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Hermione was in quite a mood

Hermione was in quite a mood.  She was oddly giddy, due to the havoc that she knew the Weasley twins were about to cause.  Never had she been so obliged to sit back and let them work their mischief, but then again, this wasn’t just any mischief.  This was about getting to that horrible Umbridge woman; showing her that Professor Dumbledore was the true headmaster.  It won’t be long now before she resigns due to mental health problems, Hermione thought cheerfully.

Hermione sat down with Harry and Ron and saw their schoolbags and gloomy faces.  Even she had to admit, now was not the time.  “Oh, why don’t we have a night off?” she said brightly.  “After all, the Easter holidays start on Friday, we’ll have plenty of time then….”

“Are you feeling all right?” Ron asked incredulously, but with a triumphant grin on his face. 

Hermione observed that Harry was in his own world, as usual, but just to be sure, she said cryptically, “Now you mention it, d’you know … I think I’m feeling a bit … rebellious.”  On the last word she raised her eyebrow and smiled mischievously at Ron.

Judging by the widening grin and the reddening ears, Hermione knew he had gotten the picture. 


What seemed like weeks later, Hermione said pointedly, “Goodnight,” to the boys and walked up the stairs to her dormitory.  She lay on her bed, still in her robes, thinking very happy thoughts and sighing dreamily occasionally.  When Parvati and Lavender entered, she feigned sleep.

The two friends seemed to whisper for days on end, but once their whispers finally faded away and their breathing grew slow and steady, Hermione crept out of bed.  She checked the mirror, eyeing her hair sadly.  She was doing the best she could to do something about it when — What was that?  A noise startled Hermione out of her thoughts. 

Lavender stirred.  Hermione quickly tiptoed back to bed, wild excuses running through her head, when Lavender began to snore. 

She relaxed.  Lavender had only turned over, still asleep.  As she descended the stairs to the Gryffindor common room, she thought about all the secrecy.  It would all be so much easier if they could just use Harry’s Invisibility Cloak….

But they couldn’t tell Harry, not just yet.  He had too many things on his mind, at the moment.  One day.  One day soon.  Although Hermione knew Harry was keeping secrets from her and Ron, she didn’t enjoy keeping them from Harry. 


As she reached the bottom of the stairs, she saw Ron sitting by the fire.  She watched as he sat there, hair red-hot and fingers tense.

“Hi, Ron.”

He jumped.  “Where’ve you been?  I’ve been waiting here for hours!”  Boy, did he sure know the way to a girl’s heart. 

He checked his watch, “Oh.  Well, I mean, I waited a while.”  Hermione smiled, he always redeemed himself.  She loved it when he revealed his sensitive side.

“Lavender and Parvati didn’t go to sleep for ages,” Hermione explained.  “Let’s go.”  And without further ado, they marched out of the common room, hand in hand, past a sleeping Fat Lady. 

“Wait,” Ron said as pulled out an old looking piece of parchment.  “We should check the Maurauder’s Map.”

After a questioning look from Hermione he explained, “I borrowed it from Harry.  All clear.” 

“Ron!  You didn’t tell him why you needed to use it, did you?”

“No, no,” Ron assured her, “I didn’t tell him at all.”

“What do you mean, you ‘didn’t tell him at all?’”  Hermione gaped at him.  “Ron, do you mean to tell me that you stole it?” her voice was rising dangerously.

Ron’s voice assumed an apologetic tone that reminded Hermione oddly of his father when dealing with an angry Mrs. Weasley.  “Now Hermione, there’s no reason to get upset, I’ll replace it in the mor —”


Ron pulled her hastily into an empty classroom.  “Shush!  You don’t want to get caught now, do you?” his voice now resumed its playful tone. 

“Actually, to tell you the truth, I wouldn’t mind it so much,” Hermione answered truthfully, forgetting what they had been fighting about as she lost herself in Ron’s eyes.  “Now that Dumbledore’s gone; the more mayhem the better!”

Ron stared at her.  Hermione stared right back, smiling widely.

Before she had time to try to decipher his thoughts he had moved daringly close to her.  She gazed into his innocent brown eyes, coherent thoughts beyond her. 

“I’ll give you mayhem….” he breathed.  And he leaned down and kissed her.


Two hours later, at four o’clock in the morning, Ron and Hermione left their empty classroom, hand in hand, to return to bed.  Neither was tired in the least. 

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