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Author: queeniorek  Story: The Eye of the Snake  Chapter: Chapter 2
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The Death Eaters watched in silence as Voldemort hissed his instructions to Nagini

The Eye of the Snake: Chapter Two


Disclaimer: All Harry Potter characters, settings, and happenings belong to JK Rowling.  I am just borrowing them for my own amusement.  The title also belongs to JK.


The Death Eaters watched in silence as Voldemort hissed his instructions to Nagini.  "Look to see what pitiful defenses they have placed as a barrier to me.  Be silent; let no one see you.  Do not strike unless it is necessary.  If anyone approaches, make yourself scarce.  I will be watching you.  Now leave me, Death Eaters.  I will not be disturbed again this night."

Nagini slithered around the throne the Dark Lord was seated in.  The Death Eaters nearest her backed up in fear and disgust.  Voldemort laughed and stood.  The Death Eaters began filing out of the room.  As the last of them disappeared from view, Voldemort flicked his wand carelessly in the direction of the door.  It slammed shut, the sound echoing in the empty room.  He turned his wand on Nagini.

"Aspectus colubragena!" and suddenly, he could see himself.  He was seeing through the eyes of Nagini.

"Adlegatio colubra!" and Nagini rocketed twenty feet in the air and shot back down.  She looked as if she would crash into the ground, but disappeared with a sharp crack.


                                                *          *          *


            Wormtail hesitantly approached the door to the Dark Lord's chamber.  The wide, high-ceilinged room was where the Dark Lord spent most of his time, although the only thing in it was his throne.  A sharp crack had been heard and Malfoy had sent Wormtail to see if the Voldemort needed help.  Personally, Wormtail was of the opinion that Malfoy didn't like him and hoped the Dark Lord would kill or at least torture Wormtail for disturbing him.  After many internal struggles, Wormtail timidly knocked on the door.

            "My Lord?" he called, "Are you in need of assistance?"  There was no answer.  Wormtail took a deep breath and pushed the door open.  Voldemort was sleeping.  At least, he appeared to be.  He was slouched against the back of his throne, eyes closed, head rolled back.  Wormtail took two steps forward, then backed up.  When the Dark Lord said he didn't want to be disturbed, he didn't want to be disturbed.  But what about the sharp crack that had echoed throughout the hall?  Wormtail gathered his courage and approached his master.  His small, squinty eyes peered about, watching for the slightest movement that would mean Nagini was following him.  The dratted snake took great pleasure in snapping at the heels of anyone who entered the chamber.  However, Nagini was nowhere to be seen. 

            Wormtail bowed before the throne, then reached one trembling hand towards his master.

            "Potter!"  hissed Voldemort as his eyes flew open and his hand shot out and clutched a whimpering Wormtail's throat.


                                                            *          *          *


            Voldemort watched through Nagini's eyes as she slithered down the darkened corridor of the Ministry of Magic.  Dumbledore was a fool; he obviously thought Voldemort could not or would not attempt to find the prophecy that would allow him to get rid of Potter once and for all.  Then he would rise to his place as ruler of the world. But that was beside the point, there was something in the corridor ahead.  A man, a red-haired, balding man was sitting on the floor, clearly asleep.  Voldemort chuckled to himself.  Fools, the lot of them.  Sleeping while on guard duty, tsk, tsk. However, he was sitting in front of the door.  It would be fun to bite the idiot, just for the sake of it, but that would cause too many complications.  Voldemort watched as Nagini slithered toward the man.  As she neared him, he leapt to his feet, the Invisibility Cloak dropping to the ground.  The man pulled out his wand, damn him!  Ah, well, there was no hope for it.

            "Bite him," he hissed to Nagini.  "Kill him.  Stop him!"  Nagini surged upwards and dove towards the man, fangs flashing as she tore into the warm flesh again and again.  The blood rushed from the wound, over the sharp, pointed fangs, and into her mouth.  Voldemort faintly tasted the warm blood.  The man's yells faded as he fell heavily back against the wall.  Blood was splattering everywhere.  The scar on his forehead hurt terribly.  Wait a minute.  The scar?  Voldemort's anger grew as he realized he wasn't the only one watching the botched spy job.










First, thank you to everyone who reviewed on the first chapter!  It really meant a lot.  Second, I know I haven't posted in a very, very long time, but I hope you liked this chapter enough to make up for it.  It is shorter than the first, because it is harder to get into Voldemort's head than it is to get into Arthur's. This is the last chapter, although I might write another one-shot short story (unrelated to this one).


Latin used in spells:

Aspectus - looking, sight

Colubra - female serpent

Gena - eye

Adlegatio - the sending of a person on a mission





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