afraid to loose all that surrounds us to a dark wizard.”

“I’m not worried. I’ll fight.” Harry said, still holding his wand.

“I am sure you will. But there is something you must understand. You may defeat this dark wizard, but that will not be the end. The forests will still stand tall and proud when you leave this world. But they will not stand forever. The forests, they come and go. During the spring and summer they flourish, but when autumn comes they know that the end is coming. They can feel it in the air. And when winter comes, they are ready to face the coming blizzards. We have been in a continuing spring and summer. And now after thousands of years, winter is finally approaching. The trees know it’s coming, they have known for awhile, that man would be its end. And soon, the world, both muggle and wizard world, are going to have to face many coming hardships. For autumn has arrived, bringing with it the warnings of winter.

    “Now it is up to man. Will you heed thy warnings of winter, and put a stop to it? Or will you be crushed by natures furry, loosing everything that, for now you call home?”

   After that night in the woods, Harry Potter had changed, knowing now that Lord Voldemort was not to be the end of the earth, for no man, not muggle nor wizard, would end the world, but the race its self could do just that, or in fact save it. And that would also be how to defeat Voldemort. Both wizard and muggle would have to stand up to him, showing him power not even he could control. The power that had been granted to all humans. The power of love.

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