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Author: 7Snorkacks Live  Story: A Letter On the Doorstep  Chapter: Chapter 3: Flying Arrows
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P.S. I know this chapter is short…but um, there really wasn’t a whole lot to add! Enjoy! Oh, and also, Cheerios is a type of cereal in America and I know that this is a very Americanized fic. I still have to brush up on my Britain lingo. Sorry. Enjoy!






Chapter 3



“Dudley don’t poke your cousin too hard,” Petunia said nonchalantly.  Dudley poked Harry again, making him swat a hand back at Dudley. Dudley plopped down on the floor and began to wail loudly. Harry stared at these sudden tears, confused. He hadn’t hit him nearly as hard as Dudley had hit him.



“Dudley! What happened sweetheart?” Petunia cooed to her precious baby. Dudley wailed louder and pointed to Harry. “Harry! Don’t you dare hit your cousin!” She swatted Harry on the wrist. He gave her a surprised look and returned to the pots and pans he was playing with. After seeing Harry punished Dudley returned to his toy robot that shot out foam arrows. He shot one at Harry.



“No!” little Harry protested.



“Quiet boy!” Vernon barked. He glared at the black-haired tot. “Dudley had every right to hit you if you can’t learn to defend yourself!”



Harry gave a defiant whack on one of the pans with a spoon. Dudley shot another arrow at Harry and laughed delightedly. Harry’s small fist closed around an arrow and he threw it back. Dudley shot another dart, and it landed right on Harry’s lightening bolt shaped cut on his forehead. The young Potter clapped his hand on his head like the arrow had hurt him. He gave Dudley a hurt, angry look. Dudley gave a giggle.



Dudley loaded his robot one more time and aimed it right at Harry. The arrow shot straight at Harry and would have bounced off him if it hadn’t turned around in midair. The arrow whipped around and shot like a bullet towards Dudley and hit him in the eye.



“OWW! MUMMY! BOO-BOO!!!”  Dudley screamed at the top of his voice.



“Diddy baby! What happened?” Petunia cried, but as she ran to Dudley’s aid the rest of the darts picked themselves up and shot right at her.



“AAAAARGH!!! Vernon! WHAT is going on?” she shrieked, trying to snatch the arrows out of the air and protect Dudley at the same time.



“HARRY POTTER! THAT CHILD IS OUT OF CONTROL! HE IS NOT A SQUAB AND HE HAS GOT TO GO! COME HERE YOU!” Vernon bellowed, his face turning red like a rising thermometer. He grabbed Harry around the waist and stormed put of the room with him. Arrows chased him down the hallway, hitting him like mini airplanes. He reached the closet in the hallway and nearly ripped it off its hinges as he opened it. He threw his nephew roughly inside and slammed the door. As he left he didn’t hear Harry begin to cry softly. He marched into the living room breathing heavily.



“Petunia! He is not a squab! He is a WIZARD! No normal child could make that happen! HE endangered the life of Dudley! There is no way we can keep him now! I never liked him in the first place!” Vernon drew breath and was about to continue his rant, but Petunia interrupted him.



“Vernon, we can’t give him away! I-I found a letter with him that says we are the only chance he has of staying alive!” Petunia said this fast so she could finish before Vernon could start yelling again.



“What do you mean we are his only chance of survival? No one even knows he is here! AND WHY WASN’T I TOLD ABOUT THIS LETTER!” Vernon roared.



“Dark wizards might kill him any other place! A wizard already put charms on our house to protect him and us!”



“WHAT!”  Vernon howled. panic for the first time flickering in his eyes. “There are spells on my house!” He jumped away from the sofa, as though it might swallow him if he sat down on it. In his eyes the house was now contaminated. Dudley remained on the couch, however, watching his parents with a blank, stupid look.



“Well at least we’ll be protected! Harry—”



“We can’t keep him! What if the neighbors know he is a You-Know-What?! Is there anyway to turn into a squab?”



“Maybe there is some way… But I don’t know how!”



“We’ll stamp this nonsense out of him! Limited food! Limited space! No friends! This magic garbage will have no room to grow!”



Petunia wasn’t sure if she agreed with this plan, but she nodded. “Yes, maybe that will do the trick Vernon…”



“Yes it WILL work!” Vernon declared loudly. “Or else!” he added in a growl.



“Vernon are we going to keep him in the closet all the time…”



“Yes. I want to be around him as little as possible! No monitor, no family outings with him. Mrs. Figg will watch him. We better get some kind of pay from those people who dropped him off here!”



“Yes, I quite agree Vernon—”



“And most of all we will NEVER mentioned anything related to m-m-magic from this point on ever again!”






YAY! I am done with my FIRST published Fic! Remember, you gotta review! Because if you do I will send you a letter, via a squab! Witch I found out  means “Young Pigeon”! Isn’t that little piece of Jeopardy-style-trivia cool? Did you also know that I like 6/5 of the people who review?  SO REVIEW!!! PLEASE!!!



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