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Sirius, Peter and James walked out of the Shrieking Shack and hid behind a tree just inside the forest. The sun was coming up as Madame Pomfrey brought Remus up to the castle from the Whomping Willow.

James remembered something. 'Wormtail, where's the cloak?'

Peter turned pink, 'Oh, I think I left it in the forest before we transformed.'

‘I can't believe you forgot it!'

'It wasn't my fault! I thought I heard a noise so I was busy looking for it.

'You'd better go before James gets angry,' said Sirius.

'Can you come with me? I don't want to go in there by myself.

'You'll go in there by yourself Wormtail because you were the one that left it behind!'

'I told you he'd get mad. You really need to calm down James. No need to get worked up over a cloak.

'Shut up Sirius! 'It's been there for hours. If some creatures run off with it, Wormtail, I'll never forgive you!

'Alright!', said Peter squeakily, 'I'll go!

With a walk of defeat, Peter turned to the dark forest.

An eerie mist floated through the forest as Peter shuffled along, shivering. As he moved further into the forest the trees grew thicker and thicker until there was hardly a path left to follow.

'Why did Sirius and James choose to come this far into the forest?' he said aloud.

He moved into the clearing and looked around frantically for James' cloak.

'James is going to kill me!’ moaned Peter when he couldn't find it.

He walked around hoping that he would find the familiar, silvery cloak.

After 1/2 an hour of earnest searching, he went back to the clearing and sat down on the forest floor gloomily. Better for him to stay here than face James' wrath if he came back empty handed. He picked up a leaf from the ground and angrily teared it to shreds.

He was such a coward!

Why did he even choose to befriend James, Sirius and Remus? It's not like they even wanted him in their group. They could probably do without him laughing shrilly at everything they said. They probably thought he was bloody annoying. He just didn't feel like he fit in.

'I'm pathetic!' he muttered to himself.

'Pathetic, Wormtail? a piercingly cold voice said. 'Well maybe.'

Peter looked towards the sound. Lord Voldemort stood before him, fixing his terrifying gaze on Peter.

Even though Lord Voldemort was short on followers and people still spoke his name with ease, Peter trembled before him.

'Looking for this?' Voldemort raised his hand. His cold white fingers were clutching James' cloak. Peter quivered. 'Do you want it back?' his icy voice jeered.

Peter muttered a small but distinct 'Yes'.

Voldemort threw his head back and cackled.

'I'll give it to you', said Voldemort nonchalantly, his red eyes glittering with amusement.'

Even Peter wasn’t foolish enough to believe it would be as simple as that. He looked around nervously, hoping to find someone who could save him.

'I need your help, Wormtail.'

' help?' Peter looked uncertain.

'James Potter. I need information about him, Wormtail.

What could Voldemort want with James?

The Potter family did have a lot of prestige in the wizarding society.

'What... what type of information?"

‘What does James Potter plan to do after he graduates Hogwarts this year?'

If you tell me, you may have the cloak back.'

Peter considered the situation carefully. I...I won't. James is my friend. I won’t betray him.

Voldemort laughed with unnatural mirth.

'Wormtail, don't try being brave. It isn't you.

I have watched you and your so-called 'friends' ever since your first year. I knew that you would be the one who would succumb to my wishes. You do not have any real loyalty to them. Remus and Sirius have too much love for their friend that they would rather die than betray them. Fools.' His eyes narrowed as he looked towards Peter. 'Now, tell me what I want to know.'

He could be brave, thought Peter. He could be like Sirius and Remus and stand up to Voldemort.

'I won't,' said Peter in what he hoped was a defiant voice. Was Voldemort going to kill him? Peter shut his eyes tight; dreading what was to come.


Pain soared through his body, beyond anything he ever imagined. He howled with agony as he fell to the ground writhing. The pain was unbearable; he couldn't stand it!


The pain ceased.

'Yes,' said Voldemort expectantly.

'James wants to be an Auror.

He'll go through Auror training. Then he will work for the ministry of Magic at the Auror Headquarters.'

He chucked over the cloak to Peter. You can go but don’t mention this meeting to anyone. And just to make sure... Crucio.'

Once more Peter felt the horrible pain in his body. He screamed. He was going to die. He knew it. Just let him die, get it over with. Stop the pain. He clutched the cloak to his chest. Suddenly the pain stopped. Was he flying? He stretched out his arms, which immediately collided with something intensely hard. He opened his eyes slowly to see a thick tree trunk, which he had obviously smashed into.

Next to it was a Centaur. A half horse, half man with white blonde hair and astonishing blue eyes.

Peter stood up and approached the centaur cautiously.

'I am Firenze', it said gravely. 'You must leave this forest. You needn't worry about Voldemort. The stars have informed me that you will be needed later in time. It was not your time to die at that point.' His eyes flickered to the cloak. 'Take that with you. And do not speak of this to anyone. Follow this path and you will end up at the edge of the forest. I must go.'

As Firenze turned to leave Peter called out to him. 'Thank you for saving me.'

Firenze turned around to face him once more sympathy filled his eyes. 'For what is to come? You will wish you had never been born!'


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