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Author: Shooting Star  Story: The Song of Sir Cadogan  Chapter: Default
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Dear Friends, and dear Comrades,

Dear Friends and dear Comrades,

A Quest I propose!

Yet those of faint heart may wish to repose!


Myself, good Sir Cadogan,

A steely brave knight,

Will lead you to battle, an honourable fight.


For my past is incredible,

My feats unequalled,

And all of my enemies seemingly quelled.


My heart is both noble

Fine, strong and kind,

And I pride myself highly, on courage, you’ll find.


So ride with me young yeomen,

As far as you dare,

A stout knight fears not, the chills in the air.


We traverse far lands,

On foot in arms clad,

Our lady awaits us; in our arms she’ll be glad,


So hurrah! For Sir Cadogan,

Sturdy young knight,

And terribly handsome, I add if I might!


He’s a dashing, smart rascal,

With a dazzling smile,

And he’s here to guide you, though dark arts beguile.


So Ladies, Gents please do not fear!

For Sir Cadogan is here!



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