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The Garden Pond

By Olivia Frost


THE Weasleys were an ordinary family. There was a mum, a dad, six boys, a girl, a homey house, and a nice, big garden to run around in. In fact, at that very moment little Ginny Weasley was running about the garden trying to catch butterflies. The eldest boys (Bill and Charlie) were playing Quidditch over in the makeshift Pitch. Molly, their mum, was upstairs napping, and Arthur, their dad, was at work. He was the most important person at the Ministry of Magic, he often said. Molly would always hit his arm and tell him to stop being silly.

Percy, the third oldest, was inside reading quietly. The twins, Fred and George, were out front chasing the chickens, trying to make them knock into one another and fall to the ground. Who knew where Ron, the last (and Ginny’s closest) brother was. She asked him if he wanted to catch butterflies with her earlier, but he said no because only girls tried to catch butterflies, and he wasn’t a girl.

Not a moment later, the twins ran out the back door carrying the large bucket from their dad’s shed, laughing madly. Ginny stopped as they ran by and knocked her to the ground. Now, most girls her age would have cried and run to mum saying so-and-so pushed me, but no! Ginny Weasley was a strong four-year-old. She’d had brothers her entire life and she never let them push her around.

So little four-year-old Ginny stood up to give them a talking to, but the back door banged shut again and Ron ran out to catch up with Fred and George. Apparently, Ginny was invisible today because Ron knocked her to the ground too! Stupid boys, she thought.

Ginny was angry now, and she stomped over to the pond in the back garden. Fred splashed into the water and resurfaced with a large green pondweed on his head. George fell to the ground laughing, and Ginny almost giggled. Fred sure looked funny with a green weed on his head.

Suddenly, Bill and Charlie, who were fifteen and fourteen, flew over and landed beside Ginny. They didn’t look happy at all.

 “Fred! What are you doing!? Mum said to stay out of the pond! Come back here, right now! George! Go sit by the tree!” Bill wasn’t worried Fred would drown because the pond only went to Fred’s knees. No, Fred was a mess, and their mum would be very angry with Bill for allowing it.

 “NO!” Fred laughed and splashed around, scaring away a few frogs and fish.

 “Charlie, take Ginny and Ron inside. I’ll take care of Fred and George. Be quiet about it too, Mum needs her rest.”

Charlie nodded, told Ginny to follow him, and moved to take Ron inside. He knew Ginny would follow.

Ron, on the other hand, shouted,  I don’t wanna go inside! I wanna catch a frog!”

 “We can catch a frog later, Ron, with nets and stuff. We can’t do it right now though. Come on,” said Charlie, holding his hand out for Ron.[MSOffice1] 

 “No! I wanna catch a frog!”

 “Ron, not now! I have to take you inside; let’s go!” Charlie picked up Ron; Ron didn’t take no for an answer. He thrashed around, screaming and yelling that he wanted to stay outside.

Again, the back door banged shut; Percy strode across the lawn to the pond. “Be quiet! Mum’s trying to sleep! Bill, Charlie, what’s going on?” His eyes gazed over the chaos. George sat huffily by the tree, Fred was splashing in the pond, Bill glared at him, tense with frustration. Charlie was fighting to keep hold of Ron, and Ginny stood innocently to the side, watching it all. “Why’s Fred got a weed in his hair?”

“Fred jumped into the pond, dolt. Help with Ron; I think he’s suffocating.” Bill pointed to Charlie, who was being choked by Ron.

“Ginny, stay there. Oi! Ron, you’re killing him! Let go!” Percy pulled Ron off Charlie. Ron thrashed around harder, kicking Percy in the jaw, hitting Charlie in the chest, scratching and biting wherever he could to escape. Nevertheless, Charlie and Percy held onto him, but it was a losing battle.

Ginny decided that Charlie and Percy fighting with Ron was boring, so she joined Bill, Fred, and George. Bill hadn’t had any luck with Fred; Ginny stood by George, who was still pouting.

 “George? Why’d you push me? It hurt and it was mean.”

Bill must have heard his sister, and he shot George an evil glare. George narrowed his eyes and stuck out his tongue. Bill stepped toward George, cuffing him in the back of the head. “Don’t push people, idiot! Go inside!” shouted Bill as he picked George up and pointed toward the house.

George sulked and pushed Ginny to the ground in anger. Ginny glowered up at him, her face flushed red with defiance. With all the power her little body had, she shoved George into the pond, making a huge splash and spraying Bill with water. Bill yelled at Ginny to go back to the house; she ignored him. Bill told her again: nothing doing. As much as she loved her brothers, she hated being bossed around. Now Bill was angry and frustrated. He picked his sister up and moved her gently toward the house. Ginny kicked him in the shin and moved away.

Luckily, Fred and George had perfect timing. A ball of slimy weeds hit Bill in the face. He pulled them off and yelled “YUCK! FRED, GEORGE, YOU LITTLE BUGGERS! GET BACK HERE! I’M GONNA GET YOU! NOW GET BACK HERE!”

Fred and George replied with gleeful seven-year-old laughter and continued with their playing. Bill kicked and stomped on the ground and yelled in frustration.

“BILL! HELP! RON, STOP IT! STOP IT, I SAY! BILL!” shouted Percy[MSOffice2] . Bill turned to see what the problem was. Ron was clawing and fighting even harder now, and Charlie and Percy were weary. Finally, Ron, with one last kick, escaped from his captors and ran to the pond as Percy and Charlie fell to the ground, exhausted. “RON!” cried the three boys, thinking he would jump in like Fred and George; they didn’t want another boy to capture.

Charlie and Percy scrambled after their youngest brother. Ron stopped as a frog hidden on the bank jumped up into his face.



Ron, too, fell into the green, murky water, covering Charlie and Percy with slime. Charlie reached out for him, but Ron was just out of his reach. Ron treaded toward the middle of the pond, toward a few frogs who hopped out of the water, laughing with glee. Fred and George were still in the pond, moving[MSOffice3]  away from each other and splashing.

“DAMN IT!” shouted Bill, kicking the ground again.

Ginny crawled her way to the bank of the pond. She looked down and saw some tiny green fish with big heads swimming around. She saw some big fish that were white, red, and gold swimming around too. Floating out on the water were some green plants. Some frogs sat on it, and some of the plants had pretty white and pink flowers. She wanted a flower! Suddenly a frog croaked. Ribbit, it said again. A frog was much more exciting than a flower. Ginny leaned down in the water, looking for a frog.

Fred and George were causing an awful ruckus splashing about and playing tag. They stopped every so often to tackle each other to the ground and start a mud war. They threw mud, made mud masks, covered their hair, and even threw it at Bill, Charlie, and Percy. The three oldest brothers would shout at them and pretend to do violent things to their heads and necks. Then Charlie muttered “I’m never buying another damn frog spawn kit again!” The twins, of course, found this very funny and continued with their mischief. When either of them caught a frog or fish, he’d pick it up and throw it back into the pond. Ginny felt sorry for the poor little things.

Ron was still chasing a frog, but every time he got near one it would hop or swim away. How Fred and George caught any was beyond her; poor Ron couldn’t even catch one.

Bill, Charlie, and Percy forgot all about their sister and broke from their huddle. “So, we’re all agreed? One of us is going in there to get those little monsters. Who is it going to be though?” Percy asked. The two younger brothers looked at each other quickly and pushed Bill into the water. He stood up, sopping wet and covered with mud and algae. Percy and Charlie fell to the ground laughing.

Bill glared at them and splashed them with the water. “It’s not funny! This is disgusting, and I’m cold! Bloody hell! I think I’ve got a tadpole in my pants!” Percy and Charlie laughed even harder.

“First girls are after you, now tadpoles! What am I going to tell all your friends at school?”

“You tell anyone and I’ll kill you, Charlie!” spat Bill, holding up a fist up.

Charlie laughed heartily. “I think there are three tadpoles you should be after, Bill: Fred, George, and Ron.”

“I’m not responsible for Ron, that’s your job, you git. I’ve got Fred and George.”

“He’ll kill us!” exclaimed Percy; Charlie nodded in agreement.

“So? Two less brothers for me,” Bill added and slugded off. Bill soon learned that Fred and George were awfully hard to capture, especially when they were throwing mud at his face.There might have been two of them, but he was still a teenager and smarter than them. He reached down into the water and chucked globs of mud at them, splashed water and tackled them to the ground[MSOffice4] . All the while, his brothers laughed hysterically. They were quick; the best and only way to beat them would be to use his brain. Bill held a big breath and fell into the water, face forward.

When Bill hadn’t come up for breath in about two and a half minutes, Percy and Charlie were scared. So was Ginny; tears started to form in the small girl’s eyes.


Fred and George stopped and ran after their oldest brother. Charlie hopped in the water after Bill. Fred and George tried to pull him up, and as they did, Bill grabbed them around the middle and came up for air. They shrieked in surprise and hugged Bill. Charlie slapped the water.

“DAMN IT! WHY DID I FALL FOR THAT? BILL, I’M GOING TO KILL YOU,” exclaimed Charlie, hitting the water again. The twins gasped.

“You said a bad word, Charlie!”

“We’re telling Mum!”

“Shut up, you little buggers, we’re getting out of this water.” Bill pulled them out of the pond by their arms. They fought against him, spraying water in his face, hitting him, kicking him, and pushing away, all the while having a grand time saying the word “damn.” Bill grew steadily more annoyed and considered smacking them upside the head. However, that meant he would have to let go and they would get away again; it wasn’t worth it. When they got out of the water, they all sat next to a tree, Bill still holding firmly onto his twin brothers. His whole body was sopping wet. Pondweed sat on his shoulder, algae hung from his ears, and mud covered his hair and bare skin.

Charlie and Percy walked slowly to Ron, who was still busy trying to catch a frog. [MSOffice5] Ron dove after something in the water, resurfacing with a large frog in his hands. He whooped with joy until Percy and Charlie tackled him from behind. The frog jumped out of Ron’s grip and back into the water. Ron’s eyes almost filled with tears, but then he noticed Percy and Charlie. Ron thrashed and screamed. After lots of splashing and curses, they finally got Ron out of the water. Percy and Charlie had such a good grip on him that he couldn’t move around much. They were all covered from head to toe in moss, algae, mud… and soaked to the bone.

“Ginny! Come on, we’re going inside to get cleaned up,” called Bill over Ron’s grunts and Fred and George’s fighting.

Ginny smiled; her brothers looked silly. Ginny felt something wiggle in her fingers,and she grabbed it. In her hands was a very small frog. She cupped it carefully and scurried after her brothers.

When they were all back in the kitchen, Molly came downstairs to find all of her sons wet and covered with muck. Bill was grumbling beneath his breath, Ron was still struggling, and the twins were going back and forth saying “Damn!” then giggling. She narrowed her eyes at Bill, and he skulked off with the twins muttering, “Damn pond.”

Percy and Charlie were carrying Ron by the arms and feet as if they were going to throw him. They told Ron to stop fighting and knock it off as they headed upstairs. Molly could hardly suppress a smile. Besides the twins’ new fetish for the word “damn,” it was an entirely normal day in the Weasley house.

“Mummy,” said Ginny, pulling on Molly’s apron. “Look what I have!” She opened her small hand to reveal the tiny green frog. Molly smiled.

“Do you see, Mummy? I caught a frog! It’s a very small frog, isn’t it, Mummy? Can I keep him in my room?”

“Why, yes, Ginny. It’s a very small frog indeed. You may keep him in your room if you can make a good home for him. You should name him, too.”

Ginny thought about it for a moment and smiled. She had the perfect name.

“I’ll call him ‘Damn.’”


Author’s Note: The book said that the pond out on the Weasley land was green and full of frogs. And I thought why not make something with frogs? So here it is! It’s also a spoof on all those pond fanfics. Ponds are nasty, how is that romantic?








Thank you to my wonderful betas, Liberty over at Checkmated and Gwynne here at the Sugar Quill. Both of you have helped me so much! :D

Olivia Frost



 [MSOffice1]Uh... Bill can't hit George and then tell him not to hit people. :) Likewise, he can't tell him not to push people then push him into the house.

 [MSOffice2]They wouldn't both say the exact same thing at the same time, now would they.

 [MSOffice3]I didn't think the pond was deep enough for swimming... if it only came up as far as a 7-year-old's knees.

 [MSOffice4]Chucked them to the ground in the pond? I don't THINK so.

 [MSOffice5]Too much random Ginny POV in the middle of other stuff.

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