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Author: Kagome  Story: Have I Told You Lately That I Love You?  Chapter: Default
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Have I told you lately that I love you?

Have I Told You Lately That I Love You?

Written by Giulia “Kagome”
Beta-read by: Sneeky Witch, Remus’s Nymph, Claire and Daily Prophet Reporting. Beta Read for Sugar Quill by Thrennish. Thanks to all of you!
Rating: PG for tenderness and anxiety.
Couple: Arthur and Molly
Harry Potter is not mine. The rights of the series are owned by J.K.Rowling, and various publishers, included but not limited to Bloomsbury, Scholastic, Warner Bros. The characters and situations from these books are used for no profit means only. No Copyright infringement has been meant.
The song quoted in the fic, “Have I told you lately that I love you” is © 1957, Elvis Presley. Once again, it’s used for literary, nonprofit use only, and no © infringement has been meant.

Have I told you lately that I love you?
Could I tell you once again somehow?
Have I told with all my heart and soul how I adore you?
Well darling I’m telling you now...

I don’t know why, but as the moment gets closer the memory of this song becomes stronger in my mind. Oh, hell. Who am I kidding? Of course I know why. This is our song.

I clearly remember the day that I first told you my feelings by singing this song. It was a new one, and I heard it playing on the gremophone, a Muggle thing I found broken and repaired. There was this round, black thing in it; when I moved the knob in front of the machine it started to play, and a Muggle-born student told me that it was one of the ‘new fads’. He said that the singer was Elfis (I don’t remember his last name), who’s very famous.

I loved it. I love Muggle stuff, you know. I did my best to learn the song; and one day, jokingly, I did it for you. You loved it, it made you laugh. And you decided to stay with me. I know I was very lucky, too lucky.

Then, this past June, we left Hogwarts. However, there was a coolness in our goodbyes, because of a stupid quarrel. But we promised to see each other again during the summer. After all, we live close enough.

Then you went to Germany, following a certain Fritz Krunz. I stayed here, waiting for you. I’m jealous. You can’t know how jealous I am! I know I’m not worthy of you. I’m poor, I have nothing I can offer you other than my heart. But this heart is filled with love for you.

Today, you’ll return. I want everything to be perfect. This time I won’t be cold, dull, or acid.

The clock in the kitchen shows that you are travelling. I get dressed, and I go out, nervous. I know your train is arriving in a few minutes, you told me the exact hour in your last letter. I Apparate to the station. Yes, now I’m there. Time never passes, I’m on tenterhooks. I don’t know what to think or what to say.

Why the hell doesn’t this damn thing say eleven yet? Your train will be here then. Is it broken? It’s always showing the same time. Ah, no, now it’s changed. Why does time pass by so bloody slowly? I want you!

Here it is, one minute left and your train is nearly here. I can see it in the distance, a huge cloud billowing out of the smokestack. But my mind is racing even more than the train. My heart is dancing in my chest. I’ll see you again. In minutes, I’ll know if you forgot me, if you chose to stay with that Krunz. Or not.

I won’t blame you if you do. After all, we didn't exactly part on good terms, and we didn’t talk much during the summer. And he’s better than me. Taller, richer, more handsome – he’s everything I’m not.

Here you are. You’re getting off the train. Fritz... is not with you. Your parents hug you. You’re so beautiful in your blue dress. It fits so nicely with your skin and hair, as red as mine. Everybody at Hogwarts always mocked us. Malfoy said we’re like twin clowns. Malfoy? Why should I ruin this wonderful day by thinking of that tosser?

My heart skips a beat when you see me. Our eyes meet for an infinite moment. No, don’t tear your eyes away from me. Please, let this moment last forever.

“Arthur!” you say. Your eyes brighten with delight, a smile spreads all over your beautiful face. My heart is bursting with joy; you’re still happy to see me!

You run in my direction and hug me, joyful. I stay there, stunned.

“What’s the matter, Arthur?” you whisper in my ear. I recover from the shock, and I notice I’m staring at you like an idiot. I smile and hug you gently. I’m really stupid. I prepared for this moment with all the details, and now I’m ruining everything.

“So, you’re back,” I say, trying to appear calm, but the lump in my throat is difficult to hide. You look at me and smile; it’s as if you understood everything about me with just one glance. Am I such an open book to you?

“Yes, I’m back. Let me say hello to my parents and give them my luggage. Then we can go somewhere to talk. I missed you so much!”

My heart races again. So, you missed me!

I stare at you and feel dazed, while you go back to your parents, tell them something, and giggle, amused. They look at me and say something; you turn red. What did they tell you? I don’t understand. You seem embarrassed, and I try cutting a better figure. I cough decorously and I put my clothes in order. But soon you’re back.

“I told them to leave us alone for today. What do you think about going for a butterbeer somewhere?” You smile, and I agree silently. We walk, arm in arm, out of the station, and you talk. You tell me how beautiful Berlin was and how much fun you had with Fritz.

“Oh yeah, Fritz. Was he really that good at Quidditch? He said he was the best...” I say, trying to be casual. But I can’t help it, I’m bitter. You look at me in surprise, disapproval in your eyes.

“Arthur, you know I don’t like Quidditch that much. Yes, he showed me, but I wasn’t very impressed. He was like any player, after all, and when the match finished, he smelled as bad as any damn player in the world!” I laugh with you, but I can’t help it -- I’m jealous.

“Well, he must’ve had a gorgeous house for you to stay there a full month. How many rooms did he have? Ten? Twenty? Did he have many house-elves?” An avalanche of words come out my mouth, becoming more and more resentful. No, I don’t want this. I settled it in a different way.

You put your finger to my mouth and take me into the pub. We have a butterbeer together, but you don’t say anything. I don’t know what to say. I had so many things to tell you; I made hundreds of attempts, looking for the best words to use, but now, in front of you, all I can say is the wrong thing. I curse myself.

“Arthur, you’ve never talked to me like this before, even when we quarrelled,” you say looking at me. “... Are you jealous?” My face turns purple; you giggle.

“Er... so... Molly...” I stammer, flustered.

“What?” You keep smiling. That smile looks so damn good on you.

“Can you follow me? There’s something I’d like to show you,” I finally say. You nod, and we leave the pub. I take you to a hidden place. You look at me with doubt.

“Close your eyes and trust me,” I say. I tremble; you may say no, ask me to bring you home. But you don’t. My eyes burn from the tears I’m trying to hold back. I make us Disapparate from there, and I Apparate in front of where I worked all summer.

“Now you can open them,” I say. You do, and I can see amazement in your face. You stare at me, puzzled.

“What’s that? A burrow?” you ask. A burrow? Well yeah, it really seems like one!

“Well, maybe it doesn’t look as good as Fritz’s house, but...” I blush. “You know, Molly, I ... maybe I’m not worthy of you. I’m not rich; I can’t promise you jewels, or trips in distant countries.” You look at me. A tear is falling from your right eye, down your cheek. I’m even more nervous. I keep talking. If I stop, I won’t be able to say anything anymore.

“I can’t give you a comfortable life, but, you know,... I just got a job at the Ministry, in the Misuse of Muggle Artefacts Department. I promise you, Molly, I’ll work hard, I'll prove myself to you. But I wanted to ask you ... will you marry me? Live with me in that ‘burrow’?” You’re crying. After the first, lonely tear, a bunch of new ones follow it. You’re sniffing now.

“Oh... Arthur... of course I will!” You hug me, and my heart skips a beat. I twirl you around in a circle, too happy to talk, or even breathe. You smile. You’re so beautiful! You’re talking, but I don’t pay attention to what you say. I come back to reality quickly. I don’t want to lose a moment of this great day.

“Want to know the truth?” you ask. “I went to Germany because Rose had a crush on him, and she wanted me to help her. But he turned out to be an idiot. He made her cry, so we came back.” You look at me. Oh God, you’re beautiful! Am I really that lucky? “Silly boy... I love you. How could you ever doubt it?” You blush and tear your glance from me. You look at the house and smile. “And this ... burrow, it’s really the most beautiful burrow I’ve ever seen!”

You look at me again, tears in your eyes. I’m weak and stupid. They’re my flaws, I know. But this time, I know what to do. I close your eyes, and wipe the tears from your cheeks. Then I kiss you. And while our lips meet, our song echoes all around us, the soundtrack of our love.

My heart would break in two if I should lose you
I’m no good without you anyhow
And have I told you lately that I love you
Well darling I’m telling you now.

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