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Author: zzzFF Chasergirl  Story: Journey into a Dark Night  Chapter: Default
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*Disclaimer-I own none of the characters in this story, nor do I own the Forbidden Forest

*Disclaimer-I own none of the characters in this story, nor do I own the Forbidden Forest.  They all belong to the genius that is J.K Rowling.*





            I shouldn't have gone out there.  Tromping through the forest, being dragged through mud and moss, none of this is what I wanted to be doing so close to dark.  Still, I had to see it.  The place sounded too powerful to be fully explained in words.  So, I asked Ginny to take me into the Forbidden Forest and show it to me.  Upon first glance of the spot, my assumptions were confirmed; this place was magical as could be.


       The whole section seemed oddly troubling and serene at the same time.  A thick cloudy mist hung lazily in the air as if it had always been there and planned on always being there.  Several meters ahead, there was a large, knotted stump that lay peacefully, using a plaque atop it as a blanket.  I had heard about this; Dumbledore had it put there in remembrance just days before he died.  I had never seen it before, though.  I dared not linger on it too much, though, for Ginny was still in front of me, still as the shade. 


       "This is the spot?" I asked already knowing the answer.  She nodded minutely.  "Gin, if it makes you uncomfortable…"


       "No," she said quicker than I expected, "I want to stay.  I'll be fine."


       She was right, too.  It only took her a minute to clear her face and start pointing things out.  There was a black ring of leaves and moss stamped into the Earth where the students had been led to be murdered.  Ginny pointed out the thirteen spots in the ring that were paler than the others; those had places where students had died.


       "Notice," she explained, "the stump at the top of the circle.  That's no ordinary stump.  It grew after the fall of Voldemort, but never to a full tree.  It stopped where it is right now.  Dumbledore said this whole area was magically preserved that night, with each spot holding its own power.  The stump holds the most power of all.  Hence, the plaque."


       Ah yes, the plaque.  Slowly and in awe I crept closer to it.  I knelt next to the stump to read the inscription: "May it forever be remembered that in this spot great sacrifices were made in order to protect the shedding of innocent blood.  May good always triumph over evil, and may the names below serve as a reminder of the one glorious day it did."  Agape, I read each name silently.  Some of them were unfamiliar to me.  I've heard about Gregory Sniper of Ravenclaw, but I left before he even entered the school.  Other names, like the Creevey brothers, brought back memories as clear as photographs.  The very last name, however, gave me the oddest shiver down my spine.  At the bottom of the inscription in larger print was the name of the only Slytherin who died that day: Draco Malfoy.


       "That's the spot where Malfoy died.  Killed by his own father.  Of course, EVERYBODY knows that story.  You're lucky, though.  You didn't see it.  Y'know, I wrote that inscription.  Dumbledore asked me to do it.  Felt it to be proper, seeing as I kept so many people alive.  After what Malfoy did for all of us, for me, I couldn't say no.  If he hadn't died, I wouldn't be alive.  Weird feeling, having the one person you hate most save your life.  I understand how Snape felt now..." Ginny said, quickly growing silent afterwards.  I knew how Malfoy got in the way of the curse meant for Snape.  By that night, Snape had finally gotten his wish to be the Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher, and he was out to prove he deserved the job that night.  Surprisingly enough, little Draco aided him a bit; Lucius flipped when he realized what he had done.  This gave Snape enough time to counterattack, and Ginny enough time to signal the DA members to strike.  Of course, Snape died just an hour later after a brutal werewolf attack.  Three of them surrounded him and tore into him.  He was lucky enough to have Lupin fighting off one of them, but he was still no match for two werewolves.  It almost made Malfoy's death seem in vain.  The accepted opinion is that Draco's death was accidental, but every witness I've talked to claims he got did it on purpose.  I wasn't about to press Ginny on it.


       "Gin..." I said, trying to bring her back to reality, "We really should go.  It's getting rather dark and...sweet Merlin!  Run for your life, Ginny!"


       The sight in front of me was the last thing I wanted to see.  A giant, mangy werewolf was standing directly in front of me, teeth bared and looking hungry.  I went to run, but, naturally, I tripped over the stump, giving the werewolf enough time to pounce on top of me, pressing me hard against the ground.  Well, this is it.  In less than ten seconds, my life as a normal witch would be over.  I looked over my shoulder to get a good glimpse of Ginny.  Oddly enough, she was just standing there, laughing.


       "Alicia, you never cease to amaze me!" she managed through the giggles.

       "Ginny, this isn't funny.  Go, save yourself!" I commanded.  I was getting really nervous; why hadn't I been bitten yet?

       "Oh, stop being such a prat, Alicia."


       "Look at the eyes!"


       Terrified, I looked my aggressor directly in the eye.  That's when I noticed two things.  One, this savage beast didn't look like he wanted to attack me at all, just hold me still.  Two, those eyes, those weary yet strangely familiar eyes...




       As he lifted his giant paws off of my back, a sudden relief flooded my face.  I would get to see another day as a normal witch.  Starring at the shaggy Lupin, whose fur was now glowing by moonlight, I began to really feel the true aura in his presence and my surroundings.


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