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Author: Sailoranime  Story: From Behind the Veil  Chapter: The Seriously Missing Sirius, and the Strange Explosions
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From Behind the Veil


From Behind the Veil


By: Sailoranime


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Disclaimer: I think you know. Of course I'm J.K. in disguise.


AN: I'm sorry I wrote a second chapter. Really, I am. I'm not sure what made me do it. Maybe it was the sleep depravation thing...


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"I can't believe Hermione's gone, it's all my fault. Just because I need righteous anger! I should have kept my mouth shut!" Harry mumbled into his pillow. He heard a loud crash that shook the floor. It sounded from somewhere downstairs... Harry ignored it, sniffling. Hermione was gone. Not to mention that he still had not completely recovered the chili's earlier attack on his digestive and excretory systems. He sighed, as he heard screams downstairs. The Dursleys were probably talking about him now... That's probably why Uncle Vernon kept yelling 'Get out of my house, you freaks!’ He sighed again.


Two hours later, the yelling had not stopped. Uncle Vernon was now yelling something about 'You unnatural freaks, just take the freak boy and leave.' He wondered why Sirius hadn't arrived yet....


Half an hour later, the screaming had subsided, and Harry assumed it was safe to go to dinner. He walked down the stairs and into the kitchen, helping himself to more food than he was going to eat. Maybe it would piss them off enough to yell at him and then Sirius would have an excuse to hex them, but they just looked at him nervously, their eyes darting to the couch every once in a while. Harry ate quickly and quietly, fuming at Sirius for being late. Someone coughed from the couch, and a soft voice offered him a cough drop. How odd. Harry rinsed his plate and walked back up to his room, jumping over several rather large bits of debris and rubble. How very odd.


He stayed in his room for at least an hour, doing his homework. Sirius hadn't come yet. He frowned and put away his homework. Maybe Sirius would come tomorrow.


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Harry woke up to more screaming. (“Just leave, freaks!”) He sighed. He resisted the strong urge to go downstairs and tell them he would be leaving soon, but Sirius hadn't arrived. He sighed and took out a piece of parchment and a quill.


Dear Sirius,

I know you're probably busy, but are you planning on getting here anytime soon? It's getting a bit boring.






He rolled up the letter and went over to tie it to Hedwig. She seemed to raise an eyebrow at him, but she was an owl... she couldn't do that. Harry shook his head to clear it and tied the letter to her leg. "Go take it to Sirius, girl. Come on."


She hooted and flew out the window. Harry moved back to the bed. The fact that Uncle Vernon had stopped screaming registered somewhere in his mind.


Oh, well. Nothing to do now but wait.’


He closed his eyes, only to open them again when Hedwig landed on his shoulder, letter missing. He groaned.


"Did you drop it, girl?" he asked. She looked at him questioningly. "Fine. Let me write another one for him," He grumbled. He took out another piece of parchment and re-wrote the letter. He tied to it to Hedwig's leg again, and sent her back out the window. She looked oddly irritated.


Harry sighed, registering somewhere in his mind that Uncle Vernon was screaming again. (“Owls! A quill? Take a pen! Now get out!")


It was about five minutes later that Hedwig came back, a piece of paper tied to her leg. He frowned. Paper? He unfolded the paper and looked at the writing. It was Professor Lupin's writing, but in pen. Odd.




We're here. Are you coming down soon?




Harry frowned. They were already there? Why hadn't he heard them arrive? He shrugged and ran downstairs. The rubble was still on the floor. The Dursleys were usually very clean... And there, sitting on the sofa, were Sirius, Lupin, and Dumbledore.


Sirius grinned. "Hey, Harry, we've been waiting for you!"


Dumbledore smiled. " Lemon drop? It's a Muggle sweet I'm quite fond... oh, right, wrong story."


Harry gave him an odd look and turned to Sirius. "I didn't hear you guys get here. I must have been asleep." Harry, still under the impression that they had just arrived, answered.


Sirius looked confused, but shrugged it off. "Okay. Let's go before I start feeling obligated to hex these people."


Harry looked appalled. "But... My explosive exit! We have to do it right!" Dumbledore looked hesitant, but he raised his wand, sparks shot out of it, and the living room was back to normal.


"How do sparks fix the house?" Harry asked with a confused look on his face.


"There are many mysteries in life, Harry," Dumbledore began, "but this is not one of them. The sparks are just to make it look fancy. Well, Sirius, Remus. Follow me," He commanded, and seeing as he was Dumbledore, Sirius and Lupin followed.


Harry ran back up the stairs, but stopped midway so he could peek and see what was going on. He saw the door blasted in, and Sirius's bored face was quickly manipulated into a joyful expression.


"Harry! We're here! Come on!"


Harry, taking this as his cue, stood up and ran down the stairs, throwing himself into Sirius's open arms.


"Great! I can't wait to get out of here! I wasn't expecting you yet!"


Sirius grinned at him and looked at Lupin expectantly.


"What?" asked the startled Lupin, then a look of comprehension came over his features. "Oh! Right. I'll go pack your stuff, Harry."


Harry nodded. Two minutes later, Lupin came down, levitating Harry's trunk and things.


"All right, then. We're all set! I'll make a Portkey-" Dumbledore said joyfully.


"Sorry, Professor, but I don't do Portkeys. And anyway, I'm not sure I trust you. You had a triumphant gleam in your eyes in my fourth year when I told you Voldemort's servant stabbed me."


Dumbledore looked confused for a moment, but his expression quickly changed to one of delight. "Ah... yes. I see how you could misunderstand that. You see, I had a bet with Mr. Pettigrew. That particular knife he used to stab you was one that I gave him years ago. He thought it wouldn't pierce someone's skin, but I was certain it could, so we made a bet. Whichever one of us lost would have to watch twenty-four straight hours of Teletubbies-" 


"Wait," Harry interrupted, "Teletubbies? Aren't they barely coming to Muggle Television in a couple of years?"


"Ah, Harry, you have much to learn," Sirius answered sagely.


"What do you mean?"


"You see, Harry," Lupin began, "the Teletubbies are an evil that has plagued the wizarding world for many years now. I was going to have a class period dedicated to that, but then I became ill, got drunk with Hagrid... In any case, I never got around to it."


Dumbledore gave them all a look and continued his explanation as if he had never been interrupted. "We were going to test it, but then Voldemort killed your parents, and you know the story. Anyway, as you can probably tell, he lost the bet. Why do you think he didn't make an appearance last year? He's afraid I still remember."


"That makes no sense. And how do you know he used that particular knife?" Harry asked.


"Well, I knew from your description of the appearance of the knife-"


"I didn't describe it! I didn't even see it!" Harry said accusingly. Dumbledore looked affronted.


"Ah, well, I'm your headmaster! You must trust me." And because he was Dumbledore, they did. He turned around, and with a flick of his wand, repaired the living room again. He then turned the house into a Portkey, (“You won't be needing it”) and blasted the Dursleys out (“Enjoy nature!”) And they disappeared to the Sahara desert. But that's another story.

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