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Author: h-kitty  Story: A Night to Remember  Chapter: Chapter 2: Snape
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The sun had just set below the horizon, and as the moon hadn’t yet risen, I had to squint to see what was going on outside. At last, I was going to find out Lupin’s secret. That is, if Black was telling me the truth.


But I watched Lupin going to the tree, whose branches were thrashing violently. Just as Black said, Madam Pomfrey did something to make the tree suddenly stand still. Lupin disappeared from my view, and Madam Pomfrey walked away from the tree, while the branches began to flail wildly again.


It was now or never. I walked across the grounds, hoping that nobody would see me from the building. As I neared the tree, I was suddenly afraid. What would I find at the end of the tunnel?


I nervously poked the knot in the tree’s roots with my wand, dodging the violent branches that threatened to rip me apart. Miraculously, Sirius had been right. A tunnel opened up before me, and I stared at it. It was completely dark inside, and I couldn’t see how deep it would be. But there was no going back. “Lumos,” I whispered, and with the light from my wand, I slid down.


The underground tunnel was pitch black, and my wand provided only enough light to see a few feet ahead. Nevertheless, I followed the pathway for what seemed like hours. There was no sign of an end, and I began to wonder if Sirius had somehow played a game on me. After all, why would he tell me the truth?


But at last, I heard something. It was a faint yet terrifying sound—was it a howl?


It couldn’t be. Cautiously, I continued forward, and I noticed that the tunnel was sloping upwards. At last, I saw a trapdoor that could only mean one thing—I was at the end. I opened it, and the sight that met my eyes was so shocking that I fainted on the spot.


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