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Author: Queen_nerd06  Story: Et tu, Brute?  Chapter: Default
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(A/N: Many, many thanks to LoneAstronomer for her excellent beta skills

(A/N: Many, many thanks to LoneAstronomer for her excellent beta skills! I hope my readers enjoy this as much as she did. :)


There are some things worse than being stabbed in the back.  Like being stabbed in the heart.


Julius Caesar went to the capital building because he had been told he'd be made King of all Rome. He didn't know Cassius had formed a conspiracy to kill him. There, his trusted friends surrounded him, and stabbed him on every part of his body. The last one to stab him was Brutus - his best friend. Brutus stabbed him right through the heart. It was the wound that killed Caesar.


Speak, hands for me!


Sirius's hands are shaking, and his hands never shake. He seems afraid of me. Some dark side of me laughs at the irony. Sirius has known for years that I am a werewolf. Only now does he seem terrified because of it.


"I'm really,  really sorry, Moony," Sirius pleads again. James sighs behind him. Peter merely frowns. Everyone is exhausted from the night before. I only transformed back to my human form an hour ago. Then I heard what had happened.


Snape had been snooping around as usual. For the past few months I've known  he suspected something about me. But to have Sirius tell him my secret! For Sirius to coax Snape into almost being killed...for me to nearly murder him...


My breath sticks  in my throat and I choke on it. Now all the marauders are crowded around my bed in the early hours of the morning. Sirius looks up at me, and his eyes beg for forgiveness. He has that luxury. I wonder if he could still look me in the eye if his godforsaken plan had worked.


Et tu, Brute?


"Everything has been worked out," intervenes James. "Dumbledore made Snape keep his mouth shut." I sigh at this. Dumbledore is a very great wizard, and I have no doubt he did convince Snape not to spread my secret. I know for now, my secret is safe. But will it always be safe? A part of me feels that one day, even if not today, but one day...Snape will tell everyone my secret.


I will see you at Phillippi: The final battle when Octavius and Antony had avenged Ceasar. Though they did not kill Cassius or Brutus. Both had already killed themselves. I will see you at Phillippi. That was the last thing Caesar's ghost said to Brutus before he died.


James had saved the day. He had saved Snape. James had stopped Sirius going to Azkaban, and James had stopped me from being put down like a dog. Still, Sirius sits on the corner of my bed, asking my forgiveness.


I'm so very tired. Transformations are very painful, and take all my energy. The three people around me are my only friends in the world, and by damn, nothing can change the fact that they are great friends- the best any one could ever hope for.  And this is made even more precious for a werewolf.


I was four years old when I was bitten. That is the amount of time my friends have known the truth about me. In one night, Sirius has undone years worth of trust. Can I ever forgive him?


Et tu, Brute?



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