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Scene 1

Title: The Animagi

Authors: The Wheezy’s

Genre: General

Summary: There’s always more than meets the eye, or in the case of the Marauders, its meets the ear. It started off as any other full moon, a wild werewolf chase. But soon ones’ world will be turned upside down, taking the others’ with him. Join Moony, Wormtail, Padfoot, and Prongs as they discover what a difference one night can make.

Author’s Note: For all intensive purposes, we are unable to cut out any more content from this story. We do wish, however, that this will not stop you from considering our story. Thank you for giving us the chance!




“Ha!” A seventeen-year-old James Potter slapped his card down onto the table, a cheeky grin spreading across his face.  Sirius Black, who was currently sitting across from him, grumbled in annoyance.


“Get a haircut, you git,” was his retort as he shoved another one of his own cards onto their pile.  James ran a hand through his tousled black hair, biting down on his lip during their game of Exploding Snap.


“Now, this takes great concentration,” he said, raising one finger into the air as if to teach Peter Pettigrew, who blinked, watching in awe.  Sirius only rolled his eyes and leaned back against his chair.


“So what if I’m no ruddy good at this game? We could find something better to do.”  Ruffling his hair out of his eyes, Sirius flicked his card onto the pile.


“I can’t take this anymore!” Remus growled.  Peter’s eyes widened, and James recoiled a moment in shock.  Sirius didn’t seem to be fazed.


“That time of the month again, is it?”  He grinned suavely, and Peter gaped at him.  James  rolled his eyes, and began to collect the cards.


“Very funny, Padfoot,” Remus grumbled as he paced.  He tried to control the deep, shudder that raced up his spine every few minutes.


“Maybe we should go fetch Madam Pomfrey-“ Peter began, but was cut off as Sirius stood from his chair, followed by James.


“What is it?” his friend asked, and Remus paused.


Sirius held up a hand, with a look of seriousness.  Then, he announced, “I’m really hungry.”  Everyone groaned except for Peter, who looked relieved.


“Then we’ll go down to the kitchens and I’ll shove a—“ but James was cut off by a groan.  Remus had arched his back in pain, biting his bottom lip. Peter squeaked in fear, and Sirius cut him off, looking peaky.


“Come on, Moony.  We’re going to have a nice walk with the old bat in the Hospital Wing, alright?”  Remus mumbled, stumbling out of the portrait hole.  Sirius followed, along with James and Peter.


“Here we are,” Sirius sang.


“What do we have here?”  Sirius snarled toward the sound.  Severus Snape had rounded the corner, and was currently shouldered of potions supplies, a letter crunched in his hand.


“Get lost Snivellus.”


“Oh, I plan to.  I don’t wish to be around once Lupin here decides to crave blood,” Snape sneered toward Remus, but he didn’t respond. James scowled and helped his friend into the Hospital Wing, followed reluctantly by Sirius.  Peter, found himself watching Snape stalk off down the corridor with curious eyes.  What had he been up too…?


“I’m sorry boys, but as you can see, I’m very, very busy at the moment.”  Madam Pomfrey shuffled past them. To their horror, every bed was already filled with students. The nurse explained; “there’s a flu epidemic spreading, and I just haven’t the time to see you safely to the Shack, Mr. Lupin.”


“Let me go alone,” Remus wheezed, the itching becoming his undoing. James had known for a while now about his friend’s whereabouts when he transformed into a werewolf.


They stumbled out of the Wing, and James sighed- frantic.


Now what’re we supposed to do?”


“Help Moony here outside before he sees Wormtail in a new light,” Sirius said gruffily.


A rush of cool air met them as they pulled the large, wooden doors open a bit.  The group began to scramble onto the grounds, and after Peter had shut the door safely, James smiled.


“Padfoot! What do you say about another adventure?”  Sirius looked wary.


“You mean like last time, when we tried to sabotage McGonagoll’s chairs?”


No! I meant, that last week, Hagrid let it slip about his pet spider in the Forbidden Forest,” James glanced over his shoulder.  Sirius paused for a moment, mulling over the idea.


“Alright.  Sounds like a plan.  Moony, do you want-“ Sirius gasped.  “Time to go,” he finished abruptly, and he closed his eyes as his spine arched, and black hair grew rapidly to replace his school robes.  Pawing at the ground, he nudged Peter.


“I’m going, I’m going,” he mumbled before seemingly disappearing, but really climbing up Sirius’ fluffy tail and onto his back.  James, already a stag, cocked his head to the side, and surveyed the unlikely heard.


A deep, howl rose toward the sky, and the clouds, broke to free the full moon.  Remus, who now stood on four legs, perked his ears. James rushed forward, bowing his head.  The troupe of animals followed behind, threading through the masses of trees in the Forest.


James’ mind worked quickly, making sure he was still on the trail of spiders.


“Prongs!” Sirius’ voice caught him by surprise, but James instantly shifted back into a human, absently running a hand through his messy hair.  Peter had hopped off of his friend’s back, looking shaken.




“I apologize, James Potter and company.  But I cannot allow you to pass this way,” Firenze, a centaur gestured in the direction they were headed.  Sirius groaned loudly, and Peter quivered.


“Why not? Is there something—“


“You will follow me.  The stars do not lie.  For tonight, you shall be enlightened.”  He led them deeper into the forest, the soft pounding of their footsteps muffled by the sodden dirt.


“Why didn’t you walk us out of the forest?” James asked.


“Destiny must occur as written.  You must understand, that tonight by the light of the full moon, you will be marked by your heart’s counterpart.”


“OH!” Sirius’ eyes lit up, “Jamsie-boy falls in love tonight, huh?  Who’ll it be, Wormtail?”  James blushed scarlet and opened his mouth to retort.


“Where’s Moony?”  Peter asked, and Sirius’ smile faded.  Firenze had disappeared, and a growl could be heard.


Snape was on all fours, fists grasping tightly onto Moony’s back.  With another bark, the werewolf twisted away from his attacker, teeth glinting.


“WHAT’RE YOU DOING?!” growled Sirius, and he lunged into his Animagus form.


“Leave him alone!” Lily Evans had come out of the trees, and jumped into the air, shifting into a snow leopard with red spots. She threw herself against Padfoot, who flew backwards with a growl.


“Wait, stop!” Prongs became a stag, and seeing the leopard’s intentions, knocked her down. Padfoot was crushed against Moony, and Snape, seeing his chance, scrambled away.


“Hurry!” Peter squeaked as Padfoot and Moony chased after him.


As Wormtail scurried to help, Moony slipped over him, and his leg landed on a jagged rock. He growled throatily, and Sirius transformed back into himself.


Lily had slashed Prongs in the chest in an attempt to free herself. He shifted back into human form, and howled blindly, withering in pain.


“James Potter?” Lily gasped, leaning over him. “Are you alright?!”


“You must all follow me.” Firenze said, his gaze lingering on James.


“Up we go,” said Sirius gruffly, picking up a shuddering Moony. He growled, but was too put out to attack.


Firenze led the group to the edge of the forest, just as the cowardly sun made its appearance. James leaned against Lily, clutching the mark on his chest. He stopped, confused for a moment. A mark…?


Remus eased back into his human form at the touch of light, and was being helped out of his friend’s arms.


“James Potter. You will escort Lily Evans to the Headmaster. Good luck.”


They all wandered back into the castle, blackened with dirt. Wormtail scrambled into the Hospital Wing with Remus, but Sirius paused, raising an eyebrow.


“Hubba hubba!” James scowled poisonously as he and Lily headed for Dumbledore’s office. He explained Firenze’s prophecy warily, and she frowned.


“I don’t understand it…”


“Neither do I…”


The two stopped outside the bronze statue, realizing there was a note posted on it.



Under a matter of great importance,

I have been called to ensure that

I stay on the chocolate frog cards.


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