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Author: Gufa  Story: Secret-Keeper  Chapter: Chapter 2 - Morning
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Secret Keeper

Secret Keeper



Almost everything belongs to JKR.

Before anyone mentions it, I read the US versions of the books, so I’m sticking to lemon drops as Dumbledore’s favorite candy.

As you might notice later on, I’ve depicted Lily as a very slight Seer. Not a real/full one, because that would be out of canon, but who’s to say she couldn’t have had premonitions? Especially if only a few people knew about them.

Also, I don’t know what would happen if a Secret-Keeper was killed. I imagine the secret would be a secret no longer, because otherwise they could have used Sirius anyway.

And lastly, in POA Sirius and Remus apologize for having suspected one another. So they both suspect each other and not Peter? I’m trying to convey their suspicions through a few words or actions, but not explicitly. They’re still very close, but not as completely as before. And maybe Remus is just a tiny bit jealous of J&L’s preference for Sirius..after all, he’s only human.




“So we need to perform the Charm as soon as possible, Padfoot”, James finished, as he and Sirius Black were walking through Godric’s Hollow around mid-morning.

Sirius continued walking almost as if he hadn’t heard, a frown gathering in his eyes. “All right”, he said finally. “When should I come over?”

“Early afternoon, if you can”, James replied. “Lily is still with Albus this morning; they had some things to talk about. She also brought him some Muggle candies called…uhm, lemon pops or something. No, lemon drops! She said he was bound to like them. Crazy, the pair of them!” A smile brightened his eyes as he spoke of his wife.

Sirius gave a brief answering smile, then asked: “How is Albus doing? I haven’t been able to speak with him lately. It’s almost as if…oh, never mind.”

James looked inquiringly at his friend as he answered. “He’s fine. Tired and worried, of course, as we all are. Oh, would you believe it, Padfoot, he thought we shouldn’t use you as our Secret-Keeper. Ridiculous, isn’t it? As if we didn’t trust you more than we do anyone else!”

Sirius frowned again, deep in thought, then abruptly stopped and turned to look at his friend. “James, honored as I am that you and Lily have chosen me, I have to admit that I agree with Albus, though probably for a different reason. Maybe I shouldn’t act as your Secret-Keeper.”

James stared at him incredulously. “What are you talking about, Sirius? Of course you’ll be our Secret-Keeper! Who else is there? Do you think there’s any doubt in our mind as to your honesty?”

Sirius didn’t answer, so James continued. “Sirius, we need you. You are our closest friend.”

Sirius sighed and shook his head, putting out his hand as if to silence James. “Prongs, believe me when I say that I would never betray you…”

“As if there would ever be any question of that!”

Sirius ignored the interruption. “…but don’t you realize how dangerous making me Secret-Keeper would be? You’d be playing into Voldemort’s hands, because of course he’s expecting something like this to happen and will probably be prepared for it.”

James snorted. “Right; so now you’re an expert on Voldemort’s thoughts, are you? How exactly does that work?”

Sirius stared at James, his eyes hardening slightly. James was uncomfortably reminded of Sirius’s cousin Bella for an instant, and shuddered. Then, as he realized the implications of what he had said: “Sirius, I…”

But Sirius cut him off once again. “I would give my life gladly for you and Lily and Harry, but if Voldemort killed me, as your Secret-Keeper, then he would be able to find you. I think you should entrust your secret to someone else, as a bluff. That way he’ll still come after me, but he wouldn’t learn anything. You’ll be safe.”

“Yes, and you’ll be dead!” James snapped angrily. “And you expect me to let you sacrifice yourself like that?! And tell me this, O Wise One: whom should we ask, then?”

Ignoring the biting sarcasm in James’s voice, Sirius said: “Why not Remus? Don’t you trust him?”

“Of course we do!” James said impatiently. “But you know that once a month he…he’s not himself. And…creatures such as werewolves are by nature bound to the forces of darkness. Although Remus would never…” James fell silent.

“Oh, right”, Sirius muttered, almost as if talking to himself. “In fact, I wonder…no, it couldn’t be. But still…those problems we had…were around the full moon, weren’t they? And isn’t tonight a full moon?

Well, Peter, then! You can’t suspect him of being a spy! He wouldn’t have the courage, for one thing. Nor the ability. And how could Voldemort suspect you of using him. It’s a perfect bluff, James!”

“I don’t know, Padfoot. I trust peter, of course, but I just…well, I guess you’re right. It is a good idea. Let’s go and find Lily.”




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