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Author: Sherster6  Story: The Hiccup Remedy  Chapter: Chapter 1: More butterbeer please!
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Disclaimer- Yes, it's true; I do not own Harry Potter

Disclaimer- Yes, it's true; I do not own Harry Potter!  No, in reality, this all belongs to J.K. Rowling, who is an absolute genius! 

I would also like to say: serious kudos to Mieke for helping me with this fic, and I would like to add that the excerpt from Teen Witch Weekly is really from Teen People magazine!

And I would like to thank my beta shellebelle for her help on this- you rock!  Well, I hope you all love this cute little fic and remember to read and review! :-)



The Hiccup Remedy


Chapter 1: More Butterbeer Please!


   Harry Potter pushed the door to the Three Broomsticks open as the bell tinkled above him.  The sixteen-year-old wizard traipsed across the threshold and over to a nearby table, closely followed by his best friends, Ron Weasley and Hermione Granger, who were also accompanied by Ron's sister Ginny.  The four sat down and ordered butterbeers. 


   "This definitely calls for celebration!" said Ron enthusiastically, grabbing his butterbeer in anticipation of a toast.  


   "It's not like this doesn't happen every day!  Slytherin has never beaten Gryffindor at Quidditch since we've been here," said Hermione.


   "But it's the first time I've beaten them!" exclaimed Ron.


   "Yeah come on Hermione, get with the program!" said Ginny with a grin. "It's always a good thing when we beat Malfoy, isn't it Harry?"


   "That's for sure! Did you see his face when I caught the snitch from right under his nose?!  It was priceless!" Harry comfirmed raising his butterbeer to toast with Ron as he put his glass in the air. 


   "Oh, I suppose it is," said Hermione raising her glass as well.


   "To victory!" said Ginny making her glass meet the others.


   "To victory!" chorused Harry, Ron, and Hermione, and all four teenagers took drinks from their respective glasses.   They spent a few moments in silence chugging away at their butterbeers until Ron spoke.


   "Yeah, it was awesome…did you see me block that Quaffle right at the end?  I wasn't anywhere near it!  Personally I think I'm improving."


   "Ron will you stop thinking about your own success?" complained Ginny.  "We all worked together to win.  But while we're having bragging sessions here, did you see how I scored that penalty shot when Katie got fouled?"


   "Don't be boasting about your success when you're yelling at me for it!" Ron protested.


   "All right, you two, you can quit now.  Ron, do you argue with every woman in your life?" Harry added, as he received looks from Ron and Hermione, and an appreciative chortle from Ginny.


   "Anyway," said Hermione, brushing the comment away, "congratulations to all of you.  All three of you did quite well."  She looked around and acknowledged them.  Her eyes lingered on Ron for a moment more than was necessary.  However, she quickly turned her attention to her butterbeer, taking another gulp.   Ron drained his drink and ordered another.  It wasn't too long before Ron had a collection of empty glasses piled up in front of him.


   "Don't you think you've had enough, Ron?" Hermione questioned, clearly concerned for his well being.


   "Didn't we say this was cause for celebration?  Come on, Hermione, lighten up a little!  It's not like this stuff is very strong, you know."


   "Oh, I suppose so," Hermione agreed after a moment.


   "So," said Ginny, downing her third butterbeer, "our match against Hufflepuff should be interesting enough.  I can't wait to shove it in Michael's face," she added with a malicious grin, which soon turned into a slightly less evil expression.


   "And then we can beat Cho and the rest of them to win the Cup!  Wow, this is going to be a fun year…" Harry said, trailing off in thought.


 "Is that all you two can think about, beating your exes?" Hermione asked as she looked at her friends with pity.  "Why don't you both move on and forget about them?  I mean…" she finished, looking at Ron furtively.


   "Hey, I moved on, now didn't I?  I went out with Dean for a bit. Granted, it didn't really work out for whatever reason."  Ginny threw her older brother an angry look, clearly still mad at him for whatever he had said to Dean to make him dump her.  Although Ron denied it, Ginny knew he had scared him away from dating her.  The mere idea of Ginny dating anyone but Harry seemed to irritate him.  She had definitely noticed that strange look Ron had given Harry on the Hogwarts' Express at the end of the last year.  At first, she hadn't realized what it was all about; but then, it hit her- Ron wanted her to go out with Harry!  What was with that?  Yes, she had had a crush on him for ages, but that was over when Michael had come into the picture.  Or was it?  Ginny shook her head to rid herself of that last thought, and took a drink of butterbeer, listening to Ron ramble on in denial of how he had ever said anything to Dean, just as Ginny suspected he would.


   "Anyway," Hermione interjected, clearly trying to turn the conversation away from this topic, "Ginny, how are you doing in your classes so far this year?  O.W.L. year for you, you know.  If you ever need any help, you can always ask me," she ended with a smile.  Harry and Ron choked back laughs, thankfully not seen by Hermione.


   "Thanks, Hermione," said Ginny, nearly bursting into hysterics herself.  


   "Ok, just one more butterbeer and then I'll stop.  Ok, Hermione?" Ron asked innocently, as Hermione shot him a look, showing her lack of amusement at this comment.  


   "I suppose that's alright then," she agreed.   Wow, she thought, I've been doing that a lot lately.  Why do I keep agreeing with Ron?  That's not like me at all.  As Hermione took another drink of her butterbeer and pondered this thought, Ron's eighth butterbeer arrived at the table.  He wasted no time in downing the entire thing.  Hermione watched this in disgust, wondering where he put it all.  


   "This is really great.   We're all celebrating like this and the butterbeer is good and hic-," Ron finished, covering his mouth and looking surprised with himself.   Hermione nearly choked on her butterbeer, and Harry and Ginny burst out laughing.  "What- hic- is going on?  I never - hic- get -hic- the hiccups!" The laughs proceeded from the other three at the table. Ron continued the hiccups loudly and attracted the attention of passersby.  


"Well what do you expect when you drink so much butterbeer so fast?" Hermione asked through her giggles.  


   "No, you don't- hic- understand!  The last- hic- time this happened, I had the hiccups - hic- for a whole week- hic- !" 


   Ginny added in an exceptionally loud burst of laughter at the apparent memory of this.


   "You have no idea!" she exclaimed to Harry and Hermione over the laughter.  "We tried everything, but no stretch of magic could cure him!  Poor thing just had to wait it out!"  The three of them laughed even harder at this, while Ron scowled and kept hiccupping at inopportune moments.


   "Well, how about we all go to the library and look up newer remedies?  There's bound to be something discovered for them since then." Hermione suggested through the chuckles around the table.


   "Ok, sure," Harry agreed.


   "Whatever helps- hic-.  I'll try - hic - anything." Ron pronounced.  And together, the four friends exited the inn to make their way back up to the castle, laughing whenever Ron hiccupped loudly. 


A/N- Well, I hope you all liked that!  There'll be an update real soon, but until then please review!

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