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Bite Me: by rainydaie

Bite Me: by rainydaie


a.n.d.: What can be said but that I have a terrible sense of humor? No idea who Aly is or what she means to Remus. She’s just there. This takes place… whenever. As you might have deduced, this story has no place in anything, or any time. The usual disclaimers. Oh, and credit to whoever invented it for Butterbeer Extra. Fine then. The unusual disclaimers.


Story start:



Irony is the hygiene of the mind.


- Elizabeth Bibesco



Aly sat before me, her arms crossed and her eyes narrowed. I narrowed my own. The Butterbeer was affecting my sight more than usual; the word search swam before my eyes.


Ah. In the midst of a tangle of letters lay the word necrosis. I stuck my tongue between my teeth and circled it, then slid the paper and quill to Aly.


“Curses,” said Aly. “You found it, you bastard.”


I grinned lopsidedly at her. “You get polyandrium.”


“Fun,” Aly muttered, and took a swig of Butterbeer. I was still quite amazed that the simple substance could make me feel so... intoxicated.


“What is this?”


Aly glanced up at me. “Butterbeer Extra, Remus.”


That made sense.


Two seconds later, the word search was before my rather dazed eyes.


“You,” said Aly, “have the privilege of finding appurtenance.”


I giggled and circled it.


“Beat that,” I said.


“Bite me,” muttered Aly.


I don’t know which it was – I laughed so hard I cried, or I cried so hard I laughed.






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