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Nighttime Nurturing

A/N: Disclaimer, JK’s world I just frolic in it. Thanx much. Anywho, this does most positively contain mature themes. It’s not porn, though. Thanx much to Jo Wickaninnish, beta extraordinare, who puts up with r/s being amorous and still gives pointers (ie muggle stereo). Thanx again!!!

Sighing, Remus pulled a wizard photograph from his nightstand beside their bed. Wiping his eyes, he gave a half-grin as the occupants smiled and waved from the portrait. All except Sirius, he was giving the picture taker the universal one fingered salute. Gods, some things never changed.

Lily, James, and Peter had helped them move into their first flat in London. What a day that had been. Lily had fought with Sirius, to not use magic in front of the Muggles, always trying to correct their misdeeds. Peter, ever the uncoordinated one, tripped over rugs, ran into walls and dropped boxes the entire day. James, trying to impress his fiancee’, muscled and lifted things that were much too heavy for his lanky frame.

Looking at the scenery behind the five-some, he reminisced. The old faded floral couch found at open-air market two days before the move along with the end table from James’ parents. Mismatched candlesticks on the small Formica kitchen table with the doily crocheted by James’ mother. The rug they were seated on had been included in their ‘lush accommodations’. Paper cups lined the floor in front of them, filled with champagne. Closing his eyes, the musty smell of the flat filled his senses. An echoing voice rampaged through his mind.

"Moony, we did it!!!" Sirius wrapped his arms around Remus’ waist.

"Unhand me you greasy mongrel, this box is full of fragile items." He’d elbowed Sirius in the ribs.

"What have you got in there? Your precious tomes of learning?" Sirius wriggled his eyebrows in question.

"Smart arse. No, just glasses we’ll need. That is, unless, you plan on drinking straight from the faucet."

"I’m more of a loo man myself."

Remus pulled a face in reply. "Ugh, Padfoot, you ARE a dog."

After the last boxes were put away and relieved of their contents, James unearthed a few bottles of champagne. Remus and Sirius had watched their friends get ever so slightly pissed.

It was just as amusing as it had always been, although there had been an underlying sadness. A wondering, would this be one of their last times together? Time had become a precious commodity then.

Sirius had remained inconspicuously sober. Every so often he had shot Remus a meaningful look, a small smile, that was meant just for him. He knew, instinctively, where Sirius’ mind was headed. He wanted their friends to depart and leave them to…..themselves. Many months of planning had gone into this evening. And now, it was finally here.

"Prongs, you’d better take Lily home before she wets herself from Wormtails’ antics." Sirius prodded James into leaving. Peter stopped in the middle of an amusing anecdote with a stunned expression.

"Oh, I know why you want us to leave." James shook his head in a dramatic inebriated way. "Just want to take advantage of old Moony over there. Poor, poor Moony."

Remus chuckled to himself. If he only knew how mutual the feeling was. Poor Moony, indeed. He would be a willing, if nervous participant. It was almost here. The completion, the last barrier they had left to cross together.

With James’ comment still ringing in the air, Peter stood. With a wave, he ambled off down the road. Lily and James took leave not long after with quiet embraces of farewell.

"I’m so happy for you, Moony." Lily had whispered in his ear. His heart had thudded loudly in his chest. That was the first time she had ever called him by his Marauder nickname.

"You too, Lily," he’d whispered back.

As Sirius closed the door on James and Lily and the world at large, Remus picked up the paper cups. He had been trying to busy himself against the onslaught of nervousness. So many times he had ran over this moment in his mind, his imagination, his dreams, and sometimes, nightmares. As he reached for another red cup he’d notice his hand quaking ever so slightly.

"Moony." A voice whispered over by the door. Looking up, he’d found Sirius staring at him with a settling look. His features were slack in relaxation. He pushed off the door; his movements were lithe and graceful. His eyes, quiet and knowing. It was now…it was time.

Sirius had taken his hand and removed the cup from the other. Giving a half-smile he guided his way to their room. Sirius had come over early in the morning and set up their room and kept the door locked from prying eyes all day long. Whispering "Alohamora", the door swung open. He had led Remus into the room and let him gaze at the trappings he had adorned the room with. Candlelight, from dozens of varying sized candles, illuminated the room. Champagne flutes sat on a bedside table, with an accompanying bucket of champagne. Soft piano music was eminating throughout the whole room, as if the walls had been charmed. Sirius had thought of everything.

"Moony, say something" he’d whispered in his ear. The words stuck in his throat, he couldn’t verbalize what this meant. A faint brushing of lips whispered its way across the nape of his neck, closing his eyes, overcome by the sensation. Hands caressed their way from the small of his back to his shoulders and down his arms. Grasping Sirius’ hands, he clung to them like a lifeline.

"Its okay, Moony. It’s okay to let go. It’s okay to touch me too. I would love for you to do that. Could you please? Moony, I feel like I’m going to break into a thousand pieces. Do you?" Sirius kept whispering endearments, challenges, loving words, causing the hair on his neck to reach a sensitive pinnacle. Turning, Remus sought Sirius’ eyes. They were filled with an impassioned wonder.

"Touch me, Moony," he whispered again.

Remus reached out slowly with trembling hand and touched. He traced the rough-hewn cheek of Sirius’ face, then closed the gap between the two bodies. Brushing a soft summer breeze of kiss upon his lips, once, twice. He’d felt Sirius’ hands undoing the buttons on his shirt, skimming it down over his shoulders and arms. Felt his lips upon his neck, all the while whispering. The words were lost upon Remus, the meaning was not. Comforting, trying to bring the known into the unknown.

Stoking the fire that was reaching a fevered pitch in his body, his mind. Remus now touched without fear. Skimming his hands along Sirius’ waist, he grazed the bottom of the jumper. He felt Sirius’ breath hitch as his hands moved gingerly under the soft material. Finally grabbing the hem he relieved him of it. The sight of his mate never ceased to amaze him, the contours and lines. The human beauty of the small scars, remnants of Quidditch and animagus accidents. He forced Sirius towards the bed, descending upon it with a gentle shove. They lay side by side, furtively tracing, rubbing, stroking, and satisfying their cravings. He would forever remember the sight of Sirius, the sheen of sweat glistening in the candle glow. Eyes ablaze with passion, his hands mapping every surface of Remus’ body. And then….

"Are you sure, Moony? I need you be to sure." Words from their past echoed. Lifting up, he clasped Sirius behind the neck, too overcome to speak he nodded.

The candles burned low, as they spooned quietly in the afterglow. Sirius had run his hand up and down Remus’ torso. Leaning around to look Sirius in the face, he stared at the man who was now his mate. "I love you, Padfoot." He kissed him deeply, tasting the salt from the sweat and tears that had accompanied their completion.

"I’ll love you forever, Moony. Don’t ever forget that. Forever."


As he watched a curtain blowing in the breeze, he was once again reminded of the veil. It floated as an invisible breeze guided it. He wanted to cry out "I never forgot" but the words were stuck. He knew he must go back down to the present. But for right now he was going to remember.

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