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Author: Grace has Victory (Professors' Bookshelf)  Story: Turning the Corner  Chapter: Introduction
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Turning the Corner

Grace has Victory

Notes and Disclaimers

Note 1. I do not own Harry Potter, Hogwarts, the Potterverse, or even the Classlist. They are all the property of J. K. Rowling. This story is not by J. K. Rowling and therefore does not qualify as Harry Potter canon. Nobody is making any money out of these words. No infringement of copyright is intended.

Note 2. Extra thanks to my beta-readers. First Elanor Gamgee picked up the small errors, then she had the trust and courage to turn me loose to finish this story on my own. Now PirateQueen has corrected this new, post-HBP version of the story.

Note 3. And extra-extra thanks to my alpha-reader, my son Robert, aged 11 at the time of writing, who is joint patent-holder of the Silencing Varnish. He pointed out that I was about to fall into a large plot-hole, and we soldered it together with the wonderfully convenient Varnish.

Note 4. This new edition of the story includes changes to a few of the characterisations. But I did not in any way update my portrayal of Blaise Zabini. He remains his despicable old pre-HBP self. Honestly!


Although answers are not necessarily guaranteed, this story is dedicated to anyone who has ever asked the following questions.

1. Why was Michael Corner attracted to Ginny Weasley?

2. Why was Ginny attracted to Michael?

3. How did Neville Longbottom feel about that?

4. Who was Michael’s official Yule Ball partner, and how did she react?

5. If Parvati and Padma Patil were the two best-looking girls in fourth year, why were they still dateless as late as the last day of term?

6. If Dean Thomas fancied them so much, why didn’t he invite one of them to the ball?

7. Come to think of it, whom did Dean Thomas take to the ball?

8. Did Draco Malfoy ever do anything malicious, manipulative or mendacious that was not directly targeted against Harry Potter or his friends?

9. Why did Vincent Crabbe and Gregory Goyle fail to find dance partners?

10. When Percy Weasley attended the Yule Ball, did he ever acknowledge Penelope Clearwater’s presence at Hogwarts?

11. How did Eloise Midgen’s acne improve so dramatically?

12. Has anyone ever succeeded in striking Zacharias Smith dumb?

13. Who hates Roger Davies most in the world?

14. What gender is Blaise Zabini?

15. Is there anything at all to be said about Moon, Rivers, Roper, Runcorn and Spinks?

16. Is it socially acceptable for a woman to go the ball with a Younger Man?

17. How long does it take a wizard to learn a foreign language?

18. What is wizard dancing like?

19. Do vampires exist?

20. Did anyone photograph the Yule Ball?

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