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Sticky Situations

Sticky Situations

By: Sailoranime

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Disclaimer: Harry Potter was created by JK Rowling.

Author's Notes: A short little piece of fluff I tried to write.

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"Ouch! Sirius!" Harry slapped his godfather's hand away. The dark-haired man winced. He lifted the comb to eye level and gingerly removed the hairs he'd ripped off of his godson's head.

"Sorry about that," he answered, trying to get rid of the hairs without Harry noticing. He dumped them in the bin and went back to his task of untangling his godson's hair. He came to a particularly bad tangle, and immediately began to attack it with the comb.

"Moony would love this," Sirius muttered, ignoring Harry's protests as he picked up a pair of scissors and cut out a small chunk of hair. He put the scissors down and picked up the comb again. Harry slowly inched his hand forward until his fingers closed over scissors. He grinned triumphantly and quickly hid them in his pocket.

"Harry, put those back." Sirius sighed.

Harry pouted in a way reminiscent of a sulking child. "You're cutting my hair!"

"Quit whining. You need a haircut, anyway."

"It's not like it makes a difference. It always grows back."

"Then why are you complaining?" Sirius asked, taking the comb and whacking Harry over the head with it.

"Hey!" Harry stood up, snatched the comb away, and returned the favor. Repeatedly.

"Hey, you can't hurt an unarmed man!" Sirius yelled, picking up a toothbrush and using it as a defense weapon. Sirius moved forward to poke Harry in the arm, but Harry ducked at the last minute and the toothbrush went right over his head, and got stuck in his hair. Harry tried to stand up straight, but Sirius was still holding the comb. He gave a loud yelp as another small clump of hair was ripped off his head.

"Hey! You're trying to leave me bald!" Harry picked up the clump of hair from the floor and threw it in the garbage bin, scowling at Sirius, who seemed to be trying his best not to laugh. And failing.

"Sit down, Harry, you're not making this any easier."

"You're acting like this is my fault," Harry muttered, sitting back down.

"Because it is! I'm not the one with some unidentified sticky substance in my hair."

It seemed Harry could not think of an answer to that because he remained quiet. The bathroom was silent for a few minutes, the only sound being the occasional 'ouch' from Harry.

"Are you sure the stuff's not dangerous?" Harry asked finally.

"No," Sirius answered calmly, "but really, Harry, if I thought it was dangerous, don't you think I would have done something by now?"

"You mean other than ripping my hair out?" Harry asked innocently.

Sirius rolled his eyes. "How did you get that stuff in your hair, Harry? Were you trying to get it to lie flat or something?" Sirius asked, attacking another stubborn tangle.

Harry scowled. "I don't know what happened. I dropped the rag I was using to clean, and then a bottle just fell on me when I leaned down to pick it up."

"Kreacher. It had to be. Probably wanted to create a distraction. I was cleaning my mother's stuff he probably wanted to get me away so he can sneak half of it off to his little cupboard."

"He sleeps in a cupboard?" Harry asked, whirling around to look up at his godfather.

"No, I don't think so. He probably just puts all the things he takes in there."

"Good," Harry answered, turning away from Sirius, who had raised an eyebrow.

"Since when are you a member of Hermione's spew thing?"

"Since the beginning, actually. We joined to get her to shut up."

"That was nice of you. I assume it didn't work?"


"So why are you so glad Kreacher doesn't live in a cupboard?"

"There are spiders in cupboards," Harry answered simply. Sirius's expression darkened and he added a new entry to his mental list of questions to ask Dumbledore next time he saw him. He also added a hex to the mental list he had prepared for the Dursleys.

Sirius sighed and ran the comb through Harry's hair several times. "Okay, no more tangles. You're set."

Harry stood up and looked at himself in the mirror. "Ugh... my hair. It's all uneven."

"Don't worry," Sirius answered, sticking the comb and scissors in the drawer, "it'll grow back by tomorrow."

"And I'm supposed to walk around like this all day?" Harry asked, looking at the bald spots on his head with a frown.

Sirius laughed. "No one will notice."

"Not unless they're taller than me, which is just about everyone in this house. Maybe if I slick it back with hair gel?"

"All the hair gel in the world couldn't help you," Sirius answered with a grin.

"Think I can stay in my room all day?"

"You know, that's a great idea. Let's just stay in here until dinner. I'm tired of cleaning. Maybe your hair will be better by then."

"Oh, yes," Harry answered sarcastically, "I can feel it growing already."

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