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Author: leilani  Story: Of Fallen Umbrellas  Chapter: Chapter 1 - A Remorseful Goodnight
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Disclaimer - The first paragraph is taken from page 91 of the American OotP (how an Australian got a hold of the American hardback is a long story!) It's set the first night that Harry arrives, and Sirius thought that Harry had the right to know parts of what was going on. After a little bit of an argument, everyone but Ginny was allowed to stay down in the kitchen to listen. Thankyou to Zsenya, who told me when I was making no sense at all, and for JKR for creating my little world.

 Of Fallen Umbrella Stands Chapter 1 – A Remorseful Goodnight 

“Fine!” shouted Mrs. Weasley. “Fine! Ginny – BED!”

Ginny did not go quietly. They could hear her raging and storming at her mother all the way up the stairs, and when she reached the hall, Mrs. Black’s earsplitting shrieks were added to the din. Lupin hurried off to the portrait to restore calm.


Stupid bloody Order… Ginny stormed out of the kitchen, red hair fluttering behind her. Just because I’m…. But the rest! She screeched at her mother while backing up the cold slated steps. Wouldn’t Hermione tell?  No respect for….. The curtains flew open as she reached the first floor. I ought to…  Bat-Bogey! That’ll show them…. Ginny kicked over the umbrella stand that Tonks had tripped over so many times, scattering tartan coloured umbrellas around the foot of the stair. Lupin had followed up Mrs. Weasley’s failed attempts at calming Ginny down, and was now proceeding to close the curtains of Mrs. Black’s portrait, which was still screaming as part of the dramatic exit that Ginny had left (ROTTING CREATURES – DISRUPTING MY HOUSE –FILTH–SCUM-SECRETS ARE NOT BE KEPT FROM ME – COWARDS-); the din that the scattered umbrellas had made had little affect on the situation at hand.

She didn’t bother picking up all of the umbrellas; sure enough Kreacher would be along to put them back in. Ginny stopped and blinked. She then proceeded to turn around and do the task of shoving all of the patterned umbrellas back into the stand. Knowing Kreacher, he would not be picking them up anytime soon; and her mother would only make her collect them tomorrow.

Ginny hardly noticed that the screeching had stopped. She did not bother looking up, but if she had, she would have noticed the tall figure walking towards her. Lupin brought himself down to her level, crouching with his elbows resting on his knees.

“Ginny?” he asked, clearing his throat. “Look, I’m sorry but-“

“Sorry? SORRY?” Ginny prepared herself to go into a full lecture about the reasons why she should be allowed to listen like all the others; but Lupin franticly shushed her, pointing over his shoulder at the velvet curtains. Ginny instead continued in a loud whisper. “Why should you be sorry? I’M the one who is feeling SORRY! You get to listen to everything, you are trusted with secrets, YOU are in the Order!”

“But you are too young Ginny,” Lupin stated clearly. Ginny opened her mouth to say something, but Lupin shushed her again. “You simply won’t understand what is going on inside-“



Lupin, attempting to yell over both Mrs. Black re-enraged portrait and a screaming Ginny, threw his hands up in frustration while shooting an evil look at Mrs. Black. Considering attempting to calm Ginny, he opened his mouth, then closed it again. All hope was lost for that night with the young girl. He gave her a sympathetic smile, hoisted himself upright and headed back down to the basement, leaving the din of the women behind him.

Ginny, fed up with attempting to communicate with Lupin, swore loudly over the noise, jumped up and spun on her heel. She confidently strode through what remained of the scattered umbrellas, skip up the stairs; all while holding her head in triumph all the way to the door of her and Hermione’s room.

With a shaking hand, she turned the knob and stepped inside. She flung the door backwards, creating a crash, but dimming the rambling of the anger-infused portrait.

As much as Ginny felt like heaving herself into her quilted bed and crying, she was determined not to. Although she knew why they would not want her to listen in on the Order meetings and learn what they knew about Voldermort, there would be reasons that she should not be allowed to hear of Voldermort’s re-surfance, she was positive the pros outweighed the cons. She was almost about to sit at the redwood desk in the corner of the room and write them down when she thought better of it. Slouching down in the chair, she attempted to calm herself. Maybe… Surely Hermione would tell her when she returned.  Wouldn’t she? And why wouldn’t Harry tell her later. She was no different to Ron and Hermione.

The sounds of downstairs stopped rather abruptly, almost as if they knew that she would prefer to dwell in silence.

She lay her quill back down on the desk. Why didn’t Harry trust her? She trusted him with her life, and all he would do for her was keep her from knowing some stupid plan that she wouldn’t be able to participate in anyway. Some friend.

Ginny put her head down on the desk and screwed her eyes tight. Maybe if I concentrate hard enough I’ll be able to hear what they are saying… She tried to clear her mind and set all of her focus towards the door behind her. To her great surprise, the door flung open. Well, not flung exactly, more of just plain opened. In fact it was tediously opened by a girl with brown frizzy hair.

“Hey Ginny,” said Hermione, closing the door softly behind her. (Ginny quickly noted that Mrs. Black had not been awoken again. Yet.)    

“What did they say? What’s the big secret?” Ginny said, raising herself from the table.

“Hello to you too,” Hermione replied sturdily. Her hand flicked upwards, turning the lights on. Ginny had not noticed that she was in the dark. “So what are you doing here sitting in the dark? Not trying too listen through the walls are you?” Hermione chuckled, about to go into a lecture about the foolishness of superpowers in a wizarding world.

“What did you just say?” Ginny asked curiously.

“I said that you better not be trying to listen through the walls,”

“That’s what I thought you said…” Ginny mumbled, turning back onto the desk and ruffling the papers.

“What are you doing?” Hermione said, peering over Ginny’s shoulder, looking slightly alarmed at the mess Ginny was making of the neat stacks of parchment. Then, Ginny’s long fingers twined around a long, flesh coloured strand of what seemed like string that seemed to never end. Hermione looked at Ginny, who was holding up a pair of Extendable Ears. She was quite pleased with herself.

“So, I know that you probably won’t tell me, but I’m sure that my dear brothers will have helped me out for once.” Ginny said triumphantly, pushing her chair backwards and striding towards the door. Hermione however, stepped into her way as she reached for the knob.

“You know you can’t,” stated Hermione matter-of-factly.

“Can’t what?” Ginny replied in a mock-innocent tone. She stepped right. Hermione followed her.

“You’ll get in to heaps of trouble. If your mum finds out after she didn’t let you listen in the first place… well, she won’t be too happy. You saw how she went off at Sirius, I wouldn’t be messing around tonight,” Hermione said, trying to talk Ginny out of it. What she was going to do with them she didn’t know, but Hermione knew that she would get stringed along with it sooner or later. Ginny stepped left. Hermione mirrored her actions again.

“Well obviously I am not trusted with the secrets of the Order, so if no-one is going to tell me what I think I have the right to know, then I’m going to have to find out myself,” said Ginny boldly, stepping right again. As Hermione followed her feet, Ginny laughed to herself about the resemblance they were making to a couple attempting to tango. She then proceeded to turn her mind back to the matter at hand.

“You were not told for obvious reason Ginny! It is at you best interests that you don’t know, you would be too young to”- Hermione snapped off mid-sentence. Ginny’s hair could have been frizzling at the ends.

Ginny tried to remain as calm as she could; if she started yelling again someone would be around to close the curtains on Mrs. Black again, and she would of lost her chance to do whatever she was going to do.

Why does everyone assume that I can’t handle this? Wasn’t I the only one who has been inside Voldermort’s head; wasn’t I the only one besides Harry to be in the Chamber of Secrets? I’M JUST AS CAPABLE AS RON AND YOU ARE, SO WHY SHOULD A FEW YEARS MATTER?” Ginny glared menacingly at Hermione; but she looked untouched by her sarcastic drabble. Ginny took a step left, but at the last moment feinted and put her foot down where Hermione had been standing. She grasped the serpent doorknob and calmly turned it while keeping Hermione’s eyes in hers. “Coming?”

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