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Author: zzzFF ron_hermionefan  Story: Forbidden Forest expedition  Chapter: Default
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“Remind me again…why we’re helping Hagrid look for that stupid bowtruckle

“Remind me again…why we’re helping Hagrid look for that stupid bowtruckle?” said Ron

“Because Ron. We said that we would help, so that’s exactly what we’re going to do.” Said Harry

They kept on walking through the forest searching for the bowtruckle that Hagrid had misplaced. All of a sudden they heard lots of rustling of leaves. The sounds were coming from all around them. They didn’t know which way to look. Then they saw all around them about two dozen centaurs. Ginny looked very frightened by them and she moved closer to Harry. Hermione looked nervous, but not as nervous as Ron looked.

“Why are you here?” asked one of the bigger centaurs

“We…we came in here looking for a creature that Hagrid saw come in here. We mean you no harm.” Said Harry

“You know that our trust in Hagrid is no longer. And even knowing that you, friend’s of Hagrid, come into this place.”

“But we’re just looking for a – a creature. We are in no way trying to harm you or any part of your forest.” Said Hermione

“Very well. But if you go any deeper into the forest, we cannot guarantee that you will not be hurt by anything else, or even other members of our group.”

And with that the group of centaurs left. Leaving the group of four very frightened of even moving from the spot that they were in.

“Oh well, we can’t seem to find the bowtruckle, I say that we get out of here as fast as we can.” Said Ron

“No! We promised Hagrid that we’d find it for him, and we will!” said Ginny

“Alright…but we can’t go any deeper into the forest. You heard what that thing said.” Replied Ron

They walked and walked searching for any sign of the bowtruckle. They had been walking for hours and still couldn’t find any trace of it. Although Ron, Hermione and Harry had ventured into the forest before, they had no idea where they were, or how to get back out. They wandered in one direction for a while and through the trees they could see Hagrids hut. Now knowing how to get back they went forward looking still for the missing bowtruckle. They had spotted several other creatures, but there was no sign of the bowtruckle anywhere, and it was starting to get dark.

“I think we should turn back. It’s getting late and we’ll be in trouble if we don’t get back to the castle soon.” Said Hermione

“Yeah I think you’re right ‘Mione. Let’s get goin’.” said Ron

“No wait!” said Harry , “ I think I see it. Right there near those trees”

And there it was, on the ground just trying to blend in with some of the tree branches that had fallen. They started to move closer to it.

“Wait. We can’t all approach it otherwise we might scare it away. Why don’t I try casting a spell on it, then we can get it and take it back to Hagrid.” Said Hermione

They all agreed and Hermione started moving forward. She got closer and closer until she was in a good range to hit the bowtruckle with the spell.

Immobulus!” said Hermione

It hit the bowtruckle and it stopped moving. They went to it and got it.

“I hope Hagrid is happy that we got the stupid thing for him.” Said Ron

They started their long walk back to Hagrid’s hut. And as they were walking Ron noticed that Harry and Ginny were holding hands.

“What’s that about?” He asked Hermione quietly

“What’s what…oh them? Didn’t you know that Harry asked her to go to Hogsmede with him and they’ve been dating ever since?” she replied

“No I didn’t! Thanks for telling me!”

“Ron, it’s not that big of a deal.”

“Not that big of a deal? It’s my best friend and my sister! Heck, I’ve never even had a girlfriend and he could’ve had Cho and now he’s got my sister. It’s not fair.”

“Well have you ever asked anyone to be your girlfriend?”

Ron just stared back at her.

“That’s what I thought. So stop your complaining.”

“Well I do fancy someone…” said Ron

“Well then why don’t you just ask her to be your girlfriend.” Replied Hermione



“Will you bee my girlfriend?” he asked quietly

Hermione just stopped walking and looked at him. Harry and Ginny didn’t notice and just kept walking.

“Wha-what?” she asked

“I think you heard what I said.”

“Well…yes I did…but…Ron do you really fancy me?”

“Of course I do ‘Mione. Why wouldn’t I?” he replied

“I – I don’t know…Of course I’ll be your girlfriend Ron. I – I’ve fancied you for quite some time too, you know.”

Ron just smiled back at her, and took her hand. They walked back to Hagrid’s hut and gave him the bowtruckle. He was very happy to have it back, and have them out of there. Even though they had gotten lost and were almost hurt by centaurs, if they hadn’t gone in there, Ron and Hermione wouldn’t have gotten together. So their little trip turned out to be a good thing after all.

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