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Author: zzzFF Fern Eckerson  Story: The Death of Beauty  Chapter: Default
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The Death of Beauty

The Death of Beauty

By Fern Eckerson




Ginny slowly crept through the forest. She knew she had to find it. It was somewhere near here. She remembered this very spot. She had passed it before, when she was younger and limber. It had been easier to find then. The huge trees now engulfed her and as she looked back, she couldn’t see where he had come from, the trees were so close together and so deep.


The Unicorn was near her. She could feel it. The translucent glow was coming from behind a huge tree a few yards ahead. Ginny felt possessed, the horned creature was drawing her in. pleading for help. She was always there to help her. She always had been. Sadria had always been her favorite.


Ginny walked a few more feet before she saw it. The most beautiful thing she had ever seen was being destroyed. The unicorn lay on the floor of the forest eyes wide and legs kicking the air without mercy as if trying to knock it out of its way. It seemed at this moment as if the air was the only thing that was stopping her from dieing now, Sadria seemed to be in great pain. Ginny couldn’t tell what was happening, but it seemed as if something was eating her from the inside, something you couldn’t see.


Sadria’s voice, the voice Ginny hadn’t heard in 20 years echoed in her mind. “Help me Ginny, he’s taking me! He is doing it now! He is trying to win over us, but you wont let him will you Ginny? He won’t get me! You will help me! GINNY, I need you to grab him!”


Ginny looked stricken. What was she talking about? Who’s grabbing her, I can’t see him! Ginny thought, but knew better than to speak aloud. She did what she had done many times before and spoke to Sadria the way they always had. Sadria, who? Who is it? What is he doing? Tell me, I want to help! Ginny spoke through her mind as the Unicorn had done just minutes before.


Ginny waited a long time for a reply, but she never got one. The Unicorn slowly decreased her breath until it stopped all together. Sadria was dead, and Ginny was alone in the huge forest with nowhere else in the world to go. The silence was to much for Ginny so she stood up and cried as she ran back into a world of darkness that she just wanted to escape from. Now nothing beautiful remained.

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