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Author: scrummybunny  Story: Impulse  Chapter: Default
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Summary: Percy visits his father in the hospital

Summary:† Percy visits his father in the hospital.† Set during OotP.† Extremely short.


Disclaimer:† Am not J.K. Rowling.† Promise.


Notes: Just wanted to write something kinda sad.




Percy didnít know what he was doing here: it was pure impulse for him to Apparate to the waiting room of St. Mungoís.


Mr. Weasley, sir, your father was attacked...The words echoed in his mind.† He didnít leave time for his secretary to finish; he Apparated as soon as it registered that his father was hurt.


He forgot the fights, the war that had been waged between himself and his family. He now wished things were as they had been before.




The sunlight shone through the curtains, making the room even whiter, more fake, more surreal.† White could be such an obnoxious color.


Percyís dad lay sleeping.† He looked very peaked, rather like he had gone to hell and back.


Of course, being bitten by a snake was quite painful, one might imagine.


Arthurís hand dangled from the bed as the other rested on his stomach.† Percy walked over slowly.† He decided he didnít want his dad to wake up; it would make things too complicated.


Percy held the hand that dangled from the bed. ďI...Iím sorry, Dad.Ē He abruptly dropped the hand, wiping his face.† Unable to stay any longer, Percy Disapparated.


Arthur Weasley opened his eyes:† a teardrop on his face that wasnít his woke him with a start.




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