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Author: That H.P. Guy (Professors' Bookshelf)  Story: The Forbidden Forest  Chapter: Default
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Disclaimer:I honestly don't know if anybody could sue me for this poem, but the concept of the Forbidden Forest, and the plot that unfolds, are technically JKRs

A/N: This poem was directly inspired by the Forbidden Forest scenes in SS/PS, and indirectly inspired by Helen Vader and her previously posted poetry. No forest creatures were harmed in the making of this sonnet

The Forbidden Forest
Among the woods where men do fear to tread
Lie monsters dark that fill their hearts with dread,
And carefíly hidden from this sight of ours
Creatures of great wisdom observe the stars.

For them the heavens are an open book
To anyone with sight enough to look,
And though they see what shall become histíry
They vow not to expose the mystery.

Though once they saw the birth of a pure child
Who saved the wizard world from one defiled,
Now the twilight stars speak of the return
Of him without a name whose mark does burn.

And though the fear of evil now has grown,
Their burden is to watch the skies alone.

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