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Harry Potter and the Ancient Worm Wood Tree

Harry Potter and the Ancient Worm Wood Tree

By Tom Veele



            It had been a quite couple of days for Harry Potter and his friends Ron Wesley and Hermione Granger. After all the magical world was just starting to believe what Harry had known for two years Voldemort was back and wanting more than ever to have total control over the magical world. This was now more apparent than ever since Hagrid’s disappearance in the forbidden forest. This is where our story begins.


Dumbledore: I’m sorry to tell you this Harry but I fear Hagrid has been taken prisoner by Lord Voldemort.


Harry: What? Why does Voldemort want Hagrid?


Dumbledore: He needs a guide to take him too the Worm Wood Tree.


Harry: What is the worm wood tree?


Dumbledore: The worm wood tree is an ancient tree that produces magical fruit that can give different magical powers. It also holds a balance with the forbidden forest without the worm wood tree the forest will die.


Harry: Hagrid won’t take him to the tree.


Dumbledore: He will if he believes you are in danger. I spoken with the Order and they are mapping out a strategy for getting Hagrid back.


Harry: Why are you telling me this?


Dumbledore: I’m telling you because I think Voldemort is using Hagrid as bait to see if he can draw you too him. Now I must ask you to be patient. The Order will get him back.


Back in Gryffindor house Harry is preparing to go after Hagrid.


Hermione: But Harry you shouldn’t go, you heard what Dumbledore said.


Harry: I can’t just leave him Hermione.


Ron: Harry remember last time there was spiders.


Harry: yes, I remember. O.k. wand ready lets go.


As they enter the forbidden forest they sense they are not alone.


Ron: Ahhhh


Hermione: Ahhh


Harry: Are you o.k.? Where are y..?

Aragog: so friend of Hagrid we meet again. Harry swallowed hard as eight giant legs and the body of a giant spider appeared in front of him.


Harry: we’ve come to help Hagrid, please.


The whisper of a voice floated on the wind, bring them to me. Yes my Lord.


Harry’s scar began to burn, just then a giant web flung around them and they were caught. On Aragog’s back they traveled to a clearing where Harry saw the unmistakable lump of a giant.


Harry: Hagrid!!!


Voldemort: Come here Potter. Your big Oaf of a friend didn’t have the courage to eat from the worm wood tree.


With that Voldemort lifted his wand and pointed it at Ron and Hermione.


Voldemort: Well I know the curse won’t do any good on you, but let’s see what it does to your friends.


Ron & Hermione: Harry Don’t Help


Voldemort: “Crucio”


Both Ron and Hermione fell to the ground in pain.


Harry: O.k. stop, I’ll get the fruit.


Voldemort: I knew you’d see it my way Potter.


As Harry reached for the fruit he stopped and noticed something. The tree had what appeared to be a face and a mouth. Then it spoke.


Who is it that wishes to pick my fruit?


I’m Harry Potter I need this to save my friends.


Since you have a willingness to sacrifice for your friends that is a mark of true courage you may eat from my bounty.


Harry took the fruit. It seemed strange for the fact that the fruit had no dominate shape. It just looked like a swirl of colors.


Voldemort: Bring the Fruit now Potter!


Just then there was a loud crackling sound like branches being trampled. Harry saw two bright colored eyes’s coming toward him.


Ron & Hermione: Harry look out!


Harry moved just in time as the outline of what looked to have been a car at one time burst through the trees and knocked Voldemort to the ground. Harry when to pickup Voldemort’s wand when suddenly it flew to his hand.


Voldemort: Looks like I win Potter! Did you really think you could beat the greatest wizard of all time?


Now I have the fruit and my power will be ten fold greater than it was before.


With that Voldemort ate the fruit.


Voldemort: Ah I feel the power flow through me. Wait what’s happening?


Harry noticed that Voldemort’s legs had begun to root themselves to the ground. Then his body began to be covered with bark.


He screamed at the tree. What’s happening to me?


You have tried to destroy the forest answered the worm wood tree now you shall help rebuild it.


Voldemort’s arms began to branch out and soon there was just a tree where Voldemort had once been.


Ron: I guess that will teach him not to mess with Mother Nature.


Harry: Ya,


Harry, Ron and Hermione all gave a little chuckle.


Hermione: Oh Hagrid, what has he done to you?


Relax my dear. The tree spoke again. Hagrid asked me to help him not give Voldemort any of the magical fruit so I gave Hagrid a sleeping draught. Now give him this the tree held out a branch and Hermione took the fruit.


She slipped it in to Hagrid giant month and stood back.


Hagrid: What happened? Where did you three come from? Where’s Voldemort?


Harry: He wanted to save a tree.

Ron and Hermione laughed.


Hagrid: What? Well Anyway we best be getting back to the castle. I’m sure Dumbledore will want to know you’re safe.


Aragog: Well friends of Hagrid since here is here you are safe for now. I will bid you Ado till we meet again.


Back at the castle Harry though of what had just happened and grinned at the thought of Voldemort helping to save the forest. He knew he’d be back but for this day Harry and his friends had won.



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