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Fred reckoned that night he really shouldn’t have done it

Disclaimer: JK owns Harry Potter and Co. I am just visiting the world.



Fred reckoned that he really shouldn’t have done it. At the time it seemed like a good idea. Harry hadn’t smiled, really smiled, in so long. That was the only thing that had gone right. Oh well, might as well as try to get some sleep while in this cage, Angelina really hadn’t appreciated the joke.


They were all gathered at the Burrow. Bill was bringing his girlfriend, Trina, over to meet the family. She was a Muggle and had been slowly introduced into some of the Wizarding World. Among the things she knew was that the hero of the Wizarding world, Harry Potter, was a close family friend of the Weasleys; also she had been warned about pranks being played by Fred and George. Having met Charlie and Ginny, she knew that everyone in the group who had flaming red hair was a Weasley, with the exception of Angelina who had married Fred four months ago. The rest included Hermione Granger, Ron’s fiancée, and Harry and his housemate Remus Lupin, who had been a friend of his father and godfather. Nymphadora Tonks, who kept in contact with Remus and Harry while living in London, wasn’t going to be able to make that evening due to her job as an Auror.

Bill and Trina had been the last to show; he had to stay a few extra minutes at work but could then enjoy a really relaxing weekend. Fred and George were in the middle of a small duel, shooting sparks at each other to change their hair color. George had just changed Fred’s to bright green.

“Nice color there, Fred. You should keep it there more often.” Bill commented as he walked into the living room holding the hand of a tall woman with dusty blonde hair. “Trina, this is most of the family. Mum is in the kitchen but you met her when we arrived. The one with the bright green hair is my younger brother Fred; next to him is family friend Remus Lupin. After Remus we have Charlie, who you met before, and then my sister Ginny, who you have also meet. Holding hands with Ginny is Harry Potter. Then there is Angelina, my sister-in-law, and next to her is Hermione Granger, my future sister-in-law, then there is George, Fred’s twin and the one who gave the green hair to him. After George we have Dad, or you can call him Arthur, and then there is my youngest brother Ron.”

“Hello, everyone,” Trina said, obviously wondering where to sit. Angelina and Hermione made room for her with them. They would be the best to help explain some of the questions she might have about the Wizarding world. Hermione was a Muggle-born and Angelina had a Muggle mother, so they both knew a fair amount about the Muggle world and the transferring to the Wizarding world.

When she had settled down, Fred tried to retaliate on George. He changed his hair to bright, almost neon pink.

“Now that wasn’t very nice.” George exclaimed just as Molly called them all to dinner. Wanting the last laugh, George fired one last one at Fred, to change his hair to electric blue.

This caused the whole family to laugh, and Fred had seen the tell tale signs of a smile on Harry’s face.

One more and we will have Harry smiling and maybe even laughing. Fred thought as everyone got up to leave. He hadn’t counted on George bounding up to talk to the two lovebirds or Harry turning to ask Remus a question.

When Charlie accidentally bumped into Fred everything went down hill. He slipped up the incantation, causing the most unusual effect. George and Harry switched hair, and since George still had his neon, bright pink hair, Harry now sported neon, bright pink hair of a less shaggy style than normal. George now had Harry’s black hair in the constant just woken style that had been his trademark for so long.

“FRED MALCOLM WEALSEY, what did you do?” Molly’s voice rang out, as she saw the switched hair.

“I was trying to make George’s hair baby pastel yellow. But Charlie accidentally bumped into me.” Fred stuttered as the whole group turned to look.

Harry noticed that his fringe was no longer in his eyes and when he looked at George he realized that George had his hair. Ron conjured a mirror for them to look into; Harry and George stood inspecting and improving their new styles. Molly continued to yell at Fred till the sound of Harry laughing cut her off completely. He and George had fixed the hair a little; Harry had made his into a mohawk while George extended his to long sharp spikes. Both were beside themselves with laughter. George was leaning on Ginny, who was giggling and Harry was practically collapsed against Remus. Slowly the rest of the family started to laugh a little. Trina seemed to have appreciated the break from the odd situation, and was laughing along with the rest of the family.

When they had gotten themselves under control, they switched their hair back to normal. Harry had his normal black messy hair back and George had his semi shaggy red-orange Weasley hair back as well. Angelina confiscated Fred’s wand, because even though Harry had laughed, which hadn’t happened in almost a year, Fred was still in trouble for switching the hair. He should have known better then to fire that spell at George on the way to dinner. Besides, Harry didn’t need to be a victim of a Weasley prank just to get him to smile.

After dinner, where Fred sat between Molly and Angelina, everyone again retreated to the living room. Then when Angelina was ready to head back to their flat she gave Fred his wand back so they could Apparate.

“Honey, what are you mad at? Harry laughed, which hasn’t happened in almost a year. No harm was done, I didn’t bait Trina.” Fred asked when they had gotten back to their flat. His last comment is what really got him in trouble.

“What, you had planned to bait her? Was Trina the one who was supposed to accidentally swap hair with someone?” Angelina said, rounding on her husband.

“No, I had just wanted to change George’s hair color, not swap it with Harry’s. But he did look good with the pink mohawk.”

“I cannot believe you Fred. Trina was nervous enough without you adding to it by already having a hair-changing duel with George when she walked in. It is not easy making the big switch at any point in your life. Muggle borns can have severe mental breakdowns occasionally while they are making the switch to the Wizarding World.”

“No, I wasn’t going to bait her. I do have a small fear of what Bill can do and then what Mum would do. Then when we got back, here I would be afraid of what you would do too.” Scaring new relatives was not a good idea. Especially not with a head boy for an older brother, a head girl for a future in-law and a dragon incarnate for a mother when she is mad. Not to mention a wife who yells when we get home.

“Good, I am glad you are afraid of us. I just can’t believe you did that though. Really, what were you thinking, trying to hit George on the way into dinner? I’m surprised you only switched hairs between George and Harry. It makes me so mad that you do these things without really thinking. Ohhh…I could just put you in a doghouse.”

“We don’t have a doghouse, love.” Fred commented, not realizing that it was better to keep his mouth shut and just let her rage.

“Now we do.” She replied with a flick of her wand. Around Fred materialized a large doghouse complete with blanket and sleeping cushion. With another wave there was a cage around the house, “you can sleep there tonight.”

Angelina then stormed off to their bedroom. Fred tested the cage with his hands and then with his wand. The only way he would get out of this was when Angelina let him out.


Oh well, he thought, might as well try to sleep. I don’t see what everyone was so mad about; Harry laughed and didn’t seem to mind. That is the important thing and I am sure Bill warned Trina; we weren’t going to do anything. Even I know better then that.

With that thought, Fred curled up and fell asleep.



A/N: Thanks to Silver Phoenix for beta-ing my story. Big thanks to potions gurl for helping me figure parts out.

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