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The Thestral, The Witch, and The Moonstone

A/N- This is my very first fanfic! So nice!!! I would love to get feedback and criticism...but be nice because I am a very sensitive soul *grins* Okay, well this story takes place during the Fifth book, aka Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, after Christmas Break, but before the V-day Hogsmeade trip, sometime in January, I presume. I hope you enjoy! (and if you don't, well...thanks for reading it anyway :D)

Disclaimer: As you all know, I do not in any way own Harry Potter World (though I'd LOVE to own Harry...Ron...Draco...all of them wahhaha), no, for that stroke of genius you must thank the ruddy brilliant Ms. JK Rowling! And I must thank her too because her talent and imagination has given me my life's purpose (for now), which is to be an obsessed Harry Potter freak! *bows* All...hail...J...K...R...

that aside...*takes deep breath* HERE WE GO!




"Did I miss?"

"Well, you didnít miss...but you missed the table."

Luna blinked at the cloud of debris that had been a bookshelf. Justin Finch-Fletchley grinned as he patted the dust off himself. "Itís only missed by a couple feet. At least you blew SOMETHING apart instead of just giving me the chills-"

He was interrupted by a whistle. "Blimey...itís already five to nine, itís time the D.A. ends tonight!" Harry called.

Hermione spotted Luna standing by herself and said quickly, "Wait, Luna...I have a favor to ask...Iíll see you two later okay?"


As Luna laid in bed, she made a mental note to send an owl to her father about Hermioneís proposal of an interview with Harry about the Dark Lordís return in his magazine. She knew her father would do it especially since it would cause Cornelius Fudge to blow his top. Mommy would have liked Hermione Granger and her zeal for her S.P.E.W. organization, she thought. She would have liked her friends, too. Something about that boyís eyes...he has endured so much...She stared at the royal blue hangings...


Celestial Lovegoodís large deep blue eyes shone with excitement and concentration as she muttered to herself and checked off ingredients. This was an immensely complicated potion, but nothing compared to the spell she was trying to conjure. But it would be worth it. If she could manage to perfect her spell and potion, she would have a cure to dragon fever, and St. Mungoís would be able to help the patients ailing from the disease.

"Mommy? Why are you working at home?"

"I canít do this at the Research/Development lab at St. Mungoís, honey. Can you keep a secret?" Her eyes twinkled as her daughter nodded eagerly. "Young Augustus Pye told me how Muggles experiment without live subjects, but test tubes! Isnít this wonderful? We wonít have to test on House Elves! As soon as I get the decree passed at the hearing to ban the Ministerís order to test on House Elves, I can make my experimental procedures public! Now run along and play, Luna."

Luna felt a chill. Her large gray eyes darted around. "Mommy...I heard-"

"Luna, I have to finish this spell and solve this so I can win the case against Fudge..."

Luna walked away, but heard a hiss. She whirled around to see sparks flying, glass exploding and her motherís body flying through the air. She screamed as she rushed to her motherís side and stared into her blank eyes...


Luna bolted up in her bed panting in a cold sweat. Another nightmare. She needed some air.


She found herself wandering out of the castle and into the Forbidden Forest. It was as if her feet were guiding her. She followed the sound of water trickling into the lake ahead. From the shadows, blank white eyes looked out at her. Luna sat down and coaxed the gleaming reptilian horses out. Somehow the dark forest and its creepy noises did not frighten her. But then she heard louder noises. Her orblike eyes darted around.

"Grawp, Graaawwpyyy...?"

Luna recognized the voice as Hagridís. "Itís only me, Mr. Hagrid..." she called softly.

Hagrid glanced at her in surprise. "What are yeh doing in here? Oh I recognize you. Yeh was the only one in yer class who saw Ďem thestrals, eh? Had three in me other class, but I remember you..."

Luna looked down and continued petting the thestralís shining neck. Hagrid sensed that it was best not to pry. "Thaíoneís Tenebrus, my favorite. One oí his females, Eugellyn, jusí had his baby...yeh see?" Luna smiled softly as Hagrid handed her the baby thestral. Its skin was still flabby and not yet stuck to its skeleton. "Would yeh like ter name her?"

Luna pondered this. "C-could...can I call her Celestial? That was my motherís name..."

Hagrid smiled warmly. "Oí course, that is a beautiful name, Luna. Celestial. Heavenly. It suits her. Yeh know, me mum left...well sheís dead now, and me dad died when I was at school, itís hard I know."

Luna smiled sadly. "Daddy loves me, but he works a lot. We both miss Mommy. She was a Healer in the Magical Bugs ward. The Ministry determined it was an experimental accident." She felt her eyes well up and she opened them even wider to keep the tears in. The moonlight glistened in her glowing eyes. She didnít know how long she sat there with Hagrid. She felt at peace here in the chilly night. After she told him about her mother, Hagrid told her about the thestrals. She did not feel bothered when she saw them. People often assumed the sight of them would remind her of the past that she should avoid. On the contrary, she felt that she needed to be reminded. The thestrals calmed her. She did not want to forget her mother. Forgetting would not be accepting. "I need to be reminded about her, how brave she was, even how she die-how much her work meant to her. Donít you see that blocking this all out would only bury the wounds deeper, just make things worse?"

Hagrid nodded kindly. His eyes twinkled. "Would yeh like ter ride Tenebrus?"

Luna was speechless. She felt so at ease, and the offer was irresistible. The next moment, she was sitting sidesaddle on Tenebrus, hands wound into his mane, waving at Hagrid as they whooshed through the air. This was exhilarating, this was wonderful! The wind rushed though her dark blond hair and her moonlike eyes stared up at the moon as it hung serenely in the sky. It was just she and the stars in the expansive sky.


Draco Malfoy walked out of the prefectís bathroom. He enjoyed taking luxurious baths with purple bubbles and thick foam late at night. However, he left in a rush because he heard giggling in the taps. It was that girl ghost who liked to spy on boys while they stripped down naked and bathed. Disgusted, he left in a hurry. He strolled down the empty corridor. He liked it like this. It was peaceful. He glanced out the window at the shining moon and did a double take. Above the Forbidden Forest looked like a girl flying through thin air. Dracoís curiosity got the better of him as he slipped outside and into the Forbidden Forest...


Luna and Tenebrus landed gracefully in the forest. Her large eyes had a new sparkle in them. "Perhaps Hagrid will let me return to ride you again," she murmured. "I WILL come back!" Her thoughts were interrupted.

"What the bloody hell are you doing here at this time?"

Luna turned and saw the Slytherin prefect. He looked even more handsome in the moonlight. He stared at her, not in scorn, but in curiosity. She blinked and said, "I had a nightmare about my motherís death, so I went for a walk."

Draco studied the girl. Her windblown hair reached halfway down her back, and her face was flushed from her flight. Her large eyes seemed to penetrate his soul. He asked carefully, "but what were you DOING out here..."

Luna smiled conversationally, petting Tenebrus. "This thestral was sweet enough to let me ride him. It has made me feel much better."

Draco stared. He realized she must be talking about those horses that you couldnít see unless you saw someone snuff it. He sneered. "I know you, youíre that girl who always stands by herself."

"I know you. Youíre always skulking down the halls surrounded by your Ďfriendsí."

Dracoís eyes narrowed. "Sometimes I like my privacy. Why do you think Iím up now?"

Luna just smiled at him. Draco felt his stomach turn over. It was like she could see all his thoughts. He wet his lips nervously. "So, your name is...uh..."

"Luna Lovegood. Some people call me Looney Lovegood." She seemed quite unperturbed.

"Right...uhm," Draco stepped closer and felt himself get lost in those deep gray eyes. Tenebrus whined. Luna blinked and smiled.

"I think Tenebrus wants to get back to see his baby. IĎll take him now." She turned to walk deeper into the forest. Draco gulped and saw that she had dropped...a stone? A moonstone pendant, gray and cool, just like her eyes. He felt its cool weight in his hand as he held it gently, then slipped it into his pocket. His head snapped when he heard her soft voice.

"Usually at the end of the term I request that my belongings be returned, but you may hold onto that if youíd like."

Draco looked into her soft smiling face before she turned and disappeared into the forest.


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