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Author: zzzFF zahara  Story: Grawp's Surprise  Chapter: Default
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аЯрЁБс>ўџ ўџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџ§џџџўџџџўџџџ  ўџџџўџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџRoot Entryџџџџџџџџ РF@_гЋ[У€WordDocumentџџџџџџџџ )CompObjџџџџџџџџџџџџ^џџџџџџџџџџџџўџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџ “Happy!” “Good, good,” replied Hagrid. “Well, I can see yeh don’ need me here at the momen’ and I gotta go back ter the castle soon. I just came ter check up on yeh. You are good company fer each other! See yeh, Grawp! And you, too, Olly!” He turned around and started to leave as he waved good-bye to them. “Buh-by Hagger!” said Grawp and Olly in unison. Hagrid left the clearing feeling particularly proud of himself. He knew that Grawp and Olly might have hated each other. He was grateful to have found such a good match for his baby brother. He decided he didn’t care what the centaurs did to him as long as Grawp and Olly were happy. №ёєѕ ИЙбвденољњ()cdexy“”ѕі'():;GHIXY}~ћїѓяычуплзгЯЫЧУПЛЗГЏЋЇЃŸ›—“‹‡ƒ{wsokg]c]c]c]c]c]c]c]c]c]c]c]c]c]c]c]c]c]c]c]c]c]c]c]c]c]c]c]c]c]c]c]c]c]c]c]c]c]c&~Œ;<=>CDwx!"EFHIVWЋЌВГнопхц  ћїѓяычуплзгЯЫЧУПЛЗГЏЋЇЃŸ›—“‹‡ƒ{wsokg]c]c]c]c]c]c]c]c]c]c]c]c]c]c]c]c]c]c]c]c]c]c]c]c]c]c]c]c]c]c]c]c]c]c]c]c]c]c&78CDkl”•– Ёрсјљњћ t u v В Г Е Ж н о ч ш ь э ю я ћ ќ ћїѓяычуплзгЯЫЧУПЛЗГЏЋЇЃŸ›—“‹‡ƒ{wsokg]c]c]c]c]c]c]c]c]c]c]c]c]c]c]c]c]c]c]c]c]c]c]c]c]c]c]c]c]c]c]c]c]c]c]c]c]c]c&   I J q r s Œ  Ђ Ѓ Є Ѕ Э Ю    • – — ˜ Ÿ   о п щ ъ         @ ћїѓяычуплзгЯЫЧУПЛЗГЏЋЇЃŸ›—“‹‡ƒ{wsokg]c]c]c]c]c]c]c]c]c]c]c]c]c]c]c]c]c]c]c]c]c]c]c]c]c]c]c]c]c]c]c]c]c]c]c]c]c]c&@ A e f с т у  ћќ   ГДопцчєѕії ћїѓяычуплзгЯЫЧУПЛЗГЏЋЇЃŸ›—“‹‡ƒ{wsokg]c]c]c]c]c]c]c]c]c]c]c]c]c]c]c]c]c]c]c]c]c]c]c]c]c]c]c]c]c]c]c]c]c]c]c]c]c]c&def~ЇЈЉГДгдецчіїџ   ()@A[\я№456ћїѓяычуплзгЯЫЧУПЛЗГЏЋЇЃŸ›—“‹‡ƒ{wsokg]c]c]c]c]c]c]c]c]c]c]c]c]c]c]c]c]c]c]c]c]c]c]c]c]c]c]c]c]c]c]c]c]c]c]c]c]c]c&мЅe#Р №…)•,(l,(l(( ( ЊF((ь(˜(Tю( FTimes New Roman Symbol Arial Century Gothic“Jus’ a bit further now,” said Hagrid, who was leading a very big something through the Forbidden Forest. Deeper and deeper they went. Occasionally, Hagrid had to stop and make sure the something wasn’t going to break loose. “We’re almos’ there. Hold on a bit more,” he told it, obviously trying to calm it down. BANG! A loud noise came from somewhere not very far ahead. “Ah, no! Grawpy must’ve pulled up another tree!” thought Hagrid as he quickened their pace so they soon came to a clearing in which Grawp, Hagrid’s Giant half-brother, was sitting holding a tree. “Hagger! You back!” said Grawp. “Hello, Grawpy! ‘Member when I told yeh I was thinkin’ about getting’ you a lady friend? Well, here she is, Grawpy!" said Hageid as he turned to the big thing he had been taking throught he wods. "Her name’s Olgebra, but yeh can call her Olly!” “Olly!” repeated Grawp excitedly, looking over at Olgebra. Hagrid looked up at Olly, too. Her hands were still tied from the trip. Hagrid reached over and began to fiddle with the knot, eventually untying it. “Olly, I told yeh ‘bout Grawp, remember? On the way ov’r,” said Hagrid. Olly looked as thought she did not remember this at all but she nevertheless yelled “Grawp!” over and over again as loud as she could. “Grawp,” shouted Hagrid to be heard over Olly’s yelling, “yeh’ll need ter show Olly aroun’ a bit. She’s new ter the forest, like you were las’ year. Show Olly around, will yeh Grawp?” Grawp, who’s English seemed to have improved somewhat, actually answered, “Yeah! Show Olly around!” “Grawp show Olly!” said Olly, who had finally stopped yelling to answer, although she was still using a rather loud voice. “Well, Grawpy, I gotta get back ter the school fer awhile, bu’ I’ll be back later today ter see how Olly’s getting’ on.” “Bye, Hagger!” Grawp answered. With that, Hagrid turned around and started to leave the forest. He walked on for awhile, but when the trees were just barely beginning to thin out, Hagrid heard galloping hooves. Suddenly, out of nowhere, the centaur herd was surrounding him. “Hagrid! What do you think you are doing? Why did you bring another one?” asked Magorian, who seemed very angry. “Grawp was lonely! And wha’ I do is my business!” “Not when it involves the forest, Hagrid,” replied Bane and a few other centaurs stomped their hooves in agreement. “We have warned you before that you are no longer welcome in the forest. Ever since you helped the traitor Firenze betray us.” “He didn’ betray yeh and I can still come in here whenever I need to. I’m not doin’ anything ter bother you.” “Ah, but Hagrid--” “I notice you are unarmed today, Hagrid,” interupted Ronan, looking at Hagrid’s empty hands. It was true. Hagrid had forgotten to bring his crossbow in the excitement of bringing Olgebra to meet Grawp. “Are yeh gonna make me wish I had my bow?” He asked them. “I think this time we will not, for then we shall never get rid of the creatures, but you need to relize you will not always be so lucky. Our tolerance is thining, Hagrid. You had best get them out. They do not belong here,” warned Magorian. “Yeah, yeah,” muttered Hagrid under his breathe so that none of them could hear him. He made his way to the edge of the ring and the centaurs parted, making room for Hagrid to pass through. He met nothing else on his way back to the edge of the forest. He left the forest and went about his gamekeeping duties and started planning his next lesson. It was almost evening before Hagrid had a chance to visit Grawp and Olly. When he got to the clearing, the familiar “Hagger!” greeted him. “’Lo Grawpy. How’s Olly?” “Good!” screeched Grawp as though Hagrid were far away rather than standing close by. “Yeh like Olly okay then?” asked Hagrid, sounding slightly axious. “Olly good!” said Grawp, no longer yelling. “Olly, yeh getting’ along well wit’ Grawpy?”6DEde67€‚ƒ„…ћїѓяычуплзгЯ]c]c]c]c]c]c]c]c]c]c]c]c №)d(H=xWо–њu ю  r Є  —   т  ДћїѓяычуплзгЯЫЧУПЛЗГЏЋЇЃŸ›—ааааааааааааааааааааааааааДѕeЈд 5e‚ƒ„…ћїѓяычуплзгЯЫЧаааааааааааааа№… №…•џџџџџџџџ8%K@ёџNormala "A@ђџЁ"Default Paragraph Fontаџ@ўџ џџџџ РFMicrosoft Word 6.0 Document MSWordDocє9Вq
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