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“Here comes the Slytherin Team of: Nott, Avery, Jackson, Williams, Abbott, Caldwell and Felton

“Here comes the Slytherin Team of: Nott, Avery, Jackson, Williams, Abbott, Caldwell and Felton. Again Jackson is going for muscle, as every one of these guys looks fierce,” I say, as the burly green and silver team comes out of the locker rooms.

It is the last Quidditch match of the season and the last one that I will ever be announcer for. I know that I am pumped to see a great game, while my best friend, James Potter, is about to crawl out of his skin with nerves. I swear Lily was the only one keeping him sane this last week.

“And here is the Gryffindor Team: Potter, Blake, Marks, Peters, Marks, Tormey, AND Dunemore. This is one of the better teams that Gryffindor has put together in a while. It is looking like it will be a great game today. Here’s hoping that the Slytherins can keep everything clean.”

Professor McGonagall shoots a warning look at me. I don’t care though; it is the last time I get to do this. In the stands, I can see Lily, Peter and Remus. They are sitting together, right in the center section of Gryffindor; ready to cheer their loudest for James.

“The players mount their brooms, and there is the whistle from Madam Hooch. THEY ARE OFF! With the players in the air, Madam Hooch opens the chest, and the balls are out. Felton and Dunemore can get a quick look at the Snitch before it is off and there are the Bludgers ready for action. The Quaffle is tossed AND THE GAME BEGINS!”

I can see the fans screaming, but don’t really hear anything. There would be too much feed back, so each game I sit in a magical box to cut off all noise.

“Potter takes the Quaffle and is around Avery before he even knows what has happened. Ducking a Bludger shot by Abbott, Potter passes the Quaffle to Liam Blake. For a third-year student and first year on the team, Blake has really been an asset to the team. You will have try better next time, Abbott, no one can take out Potter and his amazing Chasers.”

“Sirius, do try to stay unbiased,” Professor McGonagall cuts in.

I almost wish I could be out there shouting with the rest of the fans, but after four years of being the announcer, I can’t quit right before my last game. There are times I think that if they wanted unbiased they should get a Hufflepuff, but that wouldn’t be as much fun.

“Blake passes the Quaffle off to Logan Marks, who heads for a goal. She shoots, and SHE SCORES! Ten points to Gryffindor and the first goal of the game is made. Caldwell needs to be a little faster to stop Logan.”

The Slytherin fans look mad, but the rest of the stadium is going wild. Hufflepuff and Ravenclaw are always good about cheering for Gryffindor when it comes to the match against Slytherin.

“Avery has the Quaffle with Nott and Jackson at his sides like bodyguards.” McGonagall shots me a look. “He must be afraid of Kellan Peters and her lethal bat.” McGonagall warns me about my choice of words, but they are all true.

“And a Bludger is sent their way by Dolan Marks. His cousin, Logan gets the Quaffle that Avery dropped. Falling into a Hawkshead, the Gryffindor Chasers head towards Caldwell. Passing the Quaffle back and forth, there is almost no blocking the Chasers.

“It looks like Abbott and Williams are trying to separate the Chasers. Oh, and that is too bad boys, you need to do better to beat Gryffindor at Quidditch. The Chasers are unharmed and continue to fly towards the goals. Blake is going for the goal, and what is this? He drops the Quaffle with complete accuracy to Potter who puts it though the hoop without Caldwell even knowing what is going on. GRYFFINDOR SCORES! Caldwell needs to wake up and smell the broom wax to keep up with our Chasers.”

I see the fans go wild, while Kellan and Dolan stick close to the Chasers to keep them from being injured. Avis Dunemore is out of everyone’s way while she looks for the Snitch and Brina Tormey never stops her figure eight around the Gryffindor goal posts.


After a few more goals, the game grows even more intense. The Slytherins were growing even more forceful and resorting to every tactic that they knew. This included fouls of all kinds. Both Nott and Avery had stooged and Williams had bumphed the Bludger. Caldwell had flacked on James and Felton had blagged Dunemore.

“And another penalty shot given to Gryffindor. This time Abbott is called for cobbing. Potter takes the shot and scores with ease. That puts the score ninety to ten. Slytherins take possession of the Quaffle and head down the pitch. They are heading straight for Tormey, and what was that? There goes Felton in a nearly perfect dive; Dunemore’s Silver Arrow shortens the distance between them quickly. It looks like they are going to crash, and BLOODY BRILLIANT! Sorry Professor.”

“SIRIUS BLACK, WATCH YOUR LANGUAGE!” Professor McGonagall shouts at me while trying to take away the megaphone.

“Dunemore pulls in front and cuts off Felton. She called his feint. THAT’S OUR GIRL!”

The Gryffindor section goes wild, as Avis climbs higher and Felton works to gain control of his broom and get back to his spot.

“Tormey stops another goal by the Slytherins. Passing the Quaffle off to Blake, the Gryffindor Chasers fall into formation. Tormey goes for a shot, and WOAH! Marks now has the Quaffle and makes a great score. Great teamwork. OI! There goes Dunemore in an awesome dive, I think she has seen the Snitch.”

As I say this, the game pauses while everyone watches Dunemore. Felton had been looking the other way, and is way behind on the chase. Sensing another player coming after it, the Snitch changes direction. This throws off Felton, who was still adjusting to the first direction.

“Dunemore closes in on the Snitch, and YES! She got the little bugger. GRYFFINDOR WINS! TWO HUNDRED AND FIFTY! To ten. What an amazing game folks.”

Madam Hooch blows her whistle, signaling the end of the game. The Slytherins land and start trudging towards the locker room. They shoot dirty looks at the Gryffindor team as they slump away. In contrast, the Gryffindors are huddled in one big hug, before flying over to get the cup from Dumbledore.

I can see the grin on James’ face, after shaking hands with Dumbledore. They head for the ground where the whole Gryffindor house is waiting.

Returning the magical microphone to Professor McGonagall, I smile. “You will have to get a new announcer next year, Professor.”

“I know, and it will take a little bit of time to get used to the new announcer, like it always does,” She replies, taking the microphone from me.

I head down the stairs to join my house in our celebration. By now they have moved off the pitch and are heading up the lawn to Hogwarts. Standing near the back, I see Remus waiting for me.

As we make our way through the castle, I realize, ‘this is the last Hogwarts Quidditch celebration we get.’ With a detour, we head to the kitchens for extra food; this party is going to go on till the sun comes up.



AN. I don’t own James, Sirius, Lily, Remus, Peter, Quidditch, Gryffindor, Hogwarts or anything else that is familiar. I created most of the team members, since we don’t really know much about the teams. James is a Chaser, in accordance with an interview with J. K. Rowlings. Thanks to Silver Phoenix for beta reading and potions gurl for checking.

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