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Author: Arlo  Story: On Your Mark  Chapter: Chapter 2- Enlightening Discussions
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Chapter 2- Enlightening Discussions



Chapter 2- Enlightening Discussions



          Harry awoke the next morning feeling better than he had in months. Sleep was a wonderful thing! He showered, dressed, and checked the mirror. He didn’t like what he saw.

          He looked like a Dickens street urchin. He had baggy clothes, pants that were too short, scraggly black hair framing a pale complexion and crooked glasses over his brilliant green eyes. No wonder the neighbors looked at him askew.

         On a sudden impulse, he tore at the holes in the knees of his jeans and ripped off the legs to make instant cut-offs. It was summer after all. He rolled up the uneven hems and found a belt in his trunk. He rummaged through the drawers in his chest and found a decent t-shirt (albeit reading ‘Grunning’s Drills’) and a pair of clean white sweat socks. His school trainers would have to do, although they seemed a little tighter than usual. Finally, he brushed his hair off his face, borrowing a squirt of Dudley’s hair gel to keep it back.

           The reflection now showed a tall thin young man, still pale, but not as shabby. His scar sat boldly on his forehead. It was a very important part of him…why hide it?  His hair no longer stuck out in odd directions, but fell in slight waves to his collar. That surprised him; ‘maybe it had stuck out because it had wanted to curl?’ he thought. He shrugged and went downstairs to start breakfast.

          The Dursleys were sleeping late today, as it was Saturday. Harry had finished the pancakes and sausages when his aunt and uncle appeared and sat down. He served them and sat at the table, getting nary a thank you for his efforts.

          Uncle Vernon gave Harry his usual orders (stay out of our hair) and a list of chores (weed the garden, mow the lawn, and wash the car).

          “Yes, Uncle Vernon, only I told the Evanses I would come by later today. Do you think Dudley could help wash the car so I can finish early?” he ventured.

          “Evanses? What Evanses?” Vernon looked to Petunia.

          “They live on Magnolia. They have a young son Harry met yesterday,” she told him.

          “Why are you going there boy? You know we don’t want the neighbors exposed to your unnaturalness!”

          “Mark has the same color eyes as me. I told them I’d bring a picture of my mum, and see if we might be related,” Harry calmly told them, waiting for an explosion from his uncle.

          It was Aunt Petunia who answered however. “You have pictures of Lily? Are they normal ones or…”

          “No, they are wizard photographs”

            Vernon was now ready to explode.  “DO NOT USE THAT WORD!”

Vernon,” Petunia warned, “calm down. You know what the doctor said. Besides, I think I’d like to meet these people. I don’t have any family, you know.”

“That’s because of those freaks,” Vernon sputtered. “They did away with your whole family! You’re just asking for more trouble, Petunia!”

Harry’s mouth dropped open. His whole family? He had never been told why he didn’t have grandparents. He had never been told anything, as a matter of fact. He was tired of being left in the dark. “Whole family?” He was standing now, a head taller than Aunt Petunia was. “Perhaps it’s time to explain?”

Petunia sunk into the chair, shaking, hands over her face. Vernon rounded on him. “Now you’ve done it boy, OUT! GET OUT! And leave your aunt alone!”

“NO!” The shout had come from both Harry and Petunia who had come to her senses. Harry gaped at her.

“No, Vernon he’s right. He has a right to know.” Turning to Harry she said, “Give me some time to get some things together Harry, you are right. It is time to explain. Please don’t bring your pictures to them. I have others that are more appropriate.”

“Fine, fine! I’ll give you till this afternoon. I’m going over there at four,” Harry stated as he cleaned up his plate. He headed out to the garden to weed before it got too hot outside.

Sweaty and grimy, Harry wondered why he had bothered cleaning up this morning. He went inside for a late lunch. He found his cousin at the kitchen table eating the breakfast leftovers.

“”Morning Dudley!” Harry grinned. “Must be nice to be able to sleep late!”

“Shut up, freak!” was the less than friendly response.

“You don’t seem to mind eating the food I made this morning, though. Guess being ‘freak- made’ doesn’t matter to your stomach, huh?”

 Harry ignored Dudley’s glare and went to wash up. As he walked back into the kitchen to make a sandwich, he was surprised to find Uncle Vernon pleading with Dudley to wash his car.

“Ten pounds,” Dudley was saying.

“I can take it to the bloody car wash for less!” Uncle Vernon protested. “Five and I’ll take you and your mates to the mall.”

A night of filching and carousing was just too temping, so Dudley reluctantly agreed. “Okay, deal. But, why couldn’t Harry do it?”

“Because, your mother has other plans for him, that’s why. Now get dressed and get to work!”

Harry never heard his Uncle Vernon talk to his precious son in that manner and had to hide his smirk. His uncle glared at him any way. “Petunia’s upstairs when you’re done. I’ll have you know I don’t like any of this. The less people know the better.”

“Know what?” Harry queried innocently

“Know about you freaks! Your abnormal family, your, your…your world, he spat and with one last glower at Harry he left the room, leaving the young wizard to his confused and angry thoughts.


Author’s notes:  Thank you to Mysterious Muggle for his excellent suggestions and help with my typos and grammatical errors.  Thank you also to all who reviewed!  I am sooo thrilled that you like it!

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