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Author: zzzFF Stephanie  Story: Thaumaturgic  Chapter: Default
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A very worried Harry Potter wandered down the halls of Hogworts, he looked for his friend Firenze to ask him a special favour. It was 5 minutes later when a 16 year old Harry Potter bumped into Firenze in Hogworts.


"Firenze, can I have a word with you alone?" asked Harry in a very worried voice.

Of course, Firenze said yes. Harry led Firenze to an empty classroom alone.


"What is it that you would like to ask me Harry?" asked Firenze looking at the worried look on Harry's face.


"Hermione is very ill because a Pernicicous plant had attacked her in the green house a few hours ago. No body was allowed to go near the plant but Hermione was doing a project on the plant and she wanted to see it up close. The only thing that can cure her is the Thaumaturgic Potion from a kobold that lies deep in the Forbidden Forest. I need your help to lead me to the creature" asked Harry still very worried.


"I will do my best, we shall leave right away" responded Firenze as he lead Harry out of the castle towards the Forbidden Forest.


Harry and Firenze walked in the creepy forest, Harry held his wand very close to him in case he needed it. Firenze was also very cautious. Firenze heard something coming from behind them. Harry quickly turned around to see who or what was following them but nothing was there. Firenze and Harry continued to venture through the forest not knowing that there was something following them.


Harry and Firenze decided to take a little break. They took a rest near a pond. The Silver moon's reflection gave the pond an eerie glow.


Harry decided to have a little nap. He closed his eyes and Firenze did the same.

Harry heard a ruffling noise above him .He opened one of his eyes and saw a blurry object above him. The creature looked like a black cloak that was around a half of an inch thick. Harry yelled for help. Firenze jumped up surprised.

"It's Lethifold! Hurry Harry use the Patronus Charm quickly!" advised Firenze to Harry.


Firenze stomped on the Lethifold as Harry scrambled away from Firenze and the Lethifold. Harry pulled out his wand and pointed his wand at the Lethifold.

"Expecto Patronum!" shouted Harry, Harry immediately began to think of positive thoughts. Harry began to imagine Hermione being better. The Patronus Charm worked as the Lethifold vanished.


Firenze and Harry continued on their quest. Firenze told Harry that they were getting close to where the Kobold lived.


An hour later they spotted a little cottage near a swamp. They observed a rusty, old sign that said "Cryptic the Kobold" on it. Harry knocked nervously on the door.


A fat gnome like creature answered the door. He had rosy cheeks and a huge nose which was bigger then Professor Snape's.


"What do you want?" grumbled Cryptic the Kobold scratching his head and sneering at Harry and Firenze.


"We are here to ask you for your Thaumaturgic Potion to cure a sick girl in Hogworts" pleaded Firenze.


"Oh, yes. The Miracle Potion" grunted Cryptic the Kobold still scratching his head, going back into his ancient cottage. He came back outside with a bottle filled of a clear potion.


"That isn't the Thaumaturgic potion! That's Veritaserum! Why do we need Veritaserum?” demanded Firenze angrily.


"This is my last bottle of my potion, I am getting old and I don’t want to give away my last potion to some one who will make money off of it. I want to hear the truth why you came here. If you are really here for the girl I will give you the potion. If you are lying you will not get it or you will be punished from your lie" warned Cryptic the Kobold in a serious, deadly tone.


"I'll go first,” offered Harry as he sipped some of the potion, he began to tell Cryptic the Kobold that he was here for Hermione.


"Very good, very good. Now you" ordered Cryptic the Kobold to Firenze. He sipped on the potion as he revealed to the kobold that he was helping young Harry Potter.


"Now that I have found that you are trustworthy you may have the potion" said Cryptic the Kobold going back into his ugly cottage. Cryptic the Kobold came out a few minutes later with a bottle of purple potion. He gave Harry the potion.


"Before you go, I should tell you this. This potion is strong enough to kill Lord Voldemort, I have kept this a secret since I am on neither side. You should use this to kill him but it is your choice. Make sure you make the right decision. Think of all the lives you will save if you kill him. Think of the fame!" advised Cryptic the Kobold.


"I don’t want more fame,” sneered Harry through gritted teeth.


"Do what you think is right, this is where I leave you" responded Cryptic the Kobold snapping his fingers as he disappeared. Harry turned to face Firenze for some help.


"I'm afraid I cannot help you Harry Potter. Even the stars cannot help us right now. This is a choice you have to decide for yourself,” answered Firenze reading Harry's mind.


"I know what I am going to do. Hermione has been my friend for a long time. I will eventually battle against Voldemort but today is not that day,” answered Harry.

Firenze nodded in agreement.


Firenze and Harry walked out of the gloomy forest, luckily as they didn't face any dangerous creatures. An hour later they ran nervously into Hogworts. They walked into Hermione's hospital room. Hermione was lying on the bed with a terrified, lonely look on her face. Harry gave Madame Pompfrey the potion. Madame Pompfrey forced the potion into Hermione's mouth. 15 minutes later Hermione woke up.


Hermione looked at Harry.

"Why did you go through all of that trouble just for me?" asked Hermione.

"Because that’s what best friends do,” answered Harry.

Hermione and Harry shared a huge hug.








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