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Author: potions gurl  Story: Darkness Falling  Chapter: Default
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“So Tom, when are we going

“So Tom, when are we going?” asked a skinny blond haired boy sinking into a chair in the corner.

“Keep your voice down Melvin. You don’t want to draw attention now do you?” answered Tom. Now in his sixth year Tom Riddle is quite taller and more filled out then when he first came to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. With piercing gray eyes set in an angular face framed by black hair most of the younger students were afraid of him. Though a few, both younger and older, were willing to follow him as he dabbled in the Dark Arts.

“My Lord, what’s the word?” whispered a third boy as he joined Tom and Melvin.

“Tell them one-thirty. We have to wait until most everyone has gone to bed. And no more than three at a time, we don’t need to call attention to ourselves,” came Tom’s whispered replay though he never took his eyes off his potions homework.


Standing just outside the front doors at one-thirty Tom, Melvin and Arlen saw the first group come out of the castle. Without saying anything Tom flicked his wand and a line of tiny lights lit up on the ground. The group left following the lights and soon there were more groups coming out and disappearing into the night.

It was almost two before Tom’s small group headed into the night. The lights went out as they passed. The lit path led into the Forbidden Forest, but none of them were afraid. When the path ended they were in a clearing where those that had gone before were already in a circle. There was an opening that Tom moved into flanked on either side by Melvin and Arlen.

“The time has come for me to denounce my stupid muggle father’s name and take on my own. From this time on when we are together you will address me as Lord Voldemort.

“Those who follow me will be rewarded. Those who turn from this ever-growing circle will live to regret it. Does everyone understand?”

All around the circle heads nodded in agreement. Everyone had their hood up to hide their face since there were only three people in the group who knew the identity of all those gathered and because of this it was wiser not to speak.

“As heir of Salazar Slytherin I intend to continue what my ancestor started. I plan to rid the world of Mudbloods.

“Yes, it was I who set the monster loose last year. It is too risky to do so anymore, so we won’t be able to purge Hogwarts. But the rest of the world is open to us.

“Until such time as I can procure a more suitable place we will have our meetings here. You will be informed a few days in advance of each meeting.

“There are many animals and creatures who live in this forest. Some of them have agreed to help us and keep watch when we are here.”

As Tom was talking a group of forest trolls were emerging into the clearing. Though shorter and less horned than the mountain variety, these trolls were no less formidable to look at.

“The trolls who live here have agreed to help us. The will hide anything we bring them for safekeeping. They will also stand watch when we have these meetings.

“But now it grows late and almost light. Speak to no one of what has happened here tonight. We will inform you of when we will gather next. Return now, in your small groups.”

Slowly the members of the circle left, following the same lit path as before. Soon it was just the three of them and the trolls. When Tom next spoke it was to the trolls, though he never looked at them.

“Go now. I will tell you when you are needed again. Do not look for me, but always be ready.”

When their dismissal was given the trolls left and as soon as the last one blended in with the dense, dark forest Tom turned and led the way back to the castle.


Though out the rest of his sixth and the entirety of his seventh years at Hogwarts Tom Riddle made many forays into the forest. Sometimes alone, sometimes with Melvin and Arlen, sometimes with his whole group of followers, but always with the same intent.

It was in this forest that he started experimenting with potions and spells trying to make himself immortal. He also conceived and gave life to the creation of his sign and the spell that would cast it.

When it became to risky to pass the word around as to when the next meeting was, Tom had to come up with a new way of communicating with his followers. Near the end of his seventh year Tom combined a few spells to imbed his sign into the forearm of all of his followers and that when he touched one of them the rest would appear and burn until he let go.

On his final night at Hogwarts, after the feast was over, Tom called a meeting that would change their lives forever.

“To everyone here Tom Marvolo Riddle is dead. But to the rest of the world he is still alive. When we get off the train tomorrow do not look for me. I will let you know when Tom is truly dead and Lord Voldemort is starting his work. Don’t spend time looking for me or anticipating the call. But always be prepared for it.”

With that everyone was dismissed and left, until only Tom remained. He pulled a vile out of his cloak and prepared to drink its contents.

“Tomorrow Tom Riddle will cease to exist and Lord Voldemort will become the greatest sorcerer in the world.”

Drinking the contents of the vile Tom doubled over as if in pain, but then stood back up letting out a sound that never could have come from anything living.

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