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Author: Starsea (Professors' Bookshelf)  Story: Bat out of Hell  Chapter: Default
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Bat out of Hell (Occulmency filk)

Bat out of Hell (Occulmency filk)

Potter was screaming -
Soon heís gonna be howling way down in the dungeon tonight!
Iím the man in the shadows with a glint in his eye Ė

I donít think Iím gonna sleep tonight!
Thereís evil in the air
There are portents in the sky
And a killerís taken over my dreams!

And down at the end of that corridor
Is the door that means everything
Itís got all the answers,
I just wish I knew what all this means!

Spotlight on Ron and Hermione to Harry's left

Ron and Hermione
Dumbledoreís the only thing in this whole world
Thatís pure and good and right
And wherever he is, this one thing we know
Heís on your side, the side of right!

So I gotta hold out, it canít take all night
Iíll be in bed before itís dawn
If the only way to fight Him is to work with Snape
Thatís when you know Ė Voldemortís getting strong!

Iím a bat out of hell,
But mentally, Iím super strong!

Harry (muttering)
When this lessonís over
Like a bat out of hell
Iíll be gone, gone gone
From the bat out of hell!

You need to learn this if the warís to be won!
When the day is done,
And the sun goes down,
And the moonlightís shining through -
Then like a sinner before the gates of heaven
Heíll be trying to possess you!

Harry is stunned as Snape whirls, accompanied by a guitar crescendo from Draco in the background, dressed in leather

You think you can be reckless like your godfather
On his Silver ďBlackĒ Phantom Bike?
Iíve got news for you, boy,
If you carry on like that,
Youíre a minnow to the Dark Lordís pike!

In this Occulmency game, mind control is all,
Give into anger and youíre already lost!
If you canít master this, take it from someone who knows,
Youíll spend your life counting the cost!

Spotlight on R&H behind Harry

Harry, youíre damned if you donít learn this!

And maybe Iím damned if I do!

It doesnít matter if itís Snape,
You gotta give it a try Ė
Or itís Myrtle and her loo!

Harry turns to Snape

Well if I gotta be damned,
Then Iíll have to be damned,
But does it have to be with you?

Yes, you gotta be damned
Though you donít wanna be damned

Slytherin Chorus joins in

Gotta be damned
Though I/you wanna be damned
Gotta be damned
Donít I/you wanna be damned

But does it have to be
But does it have to be
But does it have to be with YOU?!

Spotlight on Draco and Ron, who are playing guitar and piano respectively in a surprisingly good rock duet, Ronís fingers flying over the keys, leading into a massive guitar solo from the Ferret

Harry (feverishly)
Dumbledoreís the only thing in this whole world
Thatís pure and good and right
And wherever he is, this one thing I know
Heís on my side, the side of Light!

But I gotta break out, I gotta finish this now
Before the final crack of dawn

Turns defiantly to the audience

I refuse to make the most of these evenings with Snape
All those fanfics are disgusting poooooorn!

Iím a bat out of hell
But Iíll force you to be strong!

When this lessonís over,
Iíll ignore what you say
And be gone gone gone,
Youíre a bat out of hell

Youíre hopeless
Are you happy, heís won!


When the evening comes and the sun goes down
And Voldemort enters the fray

Then like I always have before,
I will come through and save the day!

Ignorant boy, you really think it can always end that way?

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