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Author: Menya  Story: 'Twas Nighttime At Hogwarts  Chapter: Default
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Disclaimer:All of the characters, etc belong to JK Rowling. This poem is written in the style of Clement Clarke Moore's "'Twas the Night Before Christmas". Therefore, the structure and certain slight phrasing were used for the purpose of the parody. No copyright infringement is intended.

'Twas Nighttime at Hogwarts
(or Account of a Prank from MWPP)

'Twas nighttime at Hogwarts, when all through the tower,
Some paintings were stirring, naught else at this hour.
The prank had been planned by four First Years with care
In hopes that great merriment soon would be theirs!

The students were sleeping, all looking serene,
While throughout the castle the boys crept unseen;
And Filch with his lantern now started his rounds,
To make sure no students were up out of bounds.

When up a few floors there came such a loud SMASH!
Filch sprang into action, then heard a new CRASH!
Away down the corridor he flew towards the sound,
Tore open the door and looked wildly around.

Light through the windows of the classroom had shown
Two broken objects he thought Peeves might have thrown,
When, what to his wondering eyes should appear,
But a glowing red sign: "A Marauder Was Here!"

With an odd little shiver that made him quite sick,
Filch knew in a moment there's more to this trick;
For down from the ceiling slugs started to rain,
And Filch yelled, and he shouted, and called out foul names!

"Confusticate you! you Nitwit! and you Noodle!
You Dastard! you Dunderhead! you Son of a Poodle!
By Merlin's beard! I swear you sure have some gall!
You'd better make sure I don't find you at all!"

Now James, in a wig that had hidden his face,
Got Filch's attention so he would give chase.
As James ran from Filch, in the dungeons below
The others kept watch on a different foe.

Revenge it was, for last month they had been nailed
With detention because of a prank that had failed,
And Snape was the one who had turned them all in
And was now determined to thwart them again.

So, Peter "let slip" they would meet here tonight
And three of them waited now just out of sight.
Snape went to that spot, having swallowed the bait
And when James joined the others, Black ended the wait.

His eyes - how they twinkled! - a raspberry he blew,
Then bent over and showed a different view.
Snape's thin little mouth was now forming a hex -
He'd soon show Sirius he was no one to vex!

Around a corner Sirius ran carefully,
And slipped under the cloak so no one would see.
Snape rounded the corner now, "Limacum Moles!" he cursed,
Knowing that Sirius would hate this the worst.

He was buried in slugs from his feet to his eyes --
Only it wasn't Sirius that Snape caught by surprise!
Filch squished his way out, then grabbed Snape as he said:
"Well, what do you know? Here's the one out of bed!"

The four spoke not a word, but went straight to their room,
And laughed themselves silly, pondering Snape's doom.
They hoped Snape received Extra Special Detention,
Like scrubbing bedpans under Filch's attention.

James put his cloak away, and they gave a big cheer,
Then all settled down for the morning was near.
But they heard Remus say, as in bed they each sank:
"Be mischievous all, and to all a good prank!"

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