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Author: zzzFF Lorelai Black  Story: You Get Me  Chapter: Default
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“Lumos.” She said, lifting her wand tip slightly. “Raise the lantern, will you?” she barked, glancing over her shoulder. He sneered back at her, and begrudgingly raised the lantern somewhat, lighting the tip of his own wand as well.

She had come from an American school as a foreign exchange student. He had caught his first glimpse of her on the train, but had not gotten a chance to speak to her. She was sorted into Slytherin, but promptly befriended his least favorite people in school; Potter, Granger and all remaining Weasleys. As a potions student she outshined both himself and Granger, to Professor Snape’s dismay, and was doing better than he was in every O.W.L.s class they shared; which seemed to be all of them.

“Hey rich boy, try not to look like someone just murdered your favorite pony.” she said, fighting the smirk on the corner of her mouth. His eyes only narrowed further.

“Think that’s so funny, don’t you?” he snapped back.

“Oh, lighten up Draco. Don’t you think it’s funny? Personally, I’m still trying to imagine you on a pony… ribbons in your hair… robes billowing in the wind-” she broke off into giggles.

Draco Malfoy muttered something under his breath that would have gotten him another detention, had a teacher heard it.

She gasped, though in good humor, and tried not to chuckle, “Language, Draco! And my name’s Lorelai, by the way, it rolls a lot easier off the tongue.” She flashed another smile at him over her shoulder, and turned back to the forest path, trudging through the large roots and patches of snow that had managed to pass through the canopy. He hated her with every fiber of his being. Mostly because she didn’t buy into his act; like all of the other Slytherin girls.

“Don’t be so gloomy, Draco.” And she called him by his first name: he hated that too.

“Why shouldn’t I be?”

“You’re in the middle of the Forbidden Forest; I’m sure there are loads of adventuresome stories you’ll be able to tell everyone. How you bravely defended me from Acromantulas, or single-handedly fought of a rogue centaur and saved Harry’s life…” she trailed off.

“Granted, you’d probably let it stomp him to death...” Lorelai said, slowing down just enough that Draco was even with her. He quickly stopped the smile that was threatening to spread across his face, but it was too late; she saw it.

“Did you just grin Draco? Was that a trace of amusement?” she teased. He clenched his jaw tightly to prevent another occurrence.

“Don’t be stupid.” He muttered, feigning anger. She only laughed at him. He stopped in his tracks, authentic anger starting to bubble up to the surface.

“What’s the matter, Draco?” she asked, suddenly realizing he had stopped. Her voice was serious in tone. “Have you seen Fang?”

“Don’t laugh at me.” He commanded stiffly. She looked almost confused for a moment, then smiled again.

“You have inferiority issues, don’t you?” she joked, stepping dangerously close, a mischievous grin on her face. He was so frustrated by her that he tried to say something but couldn’t form the words. This made her smile fully, and this made him start to raise his wand, but hers was already pointed at his nose.

“I hate you, you know.” He glared at her with narrowed eyes.

“Oh, I hate you too, Draco – but you’re so darn cute when you’re evil!” she smiled and turned away, walking forward again. He started to raise his wand again, but she looked over her shoulder.

“Uh-uh, watch it bad boy, you don’t want another detention. Didn’t you learn anything by slipping that Filibuster Firework into my potion?” she asked, her smile still present. “Though the look on Snape’s face when he had to give you detention was priceless…” she fell into subtle laughter.

Draco growled again, “It’s your fault we’re out here, looking for that bloody dog. Probably got eaten by a werewolf.” He mumbled, walking to help ebb away his anger.

“Wasn’t it a consolation prize that I got detention for annoying you? Or Ron and Harry because they ‘didn’t-look-busy-enough’?” her tone was still light-hearted. “Isn’t that gratifying?” she asked, skipping to keep up with his pace.


She laughed again. “I told you not to laugh at me!” Draco spun around on his heels, stopping where he was to look at her. She only laughed harder. “What is so damn funny?”

“You!” she took a deep breath, “You try so hard to be big and tough, and I can see right through you.” She was still laughing, but Draco had gone pale. Her laughter faded.

Draco glared at her for a moment; her eyes looked a darker blue, her skin pale in the flickering lantern light. He leaned forward deftly and kissed her. She was surprised at first, but soon followed suit.

“What was that for?” Lorelai asked, a vague smile on her face, though it was no longer joking or sarcastic.

Draco simply looked at her for a moment in the pale moonlight, her cheeks rosy from the cold air. He wanted to say something like; “Because I’ve been wanting to since I met you,” but decided against it. He was going to lean in and kiss her again, but a sudden movement behind her made him stumble backwards in surprise. Lorelai spun around; her wand raised towards the offending noise.

A pale centaur emerged from the foliage, and Lorelai sighed, “Professor Firenze, you startled us.”

“My apologies.” He nodded, “Hagrid has found his pet, and asked I return you two to the castle.”

Draco looked at Lorelai, a knowing smirk appearing on the corner of his lips. She smiled back at him mischievously. As they started silently out of the forest, Lorelai tentatively slipped her hand into Draco’s. She did her best to keep her face still as he reacted stiffly, but smiled wildly at him when he finally intertwined his fingers with hers.

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