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Author: zzzFF M.A. Metzger  Story: The New Witch of Hogwarts.  Chapter: Default
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The New Teacher

The New Witch of Hogwarts.



Harry was not paying attention to the Sorting Hat. He kept wondering, “Where was the new Defense Against the Dark Arts professor Mrs. Weasley thought was great?”

But, what really was bothering Harry was the picture book Dumbledore had given him during the summer. Sirius willed it to him. There were his parents with the Marauders, a younger Dumbledore and Weasleys, and some unfamiliar faces. At first, this had made complete sense to Harry, until he saw a perplexing picture.

It was a younger Snape, and beside him (or as close to beside him as moving pictures can be) was a lady. Her smile was enchanting, wide and happy. Her chocolate brown eyes seemed to sparkle back at Harry. Even Snape was not as unpleasant looking in the picture. Snape was Sirius’ rival. And who was the witch in the picture?

The Sorting Hat finished, and there was a knock on the Great Hall’s door.

“Enter”, spoke Dumbledore.

Hagrid walked in.

“Sorry were late. The new professor has arrived.”

Dumbledore rose, gathering everyone’s attention, “I am proud to introduce the new Defense Against the Dark Arts Professor, Melitta Morrigan.”

Harry was shocked and his mouth dropped open. In walked the mystery women in the picture. Slightly older, but she still had the same vibrant smile. She was an average sized witch, not as round as Mrs. Weasley, but not as thin as Tonks. Under her hat, Harry saw ear length brown hair, with slightly messy curls. Her robs were dashing, a deep emerald green, trimmed with purple, but looked black from a distance. She walked with authority scanning the students. Morrigan was the most beautiful witch Harry had ever seen.

At the high table, the professors were smiling – all except Snape. Harry saw a slight drop in Snape’s mouth, and then a furious look came over his face. One that Harry had only seen once before. It was the time he had been caught in Snape’s Pensive.


            Back in the Gryffindor common room, Harry was studying Potions. He was not sure how he did so well on his O.W.Ls, but he was going to become an Auror, especially with the return of Voldemort.

            Hermione ran from the girl’s dormitory, “Harry! Grab Ron and your Invisibility Cloak! I saw Melitta Morrigan going into the Forbidden Forest and I think Snape is following her.”

            Harry did not argue. Morrigan was supposed to be a good professor, and Lupin could not teach because his full attention was needed with the Order. Within a minute, they were under Harry’s invisibility cloak walking into the Forbidden Forest

            About 10 feet in they heard voices.

            “Preposterous …argh…doing what?” questioned Snape.

            Morrigan responded, “You know nothing?”

“Dumbledore only told the Weasleys, so you would have a safe arrival”, said Snape.

            “Well, I am here now, and you’re not my protector. In fact…I can take care of myself. I have done it for years.” Morrigan’s smile had been replaced with a stern look even more menacing than McGonagall’s.

            Snape’s voice became inaudible, but he was obviously upset.

“Sev, I WILL NOT have this discussion here!” spat back Morrigan her right eye crinkling at Snape, “I must meet Hagrid.”

            “Changing the subject like always Mel?” sneered Snape.

            “You’re still the nosey nuisance you used to be”, Morrigan snapped back.

            “Nothing’s changed with you either. The forest is dangerous. I will not let you go alone”, said Snape.

            “Whatever – stand back when we get there”, Morrigan ordered.

Zigzagging through the Forbidden Forest, Harry, Ron, and Hermione realized they had never gone this far. What were they going to see? Then at an open patch, “Hagrid?” spoke Morrigan.

            “Did exactly wha yer told me to”, said Hagrid, “There – step carefully”.

            The students were amazed. Out from the depths of the forest unicorns appeared. One adult approached Morrigan, while Snape and Hagrid stepped back. Morrigan whispered something. Unicorns started surrounding her. Harry was amazed that the unicorns were allowing Morrigan to touch them.

            “I tried to track em all, but they don like me much. Always runnin’ away when I’m close”, whispered Hagrid to Snape.

            Snape scoffed back, “Her obsessions with these beasts and Phoenix’s are impractical. Mel should have focused her energies elsewhere and it would have been more useful.”

            “Don’ worry. She has”, said Hagrid.

            Snape did not respond.

            Just then, out from the sky, a large Phoenix swooped down and greeted Morrigan. The students had never seen it before.

            “At least her Phoenix’s tears have helped us on more than one occasion”, said Snape.

Morrigan interacted with “her” animals for several minutes, and then stood between Snape and Hagrid. They observed for awhile, and Snape surprised Harry, Hermione, and Ron once more. Ever so carefully Snape moved his right hand to settle on Morrigan’s left shoulder.

 Minutes passed. Then Morrigan spoke, “Voldemort has created too much destruction. We can only hope he will be taken care of for good, soon. We should go; it is late and becoming dangerous.”

“To Hagrid’s for some tea?” spoke Snape. “I want to give you more details. Dumbledore’s meeting is tomorrow.”

“And tell us some of yer stories!” exclaimed Hagrid.

“Very well”, said Morrigan, “Lead the way Hagrid.”

In the still darkness, they walked out of the Forbidden Forest. Just as Ron, Harry, and Hermione were cutting back to the Hogwarts, Morrigan and Snape, at the same time, looked over at them; their eyes scanning the darkness curiously for something. The group froze. They had been in this position before.

Morrigan inquired, “The school rules have not changed significantly since I was here – have they?”

“No”, said Snape with venom in his voice, “They have not changed much at all.”

“I thought so. Come on. It is starting to get cold”, said Morrigan.

Harry, Ron, and Hermione walked back to the castle. Harry was lost in deep thought. He was excited that Professor Morrigan was their new teacher, but the picture with Snape was still nagging at Harry’s mind, “Who is Melitta Morrigan?”


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