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Author: Wren  Story: Voldemort's Own  Chapter: Default
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Disclaimer: Honestly

Disclaimer: Have you ever thought that JKR may be reading your story at this very moment? Isnít that a creepy thought? At any rate, JKR, I donít own this, you do. However, feel free to let me know what you think. Also, many thanks to Moey. This is a one-shot, incidentally. Writing Draco too much makes me feel evil and depressed. J

Draco sat silently outside on the last day of school. Crabbe and Goyle, being the obedient minions that they were, had left when he bid them. He had just confronted Potter, the stupid ass, and he'd reacted in. . . an unusual way. The git had actually had the nerve to advance on him without his buddies Weasel and the Mudblood.


Draco sneered. Then his sneer slowly fell from his face as he recalled the memory of what Harry had said. How cold he'd been. Heíd looked ruthless. Not at all how he had been the day they'd first met, at that robe shop.


Draco remembered when he'd got the news from his mother that Father was in Azkaban. But the dementors aren't guarding it anymore, darling, Mother reassured him. As if he needed it. He knew Lucius would be out in a matter of mere days. But it still shocked him, deep in his soul. His father. . . Lucius had been invincible Draco's whole life. And anything Draco wanted, Father got for him. All he had to do at Hogwarts was mention the words 'my father' and the weaklings, the puny, powerless students, and sometimes even teachers, gave in.


Now that power Draco had was gone, at least for now. Now, all he had were petty arguments, petty rivalries, rivalries that the rival didn't even care about anymore. House points suddenly didn't matter to Potter and his friends. Draco's face drew into a scowl. Not to worry, he told himself in his father's voice. It will all be fixed shortly. Potter will get his payback. Lord Voldemort takes care of his own.

And the Malfoys, he told himself, grinning, have always been Voldemort's own. And Potter already had quite a number of enemies.

So, not to worry, Draco, he thought evilly. Potter will be dealt with.

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