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Author: 7Snorkacks Live  Story: A Letter On the Doorstep  Chapter: Chapter 2- Snap, Crackle, Pop
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Disclaimer-um…do we really have to do this again


Disclaimer-um…do we really have to do this again? Well for all you people out there I DO NOT OWN HARRY POTTER because if I did  I would be very rich and would have a mechanical Chess set  just like Ron’s because that has always been a dream of mine. lol.


Authors note!-Hello! How are you! I hope you like my chapter! I am glad  the day (!) when it is published is here! I am really hap(!)py today! And !! I know!!! Why, it is because I just found out my chapter was accepted into Sugarquill!!!!! Haha!!!!!!!!!!!!!  JJJJJJJJ Better! Get used to it folks! Cause I am here to stay!!!! Enjoy the fic!!!!!!!! Lol!!!!!!!!!






Chapter 2



“Now Vernon, I know—I know this is a bit of a…a shock, but he is—”



“A baby! Petunia where on earth did you find him!”



“On our doorstep, but the point is—”



“Our doorstep! Who does the owner of this boy think he is! Just dropping off his problems on our doorstep! If I ever find out—”



“VERNON! Listen to me!” Petunia’s daring shout startled Vernon into silence. “This isn’t just any child, this is my—well, our—nephew.” There was a shocked silence.



“Petunia, please tell me you have a normal sibling whose son this is…Petunia is this your sister’s…”



“Yes Vernon, it is my sister Lily’s son. His name is Harry James Potter and he has, at this moment, been entrusted into our care.” Petunia said this with a finality that Vernon did not take to very well.



“Exactly,” he said, a purple color snaking through his veins. “He is entrusted to us ‘at the moment’, and I will not stand to have him in the house! Orphanages have plenty of space for the boy!” He was breathing hard and glaring at his wife, who was holding the bundle of rags that contained a baby boy.



“But Vernon he has no place to go and—and he is my sister’s son! Not that I am saying that I like the idea of having him in the house!” Petunia added quickly and nervously, starting to crumble under Vernon’s obvious rage.



“Petunia! What if he is one of—of their kind? When your sister, a w-w-witch, and that no good other w-w-wizard breed they are bound to produce another—another—you-know-what! What if he is abnormal? He could endanger our lives and Dudley’s!”



Petunia bit her lip – he had her there. Petunia understood enough about the wizarding world and that letter she got, to know that the boy could attract some very unwanted attentions from people in the magical world, no matter what the writer of that letter told her. Well…the letter had also said Harry would be safe here – shouldn’t that include her family too? Still, she couldn’t tell Vernon this or else Harry would be out of the house faster than dirt on her floor. But wait a minute, why was she trying to save this child she thought she hated? It just didn’t make any sense.



“Well Vernon, that is not necessarily true. I once overheard that two abnormal people can produce a normal baby. I think babies like that are called squabs. So we just need to find out if Harry is a squab. If he is we can keep him.”



Vernon strained under the pressure of understanding this. “So if this boy is a squab, then he will be normal, and no one ever need know that he had oddball parents? If he is a squab it is probably all the better your sister died – at least the kid has a chance at being normal. Poor boy, parents like those, those freaks.”



Petunia felt something rise up in her. Anger?  No. Hurt? No. Maybe a little bit of defensiveness for her sister…perhaps…but not much. Not much at all.



Somehow she had to test him to see if he was magic. Somehow they had to know if he would be acceptable in this house. What on earth did Petunia know about testing for magic in a child? Although she did remember when Lily first showed the signs of being…different.




25 years ago



“Lily dear, would you pass me the marmalade?” Lily and Petunia’s mother said, “and the butter.”



“Here you go,  mummy,” Lily said, passing over the butter. She was a pretty girl, about ten years old with sparkling green eyes and long, shiny red hair. Sitting next to her was her seven year old sister Petunia. Petunia had blond hair and pale blue eyes; she was also rather small and bony. She looked up at her big sister.



“Lily, will you please pass me the jam too? Will you spread it too?” Petunia said to Lily, offering her the toasted bread on the plate. But as Petunia held up her bread she knocked over her milk, sending all of it cascading over the table. Her mother and sister rushed to get the glass.



“Oh dear, Petunia!”


“Watch out for the milk, sister – I’ll get it!”



Lily reached out to move the rug out from under the raining milk, but as she did the most astonishing thing happened. As Lily’s hand moved instinctively to catch the milk, the liquid stopped moving, right in the middle of the air. It floated there, a white blob  serenely twisting in midair. The whole family froze, staring, transfixed by the milk. Lily was still gaping at it, but then she slowly got up and got a new glass, never taking her eyes off the liquid. When she held the glass under the milk, the milk splashed right into the cup without spilling a drop.



Lily mother spoke first. “L-Lily, w-what just happened here?” Her voice was shaky and her eyes opened as round as bottle caps. But before Lily could answer, there was a loud screech by the window. They all jumped and turned around. A brown owl was perched on their window ledge; at least it was until it spread its wings and flew into the house, dropped a thick yellow letter on Lily’s plate, and flew out of the window. Lily stared at the envelope and sucked in her breath when she saw the address:



Lily Evans

The Breakfast table

1211 Green Meadow Way

London, England




She picked up the letter and glanced at her mother.



“Mummy, it’s addressed to me! Who sent it?” Lily asked looking very unsure of this whole situation.



“I don’t know dear. W-why don’t you o-open it?” said the girl’s mother, still looking very shaky.



They all watched with bated breath as Lily tore open the parchment letter. She found a yellow letter and read it. All they could see was her wide-open eyes scanning the page.



“Mummy, have you ever heard of a place called Hogwarts”






Petunia woke up with a yawn the next morning and after straightening up her side of the bed she strode down the stairs.  She stopped in the middle of the hallway by the closet under the stairs. She opened the door and found Harry exactly where she left him. She brought him abruptly out of his sleep by picking him up and stiffly carrying him to the kitchen. She plopped him into the high chair and swept over to the cabinet. Petunia selected a box of Cheerios for Harry’s breakfast. She poured some of them onto the tray in front of the boy.



Harry had never eaten Cheerios before, unbeknownst to Petunia, so he just stared at her with innocently confused eyes. Petunia stared back at him, recognizing her sister’s eyes on the baby.



“Well! What are you waiting for? Eat!” She snapped at the baby. When he didn’t follow her command she picked up a Cheerio and held an inch from his mouth. Harry’s eyes crossed as he tried to look at the Cheerio, but he still didn’t open his mouth. So Petunia tried to shove it in there.



“Mm-mm!” Harry protested and then—








Petunia screamed and jumped away from the tray. The Cheerios had begun to pop, like miniature bombs.







Her arms flew in front of her to shield her from the flying crumbs. Harry giggled with delight, causing another round of the breakfast artillery to explode.









Petunia grabbed a handful of Cheerios and rushed over to the trash can. All the while the cereal was exploding in her hand like firecrackers. She threw it into the bin and turned back to a giddy Harry.



“Silence! I will not tolerate this kind of behavior from you! You have no right to act so—so unruly! You had best be a good houseguest or else you’re out! Nephew or not! You WIZARD!” Petunia snarled angrily. Harry may not have understood a word, but her tone made him fall silent quick. He apologized to her by picking up an uninjured Cheerio and eating it. He looked very timid and quiet all of a sudden.



Vernon walked in the kitchen just seconds after Petunia’s rant, and he looked slowly around at the crumbled Cheerio bits, his irritated wife, and then at Harry.



“Petunia what happened in here?” he asked, an accusing stare coming onto his face and resting on Harry.



“Harry and I were just having a…little problem. Nothing to worry about,” Petunia said promptly, as she began to clean up. There was no doubt that Harry was a wizard, but she could wait to tell Vernon. Just let everyone get adjusted to Harry before she sprang this surprising news on her She grabbed a broom and swept the crumbs into the pan. She looked at Harry who was quietly eating his cheerios. This really is going to be such a bother, she thought.






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