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I knew a man called him Sam ‘the Cane’

I knew a man called him Sam ‘the Cane’

Few folks even knew his name

But our hero yes was he


James Potter, the man I called my best friend all through Hogwarts. He was a great man, with an awesome wife. Lily Potter was the only one who could keep some sense of order to the Marauders. She was always a really good sport about letting us, the Marauders, come and hang out in Godric’s Hollow. Then there was Harry, the little man of the Marauders.


He left a boy, came back a man

Still many just don’t understand

About the reasons we are free

I can’t forget the look in his eyes

Or the tears he cried

As he said these words to me


At Hogwarts, James was one of the most carefree guys around. He always wanted to have fun, even when it meant the strong possibility getting a detention. Then, it happened, one of Voldemort’s attacks hit the war home for James, and somehow we lost a little bit of the carefree James that we all knew. After the shock wore off, and James had finished his crying, a man stood where our friend was. He was ready to take up the fight, to die for the freedom he had enjoyed.


All gave some, and some gave all

Some stood through for the red, white and blue

…and some had to fall

And if you ever think of me

Think of all your liberties and recall



After Hogwarts, James went straight into training to be an Auror, and we all joined the fight from the Order of the Phoenix. James and Lily married, while we were still in training, and then along came Harry. When Lily found out she was pregnant with Harry, she took a desk job. James would never let Lily work in the field while pregnant. And after Harry came, Lily stayed home with him. The two of them became the safe haven for us all.


Now Sam ‘the Cane’ is no longer here

But his words are oh so clear

As they echo throughout our land

For all his friends who gave us all


In the battlefield, there were some losses to be expected. We saw friends be tortured and sometimes killed. James always wanted the war to just be over. But he would settle for staying home on some nights and be with Lily and Harry. James knew that one day he might die in the field. Especially after Voldemort decided he really, really wanted Harry dead.


Who stood the ground and took the fall

To help their fellow man

Love your country, live with pride

And don’t forget those who died

America can’t you see?


Professor Dumbledore had a plan; James, Lily, and Harry would go into hiding. With the help of a charm, they would be totally safe. They would place their secret into the soul of their “secret keeper”. I was originally chosen for the role as the Secret Keeper. I thought that Voldemort would come after me right away, so I convinced them to use Peter instead.


All gave some, and some gave all

Some stood through for the red white and blue

…And some had to fall

And if you ever think of me

Think of all your liberties and recall

Some gave all


They used Peter, and in the end they were not saved. I handed my best friends to Voldemort. He killed them, and tried to kill Harry. Harry some how managed to stop Voldemort, which in turn set the Wizarding world free. All except for me, I went after Peter and landed in Askaban. All because all gave some and





The song is Billy Ray Cyrus’s, entitled Some Gave All. The characters are J. K. Rowlings. I just matched them up. Thanks to Silver Phoenix for Beta reading.

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