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"Portkeys and Unicorns"

"Portkeys and Unicorns"

"Damn bloody portkey!" growled Ron as he, Harry and Hermione walked through
Forbidden Forest.
"Well, when I see litter on the ground, I usually pick it up. How was I to
know they were portkeys?" Hermione defended herself.
"Well, next time you see three Popsi cans laying on the ground, don't make
us pick them up." Ron said, pointing to himself and Harry.
"The can says Pepsi, not Popsi." Harry corrected.
Ron mumbled something under his breath.
As the trio trudged through the forest, it started to rain.  Ron moaned.
"We really need to get out of here." said Hermione.
The sky was now completly black, and it was raining very hard. The three
were now completley soaked.
"Well, I can honestly say this is the most fun I've had all week." said Ron
sarcastically. Harry smiled, but turned his head and sneezed loudly.
"Harry, are you ok?'' asked Hermione.
Harry turned his head and sneezed twice again.
"Oh great. You're catching a cold." She reached into her robes, pulled out
her wand, pointed it in the sky, and a ray of light shot into the air.
"Hopefully someone will see that and come and find us" explained Hermione.
Ron rolled his eyes.
"We'll have to stay here now." said Hermione, glaring at Ron.
They  huddled under a very large tree.
" We have to get a fire going." announced Hermione.
"Ok." said Ron and Harry together.
Hermione started picking up sticks and piling them up. Ron and Harry 
"All right, why am I the only one doing this?" she asked.
"Cause you seem to be doing fine on your own." said Ron.
Hemione tossed a stick at Ron. "Come on, Ron.This isn't just for me." said
Hermione in frustration.
"Fine." said Ron. He picked up the stick. " I always have to..." Ron looked
down at the stick he was holding. "AAAHHHH!!" he screamed.
"What?!" said Hermione and Harry together.
Ron threw the stick a great distance away. "A sp-spider was..." he looked
down . "AAHHHH!!! There're on my shoe! Get 'em off!" he wailed. He was 
kicking the air trying to get the spiders off his shoe.
"It's ok, Ron!'' Hermione tried to soothe him.
Ron had now picked up another stick and was beating his shoe with it. Harry
was trying not to laugh. After about five minutes of this, Hermione had
gotten a fire started, but because of the rain, it kept going out. Harry was
sneezing basically every minute. They had been outside for more than three
hours in the rain. Hermione had sent sparks into the sky, but obviously no
one had seen them.

The rain was coming down so hard that the whole ground had turned to mud.
Ron was singing songs quietly to himself that made no sense. Hermione and
Harry were laying back to back against each other. Hermione was starting to
fall asleep, but Harrys persistent sneezing kept her awake.
Soon, all three of them had shut their eyes and were each in a odd form of
sleep. When Hermione finally managed to keep her eyes shut for more than two
minutes, she heard something walking towards them. She quickly shook Harry
"Harry, there's something over there!" she whispered in panic. Harry quickly
sat up awake.
"Ron! Ron! Wake up!" Hermione hissed. Ron continued to snore. Harry threw a
small stone at him. Ron jumped awake.
"What?!  Are we dead?" he panicked.
"No'' said Hermione. She pointed out into the forest.
Ron shuffled behind Harry and Hermione. Hermione pulled out her wand and
quietly said "lumos.'' The boys followed.
Whatever was in the forest was coming closer . Suddenly, a very intense
bright light shone through the trees,right at the area where the noise was
coming from. Hermione dropped her wand to shield her eyes.
"This is it. We have all died. There's the bright light. It's so beautiful."
said Ron, slightly covering his face.
The light dimmed as it got closer, and Hermione recognized what it was.
"It's a unicorn." she said very quietly. Harry dropped his wand and
stared.The unicorn still glowed as it walked up to Hermione. Harry stifled a
"Oh God, what's it doing?" Ron whispered in panic.
The unicorn started making a strange noise while moving its front left leg
infront of Hermione. Hermione looked closely.
"It's hurt its leg. It's bleeding." she said. Silver blood was trickling
down the leg.
"Here, wrap this around the cut." said Harry, handing Hermione his unused
handkerchief. "I haven't used it yet. I'll just blow my nose into a leaf."
he added jokingly.
Hermione smiled at him and gently tied the cloth around the cut.
"Why's it only going to you?" asked Ron.
"It prefers the woman's touch." she explained. "Do you really want it coming
to you?" she asked.
"No! well..maybe... for a!" Ron spluttered.
The unicorn made a purring noise and walked n a circle, almost testing the
bandage. Then it clopped back over to Hermione. It started to nudge her
under the arms until she finally got up. The unicorn started clopping away,
but stopped when it saw that Hermione wasn't following. It neighed.
"It wants us t follow it." whispered Hermione. Harry and Ron followed
Hermione and the unicorn through the forest. After a while, they came to a
clearing and straight ahead was Hogwarts.
"Blimey. Where was this unicorn four hours ago?" commented Ron.
"it probably showed us back because we helped it with its cut." explained
Hermione. She turned and noticed the unicorn had disappeared.
"That was the rarest thing we could have seen in the forest, or anywhere
else for that matter." said Hermione as they started walking towards
"I don't ever want to go back in there ever again." said Harry. The other
two nodded in agreement.
Ron stopped walking.
"What's up, Ron?" asked Harry.
Ron was frantically patting his chest. He looked up at them.
"I've lost my Prefects badge!"
  The End

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