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Author: birgit (Professors' Bookshelf)  Story: A New Home  Chapter: Chapter 2: An Unexpected Fact
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Disclaimer: This story contains elements from the Harry Potter series, by JK Rowling. I’m not making any money of it; I’m just borrowing a few characters from her.

Author’s Notes: Without my wonderful beta reader Arianrhod, this story would never have been fit for publishing.

A New Home

Chapter Two – An Unexpected Fact

Minerva did indeed return to the Headmaster’s office in a few days, laughing and telling that Mark and Lily were indeed related. Additionally, she had found some interesting fact about Mark.

“Three hundred and nineteen?” Albus asked shell-shocked.

Minerva nodded. “Indeed. I couldn’t get access to other files to compare, but it seems to be quite a lot. Do you know how many times a wizarding child usually does accidental magic before he enters Hogwarts?”

“I do not have a very clear idea of that,” Albus said slowly, “but we do have a few indications of course, but only of some cases. It is not certain what exactly influences that number.”

He looked up and met the mystified gaze of his Deputy Head. Clearly, she couldn’t follow the thoughts he had voiced aloud.

“I mean to say, Minerva,” he started to explain, “that Muggleborn children might not have the same amount of magical accidents as pure-blood or half-blood children. It could also depend on the environment children are raised in. Obviously, we can only track the accidental magic done by children raised by Muggles.”

“And?” Minerva said impatiently.

“Muggleborn children usually have thirty to seventy cases behind their names before they enter Hogwarts.”

Minerva paled visibly.

“However,” Albus continued, “very powerful children have been known to do accidental magic over a hundred times. The general consensus is that two hundred is the absolute maximum for Muggleborn children.”

“But Mark is not Muggleborn,” Minerva countered. “It might make a difference.”

“Perhaps,” Albus said thoughtfully.

“I don’t suppose we ever managed to track the accidental magic of a pure-blood or half-blood child before?” Minerva sounded hopeful now. Albus wondered what answer she hoped to get. She would most definitely not like the answer she was about to obtain, as did Albus, for that matter. It was highly disturbing.

“We do,” he said. “Harry Potter managed one hundred and fifty two, not counting blowing up his Aunt when he was thirteen.”

Minerva sank into a seat. “So how is it possible that Mark had done so much magic?”

Albus stroked his beard and tried to sort out his thoughts. The whole story was very confusing.

“Is it possible,” he asked, “that Mark is doing it on purpose? You told me his father is a wizard, although he lives as a Muggle. Therefore, in contrast to Muggleborn children, he could already know about our world.”

“I don’t think so,” Minerva said. “After all, his father doesn’t have a wand any more. I’m not sure at all that he told Mark about the wizarding world.”

Albus surveyed her over his half-moon glasses. Was it a coincidence that young Mark appeared to be very powerful, while he was also related to Lily Evans? Lily had been an extremely powerful witch after all.

“Could you please explain how exactly Mark happens to be related to Lily?” he asked.

Minerva sat up straighter and nodded. “Well, as I already told you, his father is Tom Evans, who started Hogwarts a few years before Lily. You might also remember Tom’s father, Charles Evans. I think you were still teaching when he attended Hogwarts.”

“Yes, I remember,” Albus said thoughtfully. “He started Hogwarts in the right time. Grindelwald had just been defeated, and most of his followers were gone. Muggleborn children, like Charles, were generally welcomed warmly at Hogwarts. Although there are always those who wish the Muggle and wizarding world to be separated.”

“Yes, and it seems Charles’ brother agreed with those people,” Minerva said. “Roger Evans was two years older than Charles and absolutely detested wizards. They were estranged; even their children didn’t know about the existence of their cousins. But as happens often, more than one magical child appeared in the family: Roger’s daughter Lily turned out to be a witch.”

Albus arched an eyebrow. “I remember quite clearly that Lily was very fond of her father.”

“Yes, well, I’m not entirely sure about this part of the story,” Minerva said, “but apparently, Roger changed his mind when Lily went to Hogwarts, and he tried to find his brother again. Unfortunately, Charles had been killed by You-Know-Who’s followers a few years before. Roger investigated the murder, which cost him, his wife and his parents their lives.”

“That’s terrible,” Albus said quietly. “And Lily and Tom lived next to each other in the wizarding world without ever knowing that they were related?”

“Not exactly,” Minerva said gravely. “They did not know, indeed, but Tom didn’t live in the wizarding world any more after his whole family had been killed. He stopped being a wizard.”

“He broke his wand in two.” It was a statement, not a question. There was only one way someone could cease to be a wizard.

“Yes,” Minerva sighed. “And now he has a child, who received his Hogwarts letter yesterday.”

“I don’t see a reason for extreme power, though,” Albus said pensively.

“I don’t see it either,” Minerva replied. “But do you think we’ll have to tell him and his father?”

“Tell them what?” Albus asked surprised.

“Tell them about Mark’s power, and his relation to Harry Potter.”

“Why would we?”

“Mark doesn’t know how powerful he is. His father might not know either. We have to warn them for what could happen if Mark takes a wand in his hand. He should be tutored well, maybe even before he comes to Hogwarts.”

“And why should we tell him about Harry Potter?” Albus asked, mulling over Minerva’s words in his head.

“For one thing,” Minerva replied, “Mark’s power might be related to Harry’s power. For another, if You-Know-Who discovers that Harry has family left after all, Mark will be in danger. You know what happened only two months ago to the only person Harry considered family.”

“Voldemort has no way of knowing that Mark and Harry are related. Neither of the boys knows that himself.”

Minerva stared at Albus, surprise clear on her face. “Do you really want them to figure it out for themselves? Maybe they already have! They live in the same town. They could attract You-Know-Who’s attention. It can be dangerous for Mark.”

“Calm down, Minerva,” Albus said. “I do not see any reason to tell them. Mark won’t be in danger, whether he knows he is related to Harry Potter or not. And how exactly would you like to protect him? Posting guards at his house? That, more than anything else, certainly would attract attention.”

Minerva slowly nodded. “Maybe you’re right. I still think it can be dangerous when Mark and Harry figure it out for themselves, but of course I don’t want guards at Mark’s house. It’ll be difficult enough for Tom without fully fledged wizards swarming around.”

“And that is exactly why we should not initiate contact with Tom and Mark now,” Albus said. “We will talk to Mark if he shows extreme power in the first weeks of term, but for now, I want them to be alone. They need to come to terms with this change in their lives. I do not wish to disturb them in the middle of that process.”

They were silent for a few minutes.

“Have you considered that Tom might not let Mark come to Hogwarts?” Minerva asked quietly.

“It seldom happens.” Albus said.

“But what if it happens?” Minerva insisted. “With Mark’s power, it can be dangerous if he doesn’t get proper education.”

“We will cross that bridge when we get to it,” Albus replied lightly. “Don’t worry, Minerva, it will be all right.”

To Be Continued...

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