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Many thanks to my beta reader Yolanda

Many thanks to my beta reader Yolanda. Kudos for the ladies of Flights of Fancy for the encouragement. Regarding the use of JK Rowling's characters, standard disclaimers apply.


As with all my pieces, the tune is also original. Alas, I know nothing about writing down music. If I knew how to write it down, I'd share it.


And They Claim You Learn Nothing at School
(A song for Snape, in four parts)


Young Snape:
      I'll hate you forever, James Potter
      I'll hate you for all of your life
      And when you are married, with children,
      I'll hate all of them -- and your wife.


      Yes, Potter, you're only a bully

      Black is a thorn in my side

      Pettigrew's growing more petty

      And Lupin has something to hide.


      The people who trust you are stupid
      The ones who believe you are fools
      I learned that before we were Sorted --
            And they claim you learn nothing at school.


Death Eater Snape:

      With cold and deliberate malice
      Or simply because you were bored
      You decided to make me your plaything
      A decision you could ill afford.


      There's power here for the taking

      Power redresses old wrongs

      Revenge is the best use of power

      The patient purview of the strong.


      All power flows to the cunning

      'Tis Slytherin's Golden Rule
      I learned that by joining the Dark Lord --
            And they claim you learn nothing at school.



Dumbledore's Spy Snape:
      I know that you harbour a traitor

      Who gives all your secrets away

      I risk my life over and over

      But you cannot see it that way.


      My hard-won forewarnings of hazard
      Treated like dross in the dust

      Yet your failure has been such a pleasure

      Who knew that the truth could be just?


      You'll die in some foolhardy fashion
      Finally out-classed in a duel

      I find that image appealing --

            And they claim you learn nothing at school.



Potions Master Snape:
      Now my old master is vanquished
      Now my old enemy's dead
      The traitor is justly imprisoned
      The werewolf, in shame, hangs his head.


      And here, at last, is your offspring
      I see your smirk in his face

      Already too much like his father

      Flaunting his name and his place.


      I'll hate you forever, James Potter

      It's now my turn to be cruel

      Patience is always rewarded --

            And they claim you learn nothing at school.

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