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Author: Amiable Dorsai (Professors' Bookshelf)  Story: Loose Ends  Chapter: Default
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AmDors.LooseEnds Loose Ends

A Harry Potter Fan Fiction by Amiable Dorsai

Last time I checked, I wasn't J.K. Rowling--all this is hers.

As always, thanks to Night Zephyr for Beta Reading (a spell that improves any fanfic), and for a title that is much better than my original.

To: All Hogwarts Faculty and Staff:

From: Albus Dumbledore, Headmaster

Subject: Loose ends.

First, I'd like to extend a hearty congratulations to all for successfully getting through another term.  Given the trying circumstances, this should be a source of pride for everyone.  I would particularly like to thank Madam Pomfrey for her remarkable record of no students lost, and the perseverance of only one irreversable curse.

Miss Hermione Granger has, quite graciously, provided me with the key to unlocking the curse.  Miss Edgecomb need merely complete an assigned task.

Though the procedure sounds somewhat unhygienic, I'm certain Miss Granger will wash the portion of her anatomy in question beforehand.

I've checked with the house-elves, and yes, as we surmised, the refreshments at the final faculty meeting were donated by Weasley’s Wizard Wheezes.  I have sent the Messrs. Weasley a thank you note and a little token of our esteem.

It will not be necessary, Severus, for you to go to Diagon Alley, and "thank them personally", as you have so kindly offered to do.  They have been thanked.  Thoroughly.

Though Professor Umbridge has not tendered a formal resignation, I am confident, given her general demeanor at the time of her sudden departure, that she will not be returning in the fall. Therefore, I would like to remind everyone that we will, once again, be looking for a new Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher for next term.  I would be delighted to consider any recommendations you might have for candidates for the job.  When we have selected a suitable candidate, I will broach with him or her the subject of appointing Mr. Harry Potter as Assistant Defense Against the Dark Arts instuctor

Severus, I take it that you will not be applying for the position again this year?

In regards to the personal property left behind in the office of our former Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher, Mr. Filch will please see that it is packed properly for return to her.  Argus, please be advised that Dobby the house-elf is mistaken in his assertion that the box of enchanted Bludgers he "found" belongs to Madame Umbridge.  Please give them to Madame Hooch.  Do NOT, under any circumstances, open the box.

Hagrid, thank you for your offer to return Madame Umbridge's property to her personally,  Yes, I agree that it would be more "friendly-like", but I believe that Madame Umbridge is not up to seeing visitors at the moment.  We will return her property via the Floo network.  Also, no, I do not believe that she would like a pet Skrewt.

Minerva,  I've just spoken again with Madame Bones of the Department of Magical Law Enforcement.  She sends her congratulations on the Wizengamot's verdict, and agrees that your actions were "fully justified".  She adds, however, that the Auror Department is suffering something of a personnel crisis at the moment, and asks if you would be kind enough to reconsider your stance.  She says that while your suggestion that the four Aurors in question would be excellent for "surveillance duty in swamps" has merit, the actual need for such service is regrettably limited.

Also, the Ministry cafeteria has received many complaints from other members of the Ministry about the presence of live flies on the menu.

Professor Firenze has asked me to convey his personal apologies to everyone, and especially to Mr Filch, and would like to assure us all that his recent lapse will be an isolated incident.  He reminds us all that he is used to living in a forest where "Centaurs take a more relaxed approach to that sort of thing."

Professor Sprout reports that she and Professor Firenze have come to an arrangement, and says that next term we should save "an appreciable amount" on fertilizer.

I would like to wish you all a pleasant summer holiday, and look forward to seeing you at the beginning of next term.

Be careful out there,
Albus Dumbledore

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