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“Sirius, your late

Disclaimer: I do not own any of the characters in this story. I was only working with them because they climbed into my mind and wouldn’t go away until I wrote the story. Hope you enjoy it.



“Sirius, you’re late. Now we’ll be lucky if we make it to dinner on time. James, come on. Sirius is here and we need to go.”

“Well hello to you too, Lil.” Sirius set his bag down in the hall. “There’s my little man. Come to Uncle Sirius. Wow, he’s really crawling these days.”

Sirius scooped Harry up, who babbled contentedly in his arms, just as James was coming down the stairs, which was a good thing as he tripped half way down and would have landed on Harry. “Can’t resist making an entrance, can you? Now look, you’ve gone and wrinkled your robes. Lil will be most upset.”

James got to his feet and did a quick de-wrinkle charm as Lily came into the entryway. Though his robes were smooth and neat she gave him a knowing look.

“Sirius, here’s where we’ll be if you need us. There’s food in the fridge. Don’t feed my son real food, he can’t eat it yet. He didn’t sleep very long this afternoon so he should be ready for bed earlier rather than later. Have a good time, Harry.” As James draped her cloak around her shoulders Lily gave Harry a kiss and Sirius a stern look. “You are to stay in the house or garden. You will not take my son out on that bike of yours. And that sad puppy look won’t do you any good.”

With that Lily Disapparated; James gave Sirius a wink and mischievous smile before following suit. Sirius picked up his bag and took his godson into the den and to the fireplace. Sirius levitated Harry into the air for protection, then threw a pinch of shimmery powder into the fireplace and stuck his head in.

~ * ~ * ~

“Oi, Remus. Where are you?” Sirius spoke from the fireplace at Remus’s flat. “Remus, I know you’re here.”

“I thought you were watching Harry this evening. What’s up?” Remus wandered though the door from the kitchen, curious.

“Nothing’s wrong. James and Lily left; it’s time for you to come over so we can corrupt the little one.”

Sirius!” Remus exclaimed, shocked that he would suggest such a thing. Then another thought occurred to him, “is Peter coming too?”

Sirius looked offended at that comment. “No, you know he would tell, I don’t want Lily knowing. Are you coming or not?”

~ * ~ * ~

Sirius was making the still babbling Harry bounce in the air when Remus stepped out of the fireplace.

“Reus,” squealed Harry, delighted to see his other favorite sitter.

“Wish he’d learn my name—oh well. Glad you could make it, Remus, now we can have some fun. But first, dinner. Are you hungry, Harry?” Sirius levitated Harry into the kitchen and lowered him into his chair, leaving Remus to stand in the den by himself or follow along.

“So, what do we want? What about you Remus, what would you like?”

“What is there—Lily won’t mind if I eat too? You are supposed to be the only adult here.” Though he looked interested at the thought of Sirius making dinner, he couldn’t help but worry that it would cause a problem with Lily.

“Lil mind? Come on, she always has enough food to feed an army. And we’ll do up the dishes and put things away—she’ll never know that you were even here. Let’s see, we have creamed peas. Yuck. Stewed vegetables. Double yuck. Banana-strawberry purée. You like that, don’t you Harry? And look, apple juice…. now for our dinner.”

“Shouldn’t Harry have some more substantial food? I know fruits are good for him, but shouldn’t he have some vegetables too?”

“He will. Some of ours.” Sirius flashed Remus his devil-may-care trademark grin before turning back to the refrigerator to see what they had.

As Sirius worked on a meal of baked chicken with green beans and potatoes, Remus kept Harry happy. He made a set of spoons dance on the table just out of Harry’s reach. As they danced farther away when he reach for them, Harry squealed with delight.

“All right, dinner’s ready. I thought you were setting the table? We need more than spoons, you know.” With an amused glance Sirius flicked his wand and plates, forks, knives and glasses appeared on the table.

It was still light out after dinner; they went to the garden. Harry contented himself by crawling after a butterfly as Sirius and Remus stood by watching. But when the butterfly flew away he became rather unhappy.

“Oi, Remus. Keep Harry happy for a few; I’ll be right back.” Sirius ran into the house. A few minutes later he reappeared from around the corner with his motorcycle and a blanket.

“Sirius, you know Lily doesn’t want you to take Harry on that thing.”

“That’s why you’re here. And she’s not a thing as you call her—she’s a beauty. You’ll hurt her feelings.” Sirius pretended to whisper soothing words to his bike while petting it as if to give comfort.

Remus rolled his eyes in response and was rewarded with the blanket being thrown at him.

“Now, you and Harry just settle down on the blanket and watch the show.” Sirius got on his bike and started her up.

Harry did indeed get a show. While in the air Sirius did loops and spirals and dives. He took his hands off or his feet, much to Remus’s consternation. On and on it went until it was too dark to see. When he finally made a spectacular landing Harry was squealing with delight.

The trio went back inside, but instead of putting Harry to bed they moved into the den. Sirius again levitated his godson and had him zooming around the room with squeals of delight. At first Harry was chasing Remus, but then Remus hid behind a chair and sent fireworks into the air. They were having so much fun that none of them heard the twin pops in the entryway, signaling James and Lily’s return.

“Sirius, we’re home.”

Both Sirius and Remus froze, and then there was a flurry of movement. Sirius snatched Harry out of the air and attempted to get all the sparklers and balls out of sight, Remus ran for the closet. Just as he shut the door James and Lily entered the den.

“Reus!” Harry looked like he was going to cry.

“Remus isn’t here tonight, only Sirius.” Lily took her son into her arms, kissing his forehead. “And you should have been in bed hours ago.” She started up the stairs, but stopped as she looked out the window. “Sirius? Your bike isn’t out front any more. Did you take Harry for a ride?” She strode back into the den looking fit to kill.

“No, Lil, I didn’t. Honest. You must be looking in the wrong spot.” He rewarded her with the smile he had used all the time on Professor McGonagall when proclaiming his innocence in a prank.

Lily delivered one last glare before going upstairs. Once they were sure she was gone, both James and Sirius had grins on their faces.

“Remus, get out of that closet,” said James quietly, though still smiling. “This is why Lily won’t let you both watch Harry at the same time. Now get out of here, the pair of you, before she comes back downstairs.”

“Bye Lil,” Sirius called as he and Remus headed out the door. Once outside they broke into laughter and got onto the bike, which was indeed in a different spot. They took off into the night, the sound of their laughter trailing behind them.



Thank you to Lady Narcissa for your betaing, you made all my half thoughts become full thoughts and all that stuff. Also thank you to Sammy Weasley for your unaficial betaing and for being a sounding board. Luv you muches.

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