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Author: SilverAries  Story: Luna's New Pet  Chapter: Default
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Luna Lovegood sat by the edge of the Hogwarts lake, staring dreamily at the rippled surface of the water surrounding the Giant squid as it floated lazily about in the sunlight. Her attention was drawn away, however, as Harry Potter stumbled out of Hagrid’s Cabin, and sat down a distance away, not noticing that she was regarding him silently. He wiped away what could only be tears from his face.

‘Of course he’s upset,’ Luna reasoned with herself, ‘Anyone would be after watching a great singing sensation like Stubby Boardman die.’

She turned away from Harry and gazed back at the lake again, singing softly,

‘Weasley is our King,
Weasley is our King,
He didn’t let the Quaffle in,
Weasley is our King…’

Luna swung around on the rock she was sitting on and continued singing, now looking absentmindedly into the Forbidden Forest to her right,

‘Weasley can save anything,
He never leaves a single ring
That’s why Gryffindors (and Ravenclaws) all sing
Weasley is our King.’

Luna stood up slowly and began making her way back to Hogwarts castle, continuing to stare in the Forbidden Forest,

‘Weasley is our King,
Weasley is our King,
He didn’t let the…’

A pair of eyes met hers and Luna stopped suddenly. It couldn’t be, after all, they all lived in Sweden. But Luna walked slowly toward the creature hiding in the bushes.

‘Come on now, I won’t hurt you. Daddy and I only want to prove that you exist!’ murmured Luna endearingly as she approached the forest, ‘Come on, that’s a good Crumble-Horned Snorkack.’

The eyes disappeared.

‘NO! Come back!’ Luna cried as she ran into the woods.

She searched through the forest frantically, but the creature was gone. It was getting steadily darker, and Luna decided dejectedly that it was time to give up. It wouldn’t do to be caught by a teacher at the end of the year. She had gone all year without detention, and Luna had no intention of getting one now.

She was heading back through the forest to Hogwarts castle when movement caught her eye once more. She blinked as a Thestral came into view. It nuzzled her arm and sudden inspiration struck her. Luna climbed onto its back and said clearly,

‘Bring me to the Crumble-Horned Snorkack.”

The Thestral looked at her, not moving. So, instead Luna tried a different approach.

‘Bring me to the big, furry creature that lives in this forest that I just saw earlier.”

The Thestral now took off. Luna braced herself as it landed further in the forest, and trotted over to a clearing.

‘Hiya Luna,’ a deep voice called out, ‘What’re yeh doin’ out here?’

‘I didn’t mean Hagrid!’ Luna growled at the Thestral. But walked over to where Hagrid stood nevertheless. “Hi Hagrid, umm, have you seen… hey, you’ve got him!’

‘What?’ Luna pointed at the creature that Hagrid held in his large hands, ‘Oh, this creature. Yeah, I bred him a while ago, but he wasn’t interestin’ enough to introduce to any o’ my classes. I mean, he’s got no fangs, or stingers or poison. He’s too fluffy an’ harmless.’

‘But, that’s the Crumple-Horned Snorkack!’ it’s native to Sweden!’

‘I never did get around to namin’ it. You can have him if you want,’

Hagrid handed Luna the ‘Crumple-Horned Snorkack’.

‘Let’s get yeh back to Hogwarts before yeh get in trouble.’

Hagrid led her back through the forest to Hogwarts, Luna with her newfound Crumple-Horned Snorkack in tow.

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